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  1. fender246 added an answer to a question coachman window removal   

    this is what i thought i didnt fancy taking this job on i am pretty much do most thing but not this so i booked into a localish dealer workshop he said said he has reglued a lot with no problems
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  2. fender246 added an answer to a question coachman window removal   

    not on this caravan they are set in a recess so the window will not lift high enough the undo needs to go to a workshop as the complete rail needs to be removed well done coachman not one of your  best designs
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  3. fender246 added a question in Workshop   

    coachman window removal
    i have a 06 coachman festival 580/4 which is basicly a amara and just found that 2 of my front windows have delaminated as these are set back in a recess is the hanging rail all one piece or in 3 separate pieces if i can remove them i can send to EEO for repair
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  4. fender246 added a post in a topic Caravan Leveler - Free Edition   

    is this a google play app which is for andriod phones which will not download to iphones
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  5. fender246 added a post in a topic Vectra would not trust it to....   

    i had a veccy 1.9 cdti had 3 years towing a 1600kg lunar no trouble with it towed a dream,
    must admit if you are not doing at least 55 mph it did not like 6th gear, if i did not have a t/a
    i would have kept it
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  6. fender246 added a post in a topic Welcome To fender246   

    like to hallo to everybody i have been caravaning for about ten years just changed from a single axle to a twin, my tug is a freelander 1 td4
    with a coachman festival 580-4, pretty new to twins so will be asking a few questions even may reply to a few
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