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  1. iancjc added a post in a topic Maybe petrol engine next time - Congestion charges   

    I'm keeping my Diesel superb until it dies, but our other car was bought on a 4 year PCP lease where I expect to hand it back as I think the value of second hand diesels will plummet in 2020. I expect to replace that with a petrol car.  Paris is pushing ahead with a ban on them and Renault have basically said they're giving up on them so I don't see much of a future for diesel long term.
    Got a letter last week to tell me they still don't have fix for my 2.0 tdi engine in the Superb either, and the VW scandal is just another sign that diesels are doomed long term. Not sure what the means for tow vehicles - v6 anyone? 
    And finally if a town can impose any sort of charge on cars it will be Cambridge - lots of scare stories about locally as its about to get some city deal funding -- I can't avoid driving in most weeks and have no intention of paying more than I have to.
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  2. iancjc added a post in a topic JUST ORDERED NEW CAR   

    That engine is a cracker - we have the 184bhp in our leon 4x4 and it goes like lightening.  Economy not brilliant (mid 40's but the 4x4 system probably takes 10%) but it gets driven really hard so can't complain.
    Build quality and the dealers have both improved over the past few years and the reliability of the 2 Seats we've had recently has been 100%. So much so that I pick up a Mii for my oldest lad tomorrow to learn to drive in.
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  3. iancjc added a post in a topic Globally and Off line too   

    I used to post a lot on here - met some really good - life long - friends on here as well.  Really enjoyed the rally's we attended in the past - especially the French ones.
    As the kids grew up and my business expanded we just had less and less time, and weekends were booked solid with sports etc so we sold the van 2 years ago. No regrets but far less visits to sites like T&T.
    Just bought a couple of tents so that myself and my oldest lad can attend some festivals over the summer for much beer and music.  Can't see that we'll ever have another caravan - partly because we now have a family house in Greece and flights cost peanuts.
    Most of the old T&T gang I knew I still know via facebook, and we get together with the really good mates a few times a year and strangely often bump into them in Spain and the Canary's 
    Hope T&T keeps plugging away - always far more social than the other lot.
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  4. iancjc added a post in a topic VW group owners present or past.   

    I've run a skoda superb 2.0tdi 170 dsg for 4 years - the first 2 towing and the last 2 exclusively solo - but often loaded and with 4 bikes on a towbar mounted rack with another in the boot or on the roof.  Engine and gearbox haven't given any problems, returns a true 40mpg (car says 46) regardless of how hard I drive it.  Great engine for me - I've covered 64,000 miles so far. Will top out at over 130mph on the right roads and in the right country.  This one is subject to the omissions recall as its euro 5.
    So impressed we've just bought a seat Leon xperience 4x4 with the 187bhp 2.0tdi and dsg to replace our 2nd car (a seat).   The skoda and  previous seat have given a combined 8 years of problem free motoring - I don't think I'd look anywhere but a VW group car in future.
    Now look for an Up/Mii/Citigo for my oldest to learn in.
    I did hate towing with the superb - but that wasn't the engines fault - that was the fault of previously towing with a Land Cruiser! (different class for towing)
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  5. iancjc added a post in a topic Not good news for VAG owners ( and others)   

    The 2.0 "fix" has failed German testing - mpg went down the toilet. My superb can stay as it is - until I know for sure the effect - unless they compensate me.
    We've just replaced one of our 2 problem cars (a 1.6 seat) with a 2.0 seat leon 4x4.
    Got offered almost £1.5k more as a part ex than I was offered a year ago..... so I think VW are supporting used prices unofficially.
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  6. iancjc added a post in a topic hope everyone has a lovely summer holiday   

    Graham, lol. No smelly hotels mate, we have the use of a family house with huge pool and terrace, free car and views over the bay for about 10 miles as well. All for the price of Ryanair flights. No brainer. I'll be in Benidorm in November tho if you're still there then? Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
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  7. iancjc added a post in a topic "Operation Stack" and delays   

    Talked to a mate earlier - they arrived at Dover a 7am and were on a boat in 45 minutes no delays at all.
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  8. iancjc added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    hope everyone has a lovely summer holiday
    Been a while since I posted here - I'm now firmly in the camp of " *Another iancjc naughty word* me another *Another iancjc naughty word* ing caravan holding me up..." but I still get a little buzz when I see people obviously heading off for a long summer break in their vans.

    We had a great week in a Brittany campsite in June in a eurocamp mobile @ Carnac Plage - still love campsites even if we don't have a caravan any more. And the euro helped as we found France far less expensive and diesel back at its proper level.

    Off to Rhodes on thursday for an extended summer holiday , sun, mythos and a warm greeting from lots of friends.

    So have a good one and don't rush - unless there's a bloke in a black estate car in a hurry behind you!

    And Mark - very pleased to see the spell check still works!

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  9. iancjc added a post in a topic Industrial Action At The Port Of Calais   

    Looking at sky news rhus morning I wouldn't want to be queuing with a caravan on those roads. Can only see that you'd end up with a wrecked entrance door to be honest. Wouldn't want to be a truck driver either. Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
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  10. iancjc added a post in a topic Whitsun Rally 2015   

    How was it then?
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  11. iancjc added a post in a topic Nene Court Caravans Wellingborough   

    We got our first caravan from there - partly on David's recommendation. Really good service, good deal and good dealer specials.

    Would have bought from them again but they were no more. - the camping shop behind the motorbike showroom is worth a visit
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  12. iancjc added a post in a topic Whitsun Rally 2015   

    We had hoped to pop over and say hello but have now booked a week in Brittany.

    Hope you all have a great time
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  13. iancjc added a post in a topic Buy now or later   

    I'm waiting for the Greek election on Sunday, can't see our election making any difference at all.
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  14. iancjc added a post in a topic Towing in poor weather. Bloody stupid caravanner   

    that wasn't my intention, I was just really surprised to see a caravan on a stretch of road where I'd dropped my speed to around 40/50mph due to the conditions. and as you say it was just my opinion and that's what forums are for aren't they?
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  15. iancjc added a post in a topic Towing in poor weather. Bloody stupid caravanner   

    Maybe not for some but I drive upwards of 40,000 miles a year (down from 60 - 70k a few years ago) - and 500 miles in a day isn't that unusual to be honest. I had my son with me and always have an overnight bag packed in the boot - would have booked a room if I'd felt tired on the way back.

    Tomorrow I'll be driving 150 miles and doing a 9 hour day in an office before another 150 driving back. That's a regular commute for me at the moment.

    I can honestly say that 500+ miles solo is far less stressful and tiring than towing (say) 130 miles to Dover and then a further 300 miles in France - which I (and most people on this site) will have done on plenty of occasions.

    If anyone isn't used to driving really long distances I'd say no alcohol for at least 48 hours before you set off is more important than getting 8 hours sleep.
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