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  1. Doosan added a post in a topic Windows 10   

    Thanks for that BL, I will give that a go later.
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  2. Doosan added a post in a topic Windows 10   

    Has anyone had a problem reading an SD card from their camera after converting to W 10.
    If I load my SD card into the slot nothing happens and I can't see it in my computer.
    With W 8 all I used to do was load SD card and the computer would ask me what do I want to do.
    Is there a simple fix for this problem?
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  3. Doosan added a post in a topic "Operation Stack" and delays   

    If only is was just the strikes Rod, any breakdowns in the tunnel or migrants or fires plus bad weather and any other hiccup,Kent just grinds too a halt.

    Ever since the tunnel has been dug we have never had the infrastructure in place for these types of problems.

    It's like the attitude was let build it and then let's see what happens.

    The Government is talking about this again at the moment, But that is all they do is talk and mean while we have to live with it.

    I respect your decision about the petition.

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  4. Doosan added a post in a topic "Operation Stack" and delays   

    What the petition will try to do (we hope) is to wake the government up and speed up a different place to park the trucks other than on a main arterial road connecting us to mainland Europe.

    For years now all they have done is talk about it. There is loads of land around that would accommodate this. Even Manston Airport has been spoken about and that is all they do, is talk about it.

    Ideally the French government needs to get its act together and get on top of these strikes and police this situation a lot more.

    My way of thinking is to keep on to the government so that something is done, must be better than doing nothing, IMHO.

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  5. Doosan added a post in a topic "Operation Stack" and delays   

    Op Stack has been implemented yet again today. Getting beyond a joke here in Kent.

    Here is a link to sign a petition to try and do something about it, Please, please sign it.

    Thanks in advance.

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  6. Doosan added a post in a topic "Operation Stack" and delays   

    What makes me laugh about this services is that it is called STOP 24 but everything is closed by 22.00
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  7. Doosan added a post in a topic "Operation Stack" and delays   

    I really hope it stays all clear for you on your day of crossing.

    Enjoy your holiday and stay safe.

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  8. Doosan added a topic in Computer Corner   

    Lap Top Alt Gr Button
    I think if I had this problem then there may be someone else who has as well.

    My number 4 button has two icons on it $ & € sign well I could never get € too work
    until now.

    If you press the AltGr button (just right of the space bar) and then press the 4 button
    together hay presto the € sign pops up.

    If you already know this it's simple I didn't and it has always baffled me.

    I hope this helps someone.

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  9. Doosan added a post in a topic "Operation Stack" and delays   

    Hi Rodders,
    I happen to live in Ashford and the A20 passes through our town and at rush hour (16.30 - 18.30) the town does get grid locked.

    We are hopping that by Sunday Op-stack should have cleared, but there is no guarantees.

    You could always try a different route like the A2/M2 say to Canterbury and then make your way to Folkestone signed Tunnel.

    Here is a web site that might help with the traffic.

    Hope this helps and good luck and stay safe.

    Have a great holiday.

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  10. Doosan added a post in a topic Industrial Action At The Port Of Calais   

    Just had this come through on FB. If true, It's disgusting and we need to stand up and do something about this.


    Right I feel I must apologise for what I am about to write on here, but I am so angry, I just needed to vent a bit of frustration!!!
    Last night, I watched a programme on channel 5 I think, called "gypsies on benefits and proud". I am gobsmacked!!! This programme showed how European families were coming over to Britain to claim our benefits. They had no intention of working here, but were arriving in coach loads to claim our benefits. this was organised by a an aide from Britain, who paid for their coach, found them housing and fed them. He then got them a short term job for a couple of weeks in order for them to be able to get a national insurance number, and then proceeded to claim every benefit available and get them rented housing. Then he would take a percentage of their benefits in payment for his services. He would also register them with a GP. So within a couple of weeks these people were legally receiving benefits without ever having any intention of working. He would then move onto the next coach load. And so it continued.
    To add insult to injury, these claimants were claiming for wives and children that were still in Romania etc. Disgusting!!! One family had a lovely large house, they had 11 children and 11 grandchildren, all on benefits!!!
    What is going on with this country, I myself, as many people know am disabled. I have 2 dysfunctional hips and a broken pelvis, and been on crutches for over 20 years. But I was found fit for work!! and I had a long battle with the DHSS to appeal against this decision. But they are going to monitor me and I am going to have to prove my disability every 2 years. My father was a double amputee and he was hounded by them to get a job right up until the day he passed away.
    So how do these people get away with it?
    Why do our ex soldiers have to rely on charities to get housing and financial help.
    Our NHS is bursting at the seams and cannot cope, even our local hospital has had to close its emergency dept.
    Our care homes are closing down.
    These are people that have worked all their lives and paid into the system, but they are not treated as well as our European invaders
    I have family and friends that have 2 or 3 jobs, and still struggling to pay their bills and live comfortably. Yet their taxes go to make these peoples lives better than their own.
    They have increased the pension age, at this rate full-time workers will be working into their 80's just to keep the benefit system afloat for foreigners.
    I am not a racist person what so ever, and I have no objections to people coming over here to work, preferably to have already found jobs before arriving, like you have to elsewhere in the world
    So why is Britain such an easy touch, these people don't want to go france or Germany as their benefit system is harder to take advantage of.
    We need to speak out. if you agree with me, please share and like, otherwise, I am sorry if I have offended you.
    But it would be interesting how many honest hardworking folk out their have the same views as me
    Right rant over!
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  11. Doosan added a post in a topic Industrial Action At The Port Of Calais   

    I could not agree more with your post Mike, I am sure that if this situation was reversed and it was happening over here it would not be tolerated. The French need to do a lot more than they are doing at the moment. The camp that has been set up on the approach to the port of Calais should be disbanded and the occupants deported back from were they came from, probably easier said than done.
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  12. Doosan added a post in a topic Everyone away ?   

  13. Doosan added a post in a topic Industrial Action At The Port Of Calais   

    It's bloody chaos around here where I live due to operation stack back on again.

    Oh the joys of living in Kent
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  14. Doosan added a post in a topic Industrial Action At The Port Of Calais   

    And now 150 migrants have stormed the tunnel terminal in France and have caused havoc.
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  15. Doosan added a post in a topic Industrial Action At The Port Of Calais   

    Hi Geoff, Phil (Blue Louis) is now working hard converting a Fiat van into a motor home, so doesn't have the time.... At the moment.
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