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  1. indoors added a post in a topic Only caravans with motor movers accepted   

    From what we are seeing at Kingsbury C&CC site this weekend Mark it should be the norm !
    People with no idea at all driving / reversing trying for ten minutes to sight the 'van on pitch and then unhooking and using the mover to level up. The grass between pitches really is a total mess.
    I have a not small rig ( Hilux-Hymer ) and am quiet proficient in reversing on to most pitches but if it dictates I unhook on the road and make full use of the mover.
    Happy caravanning.
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  2. indoors added a post in a topic Cheap Holidays? Yeah !!   

    Got to agree Gary, we kept our first much loved Trophy for five years. Kids were toddlers and we thoroughly enjoyed our times together. Mind in those days of glass windowed, no shower, no fridge, no heater caravans the season was only Easter 'til August BH if we were lucky with the weather.
    Happy caravanning.
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  3. indoors added a post in a topic Barford Top Campsite   

    Have enjoyed many visits and received a warm welcome from Wendy & Maurice to their wonderful site.
    Very handy for many places to visit and set in some of the most beautiful views of Leicestershire.
    Excellent facilities, really enjoy the lounge area in " The Barn " , ideal for a quiet get together with fellow 'vanners.
    Looking forward to returning.
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  4. indoors added a post in a topic Cheap Holidays? Yeah !!   

    Of cause it depends on how often you change caravans and indeed the cost of, we did what we did because we could, we're not complaining. I suppose I should have started a post on what some of us spend on our much enjoyed hobby.
    Happy caravanning.
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  5. indoors added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Cheap Holidays? Yeah !!
    We are now considering downsizing to a two berth and smaller car, the Hymer 580 GL ( on ebay ) though a wonderful caravan is now getting a bit much.
    I've just sat thinking and added up in  my mind just what the value of all our caravans were when purchased and it's just past the £250,000 mark !!!
    People say it's a " cheap holiday ".
    Happy caravanning.
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  6. indoors added a post in a topic Nemesis Ultra wheel locks   

    Wot ya havin now Gary ?
    Will it not come with twin Alko wheel locks ? I'd be sure before buying others.
    Happy trucking.
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  7. indoors added a post in a topic Touring and tenting where were you   

    + Ditto Gray !
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  8. indoors added a post in a topic Away Again ?   

    Hi all,
    We last year received our 25 yr car sticker for membership to the C&MC and would use them more often ( CL's especially ) if there were more sites within an hour of where we live in Leic's. Since returning from France we now take long weekends Thu / Mon every 2 weeks and finding it harder to find sites or CL / CS that we haven't visited.
    Happy caravanning, indoors.
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  9. indoors added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Away Again ?
    Hi all,
    We've just spent a lovely long weekend ( Thu / Mon ) at a soggy Kingsbury Water Park C&CC site, wonderful weather Fri & Sun. my heart goes out to those that can only do Fri evening 'til Sun.
    The Club really need to improve the size of the gravelled hard standings, hardly big enough for the caravan and having to park car on grass causes problems for them and us.!
    Next weekend we are at Conkers C&CC site and again we'll be parked on grass at side of 'van !
    Also booked long weekends at Skybarn Farm, Lincoln & Hilltop Farm, Thrussington over the next few weeks, weather really doesn't bother us as we enjoy our winter 'vanning just as much or more so than in the summer.
    Happy caravanning, indoors.
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  10. indoors added a post in a topic Advice for visiting France   

    Hi Gary, You'll want to stretch your legs after all that time in the saddle ! LoL.
    There's plenty of room to park up on the port, take a walk into town, probably have an afternoon meal, it's cheaper than on board.
    Happy caravanning.
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  11. indoors added a post in a topic Advice for visiting France   

    It wouldn't occur to us either to stay over night this side of the channel traveling from Leic's to Dover but to then tow to La Grand Large as I suggested one would be advised to take an overnight stop somewhere and yes having stopped at Neufchatel many times ourselves en route Groningen - Saumur it is a very good site. Reading the OP again and the fact that Gary is only traveling 25 km to his chosen site He's also gonna arrive there having hardly used half a tank of fuel. !
    Happy caravanning.
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  12. indoors added a post in a topic Advice for visiting France   

    As I've often advised Rodders, living anywhere North west of the M25 and towing West  of Rouen it really ( IMO ) is not an option, the western crossings every time for me. As Gary is traveling from North west Leic's  Dover / Calais / La Grand Large he would almost have to stop somewhere overnight and as he's already mentioned a little concerned about driving too far in France, Cherbourg is obvious, but Gary Oh Gary please pop out for some days out ( solo ) and see something of France.
    Happy caravanning
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  13. indoors added a post in a topic Lighting in van in evenings   

    Yes nor it is easy, though you must get the correct fitting, try taking a bulb out and take it to such as Maplins, they will offer a similar fix in whatever power you require. Never pay twice as much at dealers.
    Happy caravanning.
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  14. indoors added a post in a topic Next new year sites already fully booked   

    We have spent at least 15 of the last 20 xmas/new years at Barnstones CP Banbury even when living in France for 7 yrs.
    Just booked for Easter and again for next festive season.
    Happy caravanning.
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  15. indoors added a post in a topic Lighting in van in evenings   

    Hi Nor,
    Try changing the reading light bulbs for white LED's.
    Happy caravanning.
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