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  1. indoors added a post in a topic Lighting in van in evenings   

    Hi Nor,
    Try changing the reading light bulbs for white LED's.
    Happy caravanning.
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  2. indoors added a post in a topic VW issues , time to move on ?   

    For that size ( mid range SUV ) type vehicle my choice would be Volvo CX60 or the new Toyota Rav 4.
    Happy caravanning.
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  3. indoors added a post in a topic Sites near home   

    Not the first time we've done that Gray. When we returned from France and found our delightful tenants had half wrecked the house we duly set up camp on the front, luckily el/hook up, water tap and drain, we even set up the sat dish. We now go away more often using the clubs CS/CL's  within a couple of hours, recently Conkers, Wellsbourne, Youlgreave, Blackwell, Kingsbury, next weekend at Ratcliffe Culey then down to Barnstones Banbury over Christmas & New Year.
    Happy caravanning.
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  4. indoors added a post in a topic Sleeping comfort   

    Hi Rodders,
    We are taking our new Hymer to a upholsterer on Tuesday to refill the front wrap around cushions and alter them to get rid of the join between the front corner and long side ones ( making three cushions out of five ) fed up sitting in the join when have feet up !
    If you wish I can let you know where, how much and whether it's worth having done.
    Happy caravanning, indoors.
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  5. indoors added a post in a topic Last trip of the year ...   

    Hi Nor,
    If you fancy a meal out, try the Gardeners Arms, it's only a mile and half away at Alderton, very good service and large value for money plates.
    Happy caravanning.
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  6. indoors added a post in a topic Weather o y   

    Today we're off to Winchcombe C&CC site for a long weekend, next weekend we're up to Thorpe Hall CP, Nr Bridlington, we've booked a weekend at Barnstones CP, Banbury for mid November then it's back to Barnstones for Christmas & New Year ( Unless anything crops up in between.
    Happy caravanning, indoors.
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  7. indoors added a post in a topic Welcome WilliamKent   

    Totally agree Rod,
    Surely it wouldn't be too hard to not allow posts before Mod's have checked on " Newbies ". If they wish to join middle of the night just to promote themselves or their business it wouldn't happen.
    I've owned my Company now for 20 yrs and I don't push it down peoples throats on these forums.
    ( BTW wanna buy a new garage door mate )! LoL.
    Happy caravanning, indoors.
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  8. indoors added a post in a topic Last trip of the year ...   

    At Beech Croft Farm, Buxton 'til Monday, then onto Winchcombe C&CC site mid October, then onto Barnstones CP, Banbury Xmas & New Year. Really do enjoy our winter caravanning even more than in the summer ( we've been doing it all year round for over 25 years now )
    Happy caravanning , indoors.
    NB: Just booked Conkers C&CC site again for weekend after next.
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  9. indoors added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Youlgreave C&CC site
    Hi all,
    Just spent a wonderful few days at Youlgreave, weathers been not good but we are always prepared.
    We used to use this site quite reguraly 20 odd years ago and always enjoyed the challenge of " Going through ???? to get to Heaven " the aproach down through the village and up the winding lane has never been for the faint hearted but our rig nowadays a Toyota Hilux Invincble ( very long wheel base ) and a Hymer Nova 580 ( 8' wide ) really got the adrenelin flowing !! May I just ask who designed the new entrance/exit ( I was told it is going to be modified ) I shall not be returning until it is. No way would my rig exit the site without unhooking and using the mover, the very helpful warden came to the rescue and allowed us to use the old gate, what a relief !! Now on Beech Croft Farm between Bakewell and Buxton, easy access, very nice site, very clean facilities.
    Happy caravanning, indoors.
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  10. indoors added a post in a topic Rammy is back!   

    Ay up Dave, we're up your way at the minute, just left Youlgreave and now on Beech Croft Farm near Buxton.
    Happy caravanning, indoors.
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  11. indoors added a post in a topic Buying land to setup a campsite and pit falls of planning permission   

    No Money in that nowadays Geoff. Within two miles there are four " sites " all built on inexpensive Greenfield but very sort after with planning. The first is named COSTALOT, probably because it didn't, another is called Good Friday, because having lost a battle to open it, they move in with an army of machinery, laid roads and moved in over the Easter weekend ( the council were on a long weekend holiday !).Happy caravanning, indoors.

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  12. indoors added a post in a topic Buying land to setup a campsite and pit falls of planning permission   

    Buy a nice piece of Green Belt land, just outside a nice village, stick roads in add as many tourer's as you wish, place washrooms and toilets, tell the council you wish to have bin men freely and don't mention planning.! It's happening all over Leicestershire.
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  13. indoors added a post in a topic Air awnings (again)   

    " Never been to the Youlgreave site (the reviews on the approach road put me off a bit) "
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  14. indoors added a post in a topic Malvern Caravan Show   

    Hi Gary,
    We went a couple of times on a T.E.C. caravan owners rally. Very much enjoyed , I believe you can if you wish stay with the 'van over the weekend ( many others did )
    Happy caravanning, indoors.
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  15. indoors added a post in a topic Air awnings (again)   

    Enjoy your new awning Gary, though it looks to be no smaller than a fitted one !
    Strangely enough we are at Youlgreave C&CC in the Peak district this next weekend ( haven't been for years ) the last awning we owned part of the deal on a Eccles in the '95 caravan show we gave to the then wardens Jack and Eileen Gatland, a lovely couple.
    Happy caravanning, indoors.
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