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    Small Car towcar advice - Fiat Panda/ Fiesta etc
    hi, we are new to the tenting scene. We have a conway trailer tent. We tow this with a 11 year old Skoda Octavia (no issues there) . Max weight laden on trailer vin plate is 440 kg. Trailer is unbraked.

    Looking for a new second car - i get the wifes "hand down" for towing every 5 or 6 years, hence the Octavia, but she now wants a small car for economy and nipping about, and with this in mind we want to be sure whatever she gets will pull the trailer tent in the future. Like anything, with age, the Octavia will be slowly retired from our longer distance holidays!

    With the likes of a Fiat Panda/ Mazda 2/ , this is rated as a max tow weight of unbraked weight of 400 kg. Our trailer tent has a max laiden weight of 440kg (it is unbraked) . I assume the bare ex works trailer tent is only around half of this weight and with a awning packed on the floor perhaps another 30 or 40 kg. So i assume it weighs on the road perhaps 300 kg, - and as we all know with a basic trailer tent, apart from a couple of water tanks and a camping gas bottle, once folded up there isnt any room for anything else! Unless i filled the trailer up with bricks i cant see how it could ever reach max 440kg weight with the camping stuff that fits inside.

    However, if i had a tow car with this 400kg rating, and a trailer VIN plate stating a higher 440kg laden, Am i breaking any laws? I am unsure of the law regarding this. Am i allowed to tow ? Would i only be breaking the law if the trailer was found to be over 400kg (max tow car weight)

    Conway Spirit model - which is the "same" as a Challenger/ clipper/ sunncamp/ etc. as far as i can see. Any advice welcomed. - Yes i know a bigger car is "better" but i cannot see us changing for a heavier trailer due to storage restrictions and fuel costs.

    Thanks in advance for advice.
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