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  1. We were so saddened to learn about Steve. He was a lovely man & we had many happy times with him. Deepest sympathies to his lovely family.

    Tony & Mags.

  2. When we first started caravanning, about 2001or thereabouts, we attended the NEC show & on demonstration was an inflatable awning. This utilised a single large inflated support that ran from the bottom inner corner of the awning, up at an angle to the top front, then across the front to the other side then down again. It inflated very quickly using a powered pump and to our eyes it seemed a very good design.

    Frustratingly I can't remember the name. It was very expensive though and was probably very heavy. We decided to buy one but, alas, the company involved either went bust or just stopped producing it.

  3. wine.gif

    I had every intention of ignoring this thread as I stopped reading any of the national newspapers some years ago BUT when I saw that Tony had posted my curiosity got the better of me ...

    I had the very great pleasure of seeing the the erstwhile 5th Earl of Harrow perform at Wembley Stadium on the 5th August 1972 and he put on an outstanding performance - the highlight of which had him running across the stage after somebody that looked like Alice Cooper, Sutch was brandishing a huge axe and was screaming "I'm gonna cut your balls off Cooper !". For some reason the Sunday papers made a big thing about him having a couple of strippers on the stage ...

    As well as Sutch there were a few other performers including Gary Glitter (Beer canned off stage), Bill Haley and the Comets (Excellent set much to my surprise), Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard (Beer canned off stage) and the headliner Chuck Berry. All in all the best £3.50 I've ever spent !



    Here you go Bob -


  4. Just on watching the BBC for the last 40+ years, on seeing what news items it gives prominence to, on the "angle" that their explanations and analysis takes, the tone of their current affairs programming etc. Nothing specific but a combination of many things over many years.

    Tut tut Jim, very subjective...

    As for my own political persuasion - I find it hard to love any of the political parties or the current crop of politicians although there was a certain Mr Sutch who seemed to have a few good ideas some years ago... jump1.gif

    I've got a very good LP by The Screaming Lord with some excellent guest musicians on it. Must go & dig it out now!

  5. On what evidence do you believe that Jim? And one could ask; what's your own political persuasion I wonder?...

  6. Interesting the way right-wingers believe the BBC's a hotbed of lefties & left-wingers think its nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Tory Party. Truth is, the BBC is remarkably apolitical - journalists naturally have different political opinions to each other and hopefully people will be astute enough to make their own minds up from the differing views expressed.

    The BBC, despite all it's faults, is a wonderful organisation & God forbid we should ever be saddled with the quality of broadcasting you find in other parts of the world.

  7. If I'm traveling by train (seldom nowadays) I'll get either the Indy or the Grauniad. Observer sometimes on Sunday but other than that I don't bother with them for the same reason as Roger.

  8. Sorry you didn't enjoy Inception. It is indeed a complex film but for lovers of that genre a great watch.

    As you note, films are a matter of individual taste. I shall refrain from giving my opinion of "Salt", having not watched it all.

  9. I bought this on the basis of a recommendation by someone on a Hi-Fi forum -


    It's just bl**dy marvellous and I can't stop playing it. Terrific recording, great voice and really superb songs. Lovely...

  10. Dolly's hubby Toy Boy (John) plays yet another carp yesterday -


    Had a very enjoyable morning's fishing at a lovely CL twenty minutes up the road from me. The lake was stuffed to the gunwales with carp, mostly small stuff but with the occasional big boy grabbing the crust.

    To get to John's swim I merely had to walk across their backs...

    Ta to Dolly & Toy Boy for their hospitality! :yes:

  11. Stornoway - Beachcomber's Windowsil

    Woonderful quirky modern English folky songs. I have listened to it end to end almost non stop since I got it

    Their website

    I've just read some revues of this album & after your recommendation I've decided to order it. Ta Kathleen!

    I'm currently revisiting Nick Drake's wonderful albums. Such a shame he had so short a life - quintessentially english folk.

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