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  1. Wee mac added an answer to a question A problem with gas   

    The new regulator was delivered yesterday,fitted this morning and the flame on the burners are the best they have ever been,looks like the old one was faulty when we got the van new two years ago,the misses has always had trouble with the oven going out when there was a burner on.
    Roll on next week end, here is where we are heading.
    Thanks guys.
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  2. Wee mac added an answer to a question A problem with gas   

    Just ordered one from ebay.
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  3. Wee mac added an answer to a question A problem with gas   

    Thought as much.
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  4. Wee mac added a question in Workshop   

    A problem with gas
    Hi folk's having a big problem with the gas in my van,when you turn on a gas ring it sparks and lights okay but after a second or two the flame dies and sometimes goes out,and when you turn on another ring or put the fire on it dose go out.
    I have tried another bottle on it and it is just the same, all the valves are turned on.
    Has anyone had the same problem or dose anyone know how to fix it.
    Thanks for any help.
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  5. Wee mac added a topic in UK Campsite reviews   

    Noah's Ark Camp Site Perth
    We phoned this site early on Monday morning to see if they had any pitches left,we were planing to stay for four nights,luckily they had a hard standing pitch available so we took it,at £22 per night.
    We arrived there a couple of hours later and got set up with water waste and awning,the wardens could not have been nicer, relay helpful,half an hour later our power tripped but was easily re set, we were having trouble with our gas( think there was either air in the bottle or an air lock somewhere) so we had to eat out.
    On our return the power was off again but this time it was the main breaker that had tripped so the warden managed to re set it.
    We woke just after six on the Tuesday to find no power and with the problems with the gas no heating whatsoever,it was freezing again it was the main breaker which the warden re set again, this continued all day power on power off,eventually he put a heavier breaker in the box and that did the trick until this morning and it all started again,at least we had got the gas working and we had heating.
    The toilets were clean but the showers were communal.The site it'self was tidy and had a golf range,go carts,ten pin bowling crazy golf a swing park for the kids and an outdoor activity centre with archery, quads,rifle shooting,a big bungee thing and Segway's.
    Even with the problems with the power and gas we had a good time,not sure if we would go back though, the misses was not too keen on the communal showers.

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  6. Wee mac added a post in a topic Perthshire sites   

    Thanks for the link but I have had a look there a couple of weeks ago, just wondered if any member could recommend a couple
    Thanks again.
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  7. Wee mac added a post in a topic Perthshire sites   

    I take it there is none then.
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  8. Wee mac added a topic in UK Campsite reviews   

    Perthshire sites
    Hi folks,we are going away for a week at Easter,the only problem we is that we don't know where to go, we were thinking of Perth or surrounding area.
    Dose anyone know of any good sites in or around Perth.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Alan.
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  9. Wee mac added a topic in Fishing   

    Salmon Fishing
    I am a committee member on Mid Clyde.
    So far we have had a bumper spring with 39 fish being caught and I am glad to say most of them have been returned, the fish have continued all season with one of the members having had over 30 fish to his own rod.
    Our season finishes on the 31st of October and looks like to be a record year



    Thanks for having a look..
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  10. Wee mac added a topic in UK Campsite reviews   

    Not sure if this one has been covered or not,Sands Holiday Centre is a must if you are thinking about going to the north west coast of Scotland. Stunning views out to Lewis, Harris and down to the Coolins on Sky.Superb place.Apart from the MIDGES.

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  11. Wee mac added a topic in Say hello to members   

    New member
    Hi everyone just got registered, My wife and I have been caravanning for about 20 years .Started off with a tiny ten then to a trailer tent and now we are onto our third van.
    Between the the tent, trailer tent and caravans think we have just about covered most of Scotland.
    Wee mac..
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