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  1. dillon200 added a post in a topic Picking up your New Caravan   

    Thanks All yes its very exciting and we are so far enjoying the experience. I have read so many things about problems incurred with new caravans and subsequent arguments with dealers and manufacturers that I wonder why any one would buy new. We did because there are no second hand Elddis 840's out there yet. I also earned lots of brownie points with her indoors.
    Here's hoping for a smooth trouble free transaction and many fun filled years. I'll let you know how it goes in March.
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  2. dillon200 added a post in a topic Picking up your New Caravan   

    Thank You
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  3. dillon200 added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Picking up your New Caravan
    We are getting our first and probably only new caravan, its due in March so right now we are in limbo and the wait is killing us. We have bough a load of new stuff that we know we are going to need ad I am sure there will be plenty more as time goes by.
    My question is when you get the call and a date for collection What should happen, what should you check. The dealer is putting us up on a campsite for one night which we can and will extend but before I leave their yard should I go through everything and give it a thorough once over. What should I expect from the dealer, will I get a guided tour and a full demo on how everything works or is it just here's your keys thanks very much.
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  4. dillon200 added a post in a topic Our First Caravan   

    Not Devon, Devon is the same but Green black and White

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  5. dillon200 added a post in a topic And Finally I have decided   

    Bought a Westfield carina 420 Today. Now only time will tell.
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  6. dillon200 added a post in a topic And Finally I have decided   

    The westfield is made by Quest, we have some other quest gear and it good kit. We have seen this one erected and I think its better that the traditional Vangoo and Kampa. A 220will deffo be too small for us as we are 5 people min.
    I have made the decision now and am unlikely to change my mind so watch this space for a review.
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  7. dillon200 added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    And Finally I have decided
    In my usual fashion and finally I have decided to go for an Air awning to go with our new van. Mainly for ease of erecting especially for the shorter breaks. I have had a full awning which I love so if the air one doesn't fit the bill I can sell it and still get a traditional one at a later stage.
    Im looking at the Westfield Carina 420 have seen one in a show room and it looks well made and quite roomy but until I get all the wife's furniture and cupboards in there we wont really know.
    Any one got experience of this make.
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  8. dillon200 added a post in a topic Tyre Kickers   

    Seems like it doesn't matter what your selling there's tyre kickers everywhere, today its motorcycle exhaust's turn.
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  9. dillon200 added a post in a topic Twin axel wheel locks   

    OK you asked for it....
    We have the house insured with Integra through Swinton the broker.
    Our original neighbors planted trees along the boundary before moving on, these trees have grown sufficiently to draw more water from the ground and coupled with the Dry year we just had the ground has sunk along with the house.
    We put in a claim for subsidence last August and that's all going fine, the new neighbors have been very good and all the trees are now gone the ground is re instating and we continue to monitor.
    The policy comes up for renewal Jan 5th, we get a renewal notice it about 30% dearer but we expected that, how ever there were a couple of minor discrepancies in the detail  like only having 1 person living here when we are 5. The subsidence and our other claim were both listed. So I called Swinton to get the docs amended all ok.
    Then I get a call from Swinton saying that when they entered the amendments there system would not allow it and so they will not be able to renew the policy thank you and good bye.
    I called Integra they said they were happy to renew but also new that it could not be done through swinton so I would have to find another broker that deals with them as insurers. I asked who that might be and they said they can not tell me I have to go and find one myself.
    I eventually find another broker that deals with Integra and after a mountain of forms we are now waiting to see what the premium will be.
    Meanwhile the subsidence claim continues.
    Once I have finished going through swintons own complaints procedure then its the ombudsman and county court to claim the extra cost that I am about to incur because they decided their new system would not renew my 10yr old policy.  
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  10. dillon200 added a post in a topic Twin axel wheel locks   

    Today....Grrrrrr Don't get me started and don't what ever you do ask me about House insurance Grrrrrrrrrr
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  11. dillon200 added a post in a topic Buccaneer Clipper   

    sorry to butt in but how do you guys get on with towing the extra width, is it a constant worrie or do you just get used to it.
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  12. dillon200 added a post in a topic Twin axel wheel locks   

    Ok we have just been in touch with our insurers to inform them we sold the old van and they gave us a quote for the new one which TBH was a lot better than we were expecting. Also they clarified that as long as I lock both axels and the hitch with approved locks which my stronghold ones are then that was fine, so I don't need to go the ALCO route.
    Not very often im impressed by insurance companies but credit where its due Allan Blunden has done us proud from day one.
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  13. dillon200 added a post in a topic Who has booked for next year .   

    Yep we are all booked up, One French trip 2 weeks ad another three Uk jollies but all later in the year because we are caravanless until March.
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  14. dillon200 added a post in a topic Tyre Kickers   

    In conclusion we all ways knew the first to view would buy and that was indeed the case. I answered an wanted advert on the same face book page from a couple that hadn't seen my advert, They came and viewed and an hour later the deal was done, deposit paid and the balance transferred next day.
    Nice to meet some genuine people.
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  15. dillon200 added a post in a topic Twin axel wheel locks   

    Very nice but both the Buccaneer and the self leveling would be too heavy for my Tug and I definitely can not afford to replace that as well, besides the deal is done.
    Again its not that Im not willing to spend the money its about knowing what Im getting for it, Just doing my research.
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