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  1. sdrew56 added a post in a topic ELECTRIC BIKES IN FRANCE AND SPAIN   

    On my full car licence, i have a full licence for a moped or scooter up to 50cc, to ride a 125 on L plates in the UK it is compulsory to take a CBT test every 2 years, unless you take your bike test.
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  2. sdrew56 added an answer to a question Hybrid motor mover   

    I take it the cables from the battery to controller and to the mover are of a decent size, quality and not to long, if not your voltage drop could be there.
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  3. sdrew56 added a post in a topic good speak for car manufacturer   

    Maybe this is the reason ?
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  4. sdrew56 added a post in a topic Where do you like to pitch ?   

    In the sun, and not under trees, you can always make shade to sit under if it get too warm.
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  5. sdrew56 added a post in a topic Are CLs pricing themselves out of the market?   

    A CL we use a lot has just put up his nightly charge from £16.00 to £18.00 as He has just installed some hard standings, included in this price is free use of a washing machine, tumble dryer, microwave, and shower and toilet, there is also a nice picnic area at one end of the site with chairs and a firepit, his wife runs a health spa out of the site and  that and colonic irrigation is charged extra for those who have forgot a hose
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  6. sdrew56 added a post in a topic I need a new tow car .   

    Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi 198 bhp, proper torque converter automatic, the 5 seater version has a massive area under the floor where the seats go on the 7 seat version, where you can store loads of stuff without impacting the boot loading area.
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  7. sdrew56 added a post in a topic Site would be “enhanced” by replacing 225 “bright” touring caravans with 108 “muted timber lodges”   

    Stayed there once and not been back, overpriced for the pitch you got, no great loss if they stop tourers as far as we are concerned
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  8. sdrew56 added a post in a topic 15 Today   

    Seconded, and Happy Birthday
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  9. sdrew56 added a post in a topic Advice for visiting France   

    If your close to the port then parking up on the port maybe your easiest option, we tend to make sure our last site is about 3 hrs from the port so we can take a leisurely drive with stops at aires so not to arrive to early.
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  10. sdrew56 added a post in a topic Advice for visiting France   

    Portsmouth to Le Havre Brittany Economie is normaly a cheaper crossing, and ATMB should be starting there annual free evasion toll tag offer soon, you only pay around 4 euros postage to get the tag and just a one 1.60 euro charge for the month you use it on top of the normal toll charge.
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  11. sdrew56 added a post in a topic Next new year sites already fully booked   

    We have spent the last 2 New Years here reinforced grass pitches, bar and good restaurant on site, bus stops in main entrance for Looe, Polperro and other places, and a super buffet and Disco New Year Eve, + Bingo and quiz nights on other evenings £17.50 a night inc 16amp hook up
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  12. sdrew56 added a post in a topic ARRRRGGGHHHHH !!!!!!! Insurance   

    Sorry to burst your bubble there Ian but our insurance on our £72000 pound motorhome is £282.00 fully comp for the year new for old for 3 years as long as we do not exceed 20,000 miles if we opted for the European breakdown cover it adds about £50.00 to the cost, which is less then the £350.00 it cost to insure our caravan 3 years ago.
    This is through Comfort Insurance, the Caravan Club quoted silly.
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  13. sdrew56 added a post in a topic Caravan and motohome club getting pricey ?   

    Like Ian we hardy ever use Club sites anymore, commercial sites in our area are generally cheaper and better run.
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  14. sdrew56 added a post in a topic Weather o y   

    No such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing lol, we go all the year round, some of our best walks have been on those very frosty winter days when the sun is out.
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  15. sdrew56 added a post in a topic Adrian Flux Insurance Services   

    Try Lifesure 01480402460 they have always helped me with out of the ordinary insurance requests.
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