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  1. T&C added a topic in C.L's and C.S's   

    Is anyone familiar with Tan Y Bryn Farm CS in Llandudno Junction
    I was wondering if anyone knows this site.
    We're off tomorrow to Tan y Bryn Farm for the first time. What's the access like? The gateway looks a bit tight and seems to be angled back on the road on Google Streetview. We're towing a 7.2 metre caravan. We're approaching by the recommended route with the site on the right hand side.

    Thanks in anticipation

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  2. T&C added a topic in C.L's and C.S's   

    Site in the Watford/Windsor Area whilst Wyatt's Covert CC site is

    Cary and I have booked to attend a 40 year reunion at London Bible College, Northwood, HA6 2UW, where we met (arr) on and also, visit C's Dad in nearby Ruislip. The reunion is on 17 January. We had planned to stay at Wyatt's Covert CC Site, that's where we usually stay to visit C's Dad, but it's closed until March for refurbishment of the toilets.

    Considering the area's closeness to London there seems to be an amazing lack of sites which are open at this time of year. Despite trawling the CC and CCC sites and that "yellow" site, the only ones that I've found with fairly good reviews, none outstanding, are:

    (1) The Cock Inn, Sarratt near Watford

    (2) Queen's Acre CS, near Windsor

    (3) High Clere Farm Touring Park, Seer Green, Beanconsfield

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the above sites or can offer any good alternatives in the area? We were hoping to stayffor a few days either side of the weekend to make the journey down there more worthwhile.

    All suggestions greatly received.

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  3. T&C added a topic in Continental Touring   

    Loss of job means trying to replan our hols - GROAN
    We have booked Camping Du Letty in Benodet for 4 weeks from late July travelling via Plymouth/Roscoff.

    Unfortunately my wife has just lost her job and as I have recently retired on a limited pension we are looking at how to best re-arrange our holiday. As we had to pay Du Letty a 30% non-refundable booking deposit we are hoping that we can still go there for at least some of the time we had booked. Looking at Du Letty's booking conditions it appears they do permit alterations to their bookings.

    We had booked our ferry crossing through the Caravan Club. Does anyone know if it is possible to cancel our Brittany Ferries crossing and change to a crossing through the Caravan Club with DFDS? That would save us a lot of money, even taking account of the increased mileage to get there. I know that at the very least we would have to pay an amendment fee of £20 to the Caravan Club.

    Unfortunately we had not got around to taking out any insurance as I was still weighing up whether we could find a cheaper alternative to Red Pennant.

    We are really gutted by the whole situation as we had been really looking forward to our hols after a difficult and challenging year.
    We spent a lot of time yesterday working together on how we can perhaps salvage at least some of the holiday - we could certainly do with it!!!
    I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has experience of amending booking with the Caravan Club so that I know where I stand and can approach from a more knowledgeable position. From their T&Cs it seems to say that it IS possible with an amendment fee but I'm not certain.

    Any advice will be gratefully received.


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  4. T&C added a topic in Campsites all around Britain   

    Recommendations for a quiet site for February Half Break in the Northe
    Hi Folks

    We're trying to choose a site for a few days break in the caravan during the February Half Term. (It's just the 2 of us adults now as we had to have Max the collie put down earlier this week.) We like peaceful sites and just need EHU.

    We have found the following sites and I would be grateful for comments from anyone who knows them. I have already read all the reviews I could find on the web but would be grateful for any comments from folks who know them.

    The possiblities are:

    (1) High Bridge Far, Nr Thirlmere
    (2) Shouthwaite Farm CL, Naddle
    (3) Stybeck Farm, Nr Thirlmere
    (4) Scotgate Caravan Park, Bassenthwaite
    (5) Kiln Hill Barn, Nr Bassenthwaite Lake

    Thanks in anticipation
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  5. T&C added a topic in European campsite reviews   

    Camping Du Letty, Benodet
    We stayed at Camping Du Letty for the last 2 weeks in August 2011. In the 90's/early 00's, when our children were small, we stayed at Du Letty for a number of consecutive summers initially as 'tenters' but latterly as caravanners. We all loved the site and our children never wanted to go anywhere else. Our previous review of this site is the first one on UK Campsite and a number of folk commented how our very positive original review had encouraged them to try Camping Du Letty - It's a pity we're not on commission for our recommendation! Our last previous visit was in 2003.

    As the site has had opened a new water park for 2011 we decided that we would return to Du Letty. We spent the first 2 weeks of August at Camping Porte La Chaine on the north coast near Pleubian. We then drove down to Benodet arriving at Du Letty on 12 August.

    We had booked a pitch in May and asked for a pitch as near to the sea as possible. On arrival we were given a warm welcome by the English speaking staff but our pitch on Les Bruyeres 10 was a long way from the beach. After checking out the pitch we returned to reception and asked if there was nothing nearer to the beach and were offered a pitch only slightly nearer. We returned again to reception and spoke with the Manageress Madame Christine Benois-Guyader. She was very assertive and at first insisted that there was nothing available nearer to the beach, complaining that everyone wanted a pitch near the beach. I, however, persisted and in the end was offered a pitch on Les Chardons Bleus which was right behind the new water park complex and much closer to both the beach and reception. We gratefully accepted this pitch.

    The 'paddock' on which our pitch was located was only big enough for 2 pitches and alongside the main roadway through the site. The pitch was on slightly sandy grass and with some shade from the hedges and mature trees. Unfortunately the drinking water taps for our 'paddock' were on the opposite side to our pitch so we were unable to use our water connection hose for a direct supply, although many other pitches do have access to their 'own' tap. There was a drain for 'grey' waste water adjacent to our 'van. Our pitch was plenty large enough for our 'van, awning and Kia Sorento. After quite a lot of moving the dish I was able to get a good signal on our satellite TV system. We were, also, able to access the site's free wi-fi from our caravan.

    We found Du Letty much busier than in previous years. Even at the end of August when we were leaving there were still English folk arriving when in previous years the site would have been quietening down after the French children had returned to School. In addition there were a lot more English guests staying generally. I think the new pool complex was a big factor in this increased popularity. Some people we chatted to bemoaned these changes but we found Du Letty an excellent and even improved site.

    The site's new pool complex is wonderful. The indoor pool has a uniform depth of approx 1. 5 metres with a Jacuzzi and several other fun features. The water was pleasantly warm and very well appointed with lovely surrounds with ornate tiling and a range of tropical plants. The outdoor pool is well designed too with slides and a number of other features. There are lots of sun loungers. All these facilities are included in the pitch price.

    The bar near reception has been extended with an outdoor patio which overlooks the pool complex. Nearby there is the camp mini-market which sells a good range of food and drink and newspapers. There is, also, a food take-away which serves a range of food (including fish and chips!) but we did not use this facility.

    Madame Christine and her staff, who all speak excellent English, were all very helpful and helped me find a supplier for some satellite accessories and someone to check a problem with our caravan. When there was a problem with the site wi-fi Madame Christine gave me a complimentary hour on one of the 'pay' PCs in the library.

    The beach adjacent to the site was much the same as we had found it previously. The sand is very coarse but the beach was less crowded than on previous visits, probably because of the swimming pool complex. The water in the small river adjacent to the site varies from a shallow stream to a fast running torrent depending upon the state of the tide. The water temperature is warmer than the sea at the mouth of the river. Across the river there is the Mer Blanche a very long sand bar with the sea on the far side. The bar can be reached by crossing the river and a lot of campers cross to this bar as the sand is less coarse. It is important to choose one's crossing time for when the river is low or otherwise a boat or swim is necessary.

    As always campers had lots of boats moored in the river ranging from small inflatables to largish motor cruisers. We had our 2 metre Zodiac out on the river (we bought this secondhand from a French camper at Du Letty about 12 years ago!) There is a diving platform anchored in the river near the campsite. The sea just out of the river mouth is ideal for sailing, windsurfing, etc. Kayaks are available for hire form Monsieur Philippe who has a base near reception. (He, also, hires out full size fridges)

    The town of Benodet is about 20 minutes walk from the campsite and is very pleasant. It has a large promenade and beautiful beach of fine sand. There is a limited range of shops and restaurants and a twice weekly market on the main car park. There is a small Carrefour Supermarket on the outskirts of the town and this, also, has the town's only petrol station. The marina at the mouth of the River Odet spanned by the high level bridge is very picturesque. There are C of E Family services at the Catholic Church near the harbour every Sunday morning during the months of July and August. We went to these services this year as we have done in previous years and enjoyed the warm welcome we received.

    The annual celebration of the Feast of the Assumption in Benodet is not to be missed. There is a procession of illuminated ships and a magnificent night-time firework display launched from a platform in the bay.

    There are a number of interesting places to visit nearby. The Cathedral city of Quimper about 15 miles away has a lovely centre with flower decked bridges over the river Odet and an interesting Cathedral. There are, also, several large hypermarkets with adjacent Centre Commercial (shopping centres) as well as a range of smaller shops including a Lidl supermarket.

    The fishing port Concarneau and its historic Ville Close on an island in the harbour is worth a visit. During the annual Fillet Bleu Festival there is musical entertainment and a spectacular firework display over the harbour.

    Pont Aven is a very picturesque town built along a river valley. Historically it had more than 7 water mills, now converted into restaurants, shops and art galleries and was a haunt of impressionist painters.

    In 2011 we drove down from Calais stopping off overnight at the excellent riverside Municipal Campsite at Pont Farcy on the outward and return journeys. For 2012 we have booked Brittany Ferries from Plymouth to Roscoff. We got a good fare of £494 with the Caravan Club for the 2 of us, car and 'van. We included 7 Camping Cheques in the package as this lowered the price - I hope to sell those on as we cannot use them during the peak season. Although more expensive than our usual DFDS Dover to Dunkerque crossing this will be partly balanced out by the lower fuel costs in France and the additional benefit of avoiding the M25 during the Olympic season!

    We very much enjoyed our return visit to Camping Du Letty - so much so that we booked 4 weeks next summer as soon as the 2012 booking opened in November 2011. The increased popularity of the site does mean that the management have changed the booking procedures. Previously it was possible to just turn up and get a pitch or book without any deposit. For 2012 it is necessary to give firm dates and pay a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the cost of the booking. In addition the first row of pitches adjacent to the beach have been named as 'Premium' pitches with prices to match!

    Even for standard pitches Camping Du Letty is NOT cheap but we feel that the many 'free' facilities and its ideal location make it very worthwhile. We highly recommend this site although we're still not on commission!?? The site's website is excellent and includes an online booking facility.
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  6. T&C added a topic in France   

    The cost of our holiday in Brittany
    As there has been a lot of debate about the costs of French holidays I thought some folk might be interested in our expenditure this summer. We were 2 adults and Max the collie in our Kia Sorento Titan (07) automatic towing our Bailey Senator Arizona (5 series/06).

    This is a list of our expenditure for our summer holidays in Brittany. We have to go in the Peak season of July/August as we ae both teachers. We were away for a total of 38 nights, including 2 in the UK from 23 July. We used Lidl for as much food shopping as possible. We took quite a lot of food with us including some tinned meats, etc for meals whilst travelling. We ate cereal or croissant for breakfast, bagette and cold meats for lunch each day and cooked our own meals most nights. We only ate out once, pizza, and don't go to bars, etc. We found France a bit expensive for food shopping, meals out and bar drinks but diesel was cheaper than the UK at c£1.14/litre. Our Sorento is a bit of a fuel guzzler. Home and back again we did 2174 miles and used 478.07 litres of diesel an average of only 20.67 miles/gallon. Oddly it seems to use about the same amount of fuel towing or solo!!??

    We drove down from St Helens to Folkestone and then crossed to the Continent using Eurotunnel. After 2 nights at Camping La Chaumiere, near St Omer, we drove down to Camping de Port La Chaine in northern Brittany. We stopped at Camping Pont Farcy for one night enroute. After 2 weeks we drove on to Camping Du Letty, Benodet where we spent 15 nights. We then drove back to La Chaumiere for a 3 night stay stopping another one night at Pont Farcy again enroute.

    The following gives some idea of our expenditure. We used our Post Office Credit Card(Commission free), took 220€ with us (from the PO in the UK) and took out another 100€ from a cash machine in France (Nationwide debit card) but we brought 40+€ home with us.

    Eurotunnel (+Tesco Vchs £190) inc dog £60.00
    Red Pennant Insurance £289.50 £7.60 Insurance/Day
    Food Shopping £438.70 £12.73 Food/Day
    Cider for home use (55 bottles) £73.00
    Meals out(Inc Take-aways & ice/cream) £82.06
    Diesel £571.00 £15.03 Diesel/Day
    Tolls(Inc 2xM6 Toll) £50.04
    Vet (Dog's Pet Passport - St Omer) £37.38
    Cmpg La Chaumiere(5) £97.68 £19.54
    Cmpg Pont Farcy(2) £19.10 £9.55
    Cmpg Port La Chaine(14) £388.08 £27.72
    Cmpg Du Letty(15) (+2x30% Dy Mirr Vch) £447.19 £29.81
    Wyatt's Covert CC(2) (+£5CC Voucher) £44.42 £22.21
    Est cash exp (Not included above) £100.00
    Total £2,689.13 £71.00 Overall/Night

    £996.45 Campg Total(38 Nts)
    £26.22 Campg Average/Nt

    I hope these figures may be of interest/help to others.

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  7. T&C added a topic in European campsite reviews   

    Camping Municipal Pont Farcy
    We overnighted on our outward and return journeys from Calais to Brittany in July and August 2011. The site is located south west of Caen just after the A84. It is literally 5 minutes drive from Junction 39, from which it is signposted, of the A84 thus making it ideal as a night halt. We did not book the site but on the outward journey we phoned ahead whilst travelling to ensure they had room.

    The site is set in a beautiful wooded valley and on a bend in the River Vire. I think the location may have previously been a boat quay as there are some remnants of this and the river widens into a basin. The site is fairly narrow and extends along the banks of the river with many of the pitches separated from the river bank only by a low fence. There are approximately 50 open, grass pitches with plenty of shade from mature trees. The site is a little unkempt in appearance with a number of pitches where the grass was in need of cutting - this was particularly so in the half of the site furthest from the entrance and reception, which was predominantly empty.

    There was a large, modern sanitary block with separate male and female toilets and laundry and washing-up area. This block, also, had an upstairs games room but this was not open during our stay. The CDP was located in a tiny, older sanitary block at the far end of the site but the toilets in this block were boarded up. There was a new children's playground near the toilet block and a number of single pieces of children's play equipment distributed around the site - although some of these had seen better days. River fishing was available at the campsite and a card could be purchased from Reception. It must be said that the whole site appeared to be in need of a little more loving care but its idyllic location compensated for this.

    Another considerable asset was the friendly and helpful lady warden. She spoke some English and was always attentive and keen to please. When we asked what the departure time was she said that we could stay as late as we wished. On our outward journey we stayed until we had eaten our picnic lunch on the riverbank.

    On both of our visits we were told to choose our own pitch and chose ones right on the bend in the river so that we were able to point the 'van towards the river and have the views in both directions along the river. The views along the wooded valley were lovely with horses and foals gambolling in the fields on opposite banks of the river.

    There was a nearby water point but a slight disadvantage was that the EHU point was on the opposite side of the site access road so we had to run our hook-up cable across the road. On our first visit we needed to use our additional hook-up cable to reach the EHU point.

    Although roads bordered the site on 3 sides they were relatively quiet country roads and traffic noise was not obtrusive. Surprisingly, given the site's closeness to the autoroute, there was no road noise whatsoever from the A84.
    The small, picturesque village was 5 minutes walk away. It had a baker's, bar and a petrol station with a very well-stocked food shop. The fuel was, however, very expensive - the dearest purchased during our 4 week holidays. Bread could be ordered and collected from reception. Opposite the campsite was a small "park", unfortunately a little overgrown, where a WW2 Bailey Bridge had been relocated. We visited this by walking through the village and over the flower-decked bridge.

    Walking and cycle routes in the Vire Valley were advertised on a large map in the village and the area seemed worthy of further exploration. There was a small town of Tessy-sur-Vire about 5 miles away on the other side of the autoroute.

    I can highly recommend this rural campsite both as a night halt and for longer stays to explore the area. I hope that this review will help it to get more visitors as it deserves - that might help to smarten it up a bit. At £9.95 per night for the pitch with EHU for the 2 of us and Max the collie it was tremendous bargain too.
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  8. T&C added a topic in European campsite reviews   

    Camping La Chaumiere, Buysscheure
    Here is my review of camping La Chaumiere - Our first and last French Campsite this summer.

    We chose camping La Chaumiere for 2 reasons:

    (1) We wanted to find an alternative to Camping Chateau Gandspette which we feel is rather expensive.

    (2) We needed to take Max our border collie to the vet to complete his Pet Passport on the way home and the vet near Chateau Gandspette was on holiday at the end of August and Bernadette, owner of La Ch works at the vet in St Omer.
    We decided to try La Chaumiere based on recommendations on this and other forums.

    We booked in advance on the internet and paid using the PayPal facility. We booked stays at beginning and end of our holiday. A one night stay for our first night in France with a view to getting a good rest after our 270 mile drive down to Folkestone and to get away early the next morning. A 3 night stay at the end of holidays to take Max to the vet. We booked the vet at St Omer direct although he can be booked through the campsite. We were charged 21€ per night (including 1€ for the dog) plus a 3€ reservation fee for BOTH stays.

    We booked the Chunnel for 16.50 as we thought that would give us time to get to La Ch early evening. Unfortunately the traffic on the M25 was horrendous although we had tried to allow for this and we had to catch a later train. This meant that, with the extra hour for French Summer Time we did not arrive in France until nearly 20.00. We phoned La Ch to see if we could still arrive late and Bernadette said no problem. We drove to La Ch via the A16, D11, D928 and then narrow country roads. The last mile or so was along a VERY narrow road with few passing places.

    I later discovered that there were quicker routes via Watten or St Omer. Our slower route meant that we did not arrive at La Ch until after 21.30. We apologised but owner Guy who showed us to our pitch was not pleased and told us so. He showed no sympathy for the fact that we had been travelling for 12 hours and 300+ miles.

    The hedged pitch (No 9) we were shown to was large enough for 'van and car with room to spare. It had its own 6 amp EHU, rubbish bin, water point and drain. Access was good as it was at a junction of 2 site roads. The pitch was mainly grass with an area of "handstanding" for the caravan. The "hardstanding" was very rough and uneven - more like building rubble.

    The site is set in open countryside about a mile from the very small village of Buysscheure - a few houses, a Church and no shops. The site is quite small with fairly narrow site roads. The pitches are separated by quite high hedges and lots of trees which make most of the site rather dark and shady. There is a tiny outdoor pool which we did not try and a rather small pond for fishing. There is only one toilet block which does not seem much for the size of site. The bar and restaurant are at the entrance to the site and this, also, serves as reception. The restaurant which, also, has an outdoor terrace with picnic tables is open non-residents and seemed very popular although we did not use it. There is, also, free wi-fi only in the bar area, including the terrace.

    In addition the site has a children's playground and areas for Boules, badminton and archery. There are 2 CDP but at the one nearest to our pitches I was directed, by another camper, to the motor home dump point where the grating had to be removed with a metal tool. I have since read that there IS a CDP hidden in the bushes nearby but I didn't see it. Using the m/h point was not easy and a previous user had left pooh in the trap when I used it!!! The nearby TGV trains can be clearly heard but we did not find this a problem.

    On our first stay we decided that we would have an extra night to recover from our lengthy journey and we spent this visiting the nearby interesting town of Cassel. This town stands on the hill mentioned in the nursery rhyme "The grand old Duke of York" and this elevated position gives it outstanding views over surrounding flat countryside. It has some interesting buildings and a historic windmill, which we toured. The guide only spoke French but we were given an English language sheet and a free sample bag of flour!! Beware of the extensive cobbled streets a bit hard on car suspension.
    On our return journey we were given a different pitch (No22) at the far end of the site. Access to this pitch was very tight and we would have struggled without the motor mover. The facilities were identical to the other pitch and as were staying longer I used the aqua roll pipe attachment on the threaded tap which gave us piped water.

    During this stay we spent a day visiting Ypres and the Flanders' battlefield sites and cemeteries. Ypres is a beautiful city with lovely buildings - reconstructions of the historic ones destroyed during the WW1. The Flanders Fields Museum in the restored Cloth Hall is fascinating. We, also, bought the map booklet for the Flanders Fields' car route and drove some of this. We ensured that we ended up at the town's Menin Gate memorial arch to hear the Last Post sounded at 20.00, as it has been every evening since 1927. This was a very moving ceremony.

    On our last full day we took Max to the vet and stayed on in St Omer. We visited the large Saturday market and had a picnic lunch in the nearby impressive town gardens. We, also, stocked up on cheap diesel and French cidre at the Carrefour Supermarket in the town. St Omer is the not the most picturesque of French towns but it has some interesting buildings.

    La Chaumiere was not our favourite French campsite and we were a little disappointed as we had hoped to find a site to use every summer. We found the location of the site rather remote from main roads and facilities such as shops, petrol stations, etc. The site itself was reasonably pleasant but rather dark and shady with some narrow access roads and rough hardstanding.

    We're sorry to have to say the biggest negative was the attitude of Guy, the owner. Whilst I can understand his annoyance at our late arrival on our first visit his manner was little better on our second visit. He was generally very abrupt in his manner and unhelpful. A classic example of this comes from our final visit. Soon after we arrived Cary returned to reception to order some bread for the next day. Guy, who had taken us to our pitch a few moments earlier, asked for our pitch number. When Cary could not remember it he did not volunteer it but let her walk back to our pitch at the far end of the site to get it - even though he OBVIOUSLY knew it.

    The site's advantage of the direct contact with the vet in St Omer, for pet owners, will be greatly lessened by the proposed changes to Pet Passport requirements.

    We will NOT be returning to Camping La Chaumiere.
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  9. T&C added a topic in European campsite reviews   

    Camping de Port La Chaine
    We had researched a number of sites in northern Brittany as we were keen to find somewhere where we could both have a sea view and access to the sea for our Zodiac inflatable boat. After we had chosen a few possible sites we had email conversations with a number of sites to find suitable ones. Port La C was very helpful, emailing a map of the campsite showing suitable pitches. We booked the site on the internet and paid a deposit of 100€ by credit card.

    We arrived late in the afternoon of 27 July. The male owner, who spoke a little English, seemed a little concerned as to whether our 'van would fit on the agreed pitch and suggested we took a look first, providing us with a map of the site showing available pitches. When we went to our booked pitch we were annoyed to find it would not have accommodated a 'van half the size of ours. This was despite us having clearly stated the 'van size in our emails. After a lot of searching we found a suitable pitch with a sea view but quite a long way back from the sea although the one booked originally had been near the sea.

    This sloping site of 200 pitches is set in open coastal countryside at the end of the "Unspoilt Peninsula" north of the village of Pleubian. The higher pitches are laid in a series of terraces which give single width rows of large-sized pitches. Many of the higher pitches have lovely views out over the adjacent sea and small islands. The lower pitches are set in double rows screened from the sea by a bed of 2 metre high sea "grass". There are lots of attractive mature trees and flowering plants which beautify the site and give shade and the site is very quiet and peaceful.

    A top end of the pitch near the entrance there is a small complex of buildings. The reception office has a range of brochures and information about local sights. There is, also, a small bar with a pleasant outdoor terrace. Bread can be ordered from the bar. Nearby there is a medium-sized outdoor pool but this was rather cold. There is, also, a games room with table tennis table and arcade machines. There is a playground near this area. Free wi-fi is available in this area.

    The rest of the site is accessed by a steeply sloping tarmac road with the camping pitches on the left and mobile homes on the right. There are 2 large toilet blocks set on this main roadway with an adequate number of toilets and showers, including some child sized WCs, and a CDP point. These blocks, also, house the washing-up and launderettes with sinks, washing machines and tumble dryers.

    At the end of the main campsite road there is a large playing field with a volley ball net and from there 2 paths lead through the bank of sea grass to the coast. Near to the playing field there is a selection of outdoor exercise equipment. The adjacent small bay is bounded by a long distance coastal pathway. There is a small lighthouse further along the coast. The beach is covered with large pebbles and slopes steeply down to what becomes a huge expanse of wet sand at low tide. In the bay there are mooring buoys for small boats but because of the slope of the beach these are only accessible at low tide when there is no water for the boats! We hired one of these buoys but made little use of it because of the above reasons. It was expensive at £24.00 for a week.

    There are no good sandy beaches in the immediate vicinity so the site is NOT really suitable for beach holidays. There are a number of pretty coastal resorts in driving distance including those on the "Pink Granite Coast" where the beaches are backed by huge pink boulders sculpted into elaborate shapes.

    The small town of Pleubian is about 2 miles from the campsite. It has several bars, a baker's, tourist information office and a small "Super U Express" supermarket. The nearby river port of Treguier made an interesting day out. It has a number of historical buildings and Central Square with a beautiful cathedral. It, also, has a number of interesting second hand shops. There are several supermarkets including a Lidl on the outskirts.

    We, also, took a day trip to the Ile de Brehat. This beautiful archipelago of islands is only 10 minutes by boat from the Pointe de l'Arcouest which is under an hour's drive from the campsite. The islands are car-free and we spent the day walking the lovely flower-decked pathways and taking in the lovely coastal views.

    Paimpol, also, is an interesting working port for a day's visit and with a good range of shops. A vintage steam railway runs from Paimpol but it was expensive and we did not take the trip.
    The cost of our pitch with EHU for the 2 of us and Max the collie was c£26 per night. The owners were friendly and helpful and the wife speaks English fluently. We would recommend this site to those who like peaceful rural sites. The lack of a sandy beach makes it unsuitable for a beach-type holiday. It is more suitable for short stays as there was not a lot to do either at the site or in the vicinity. The location was, also, rather remote for travelling to other places. In our opinion it would be more suitable for couples than families for similar reasons.
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  10. T&C added a topic in France   

    Our Holiday in Brittany
    We got home safely from our 4 week trip to Brittany last Tuesday. We had a super time re-visiting Brittany after 8 years of trying other areas/countries of Europe.
    This trip was unusual in that we had booked 3 out of the 4 sites we stayed at. Detailed reviews will follow when I've washed the caravan; put the summer kit away in the loft and garage, etc.
    We used the Chunnel for the first time - courtesy of Tesco vouchers. Fast and efficient but otherwise we found it a bit bland and boring - we'll probably be back to Norfolk Line next year. We crossed (?) on the evening of Sunday 23/07.

    We were due to spend one night at Camping La Chaumiere but stayed an extra night after a late arrival the first night due to delays on the M25. Not too impressed with the welcome at this site.
    We then travelled on to Camping Port La Chaine, Pleubian on the northern coast of Brittany. We used toll roads to avoid city centres and the Pont de Normandy. We overnighted (25/07) at the Municipal at Pont Farcy a minutes from the A84 south west of Caen. (c150 miles) A GEM of a site and we got a lovely peaceful pitch on the banks of the small river. A warm welcome from a very friendly and very helpful lady warden.
    We arrived safely at Port La Chaine in the late afternoon (26/07). We were a bit disappointed that our "sea view & near the beach" pitch which had been the subject of several emails had no view and would not have accommodated a 'van half the size of ours!!

    Fortunately the site was not full and we managed to get another pitch with a sea view but back from the sea. The site is quite steeply sloping and arranged in terraces. It is a pleasant site with lots of trees and flowers. The beach was however very rocky and the steeply sloping beach made using our Zodiac inflatable difficult. We spent a pleasant 14 nights there.
    On 09/08 we travelled on to Du Letty, Benodet. We were looking forward to re-visiting Du Letty as we spent our first Continental holiday there as tenters in 1994 and returned several times up to 2003. We had asked for a pitch near the sea but were allocated one a VERY long way from the sea. After a long "discussion" with Christine the manageress she found us one nearer to the sea. We spent 15 very pleasant nights there reliving all our memories AND enjoying the wonderful new water park.

    On 24/08 we started back towards Calais. On the return route we made a point of avoiding the toll roads. We spent another pleasant evening at Pont Farcy before travelling on to La Chaumiere for a 3 night stay. This was mainly to take Max the collie to the vet in St Omer - the vet near Chateau Gandspette was on his holidays. Whilst there we visited Ypres and the battlefields of Flanders and stocked-up on the Brittany/Normandy cidre.

    We caught the Shuttle at c11.00 on Sunday 28/08. We had one of our best-ever journeys clockwise around the M25 before spending 2 nights at Wyatts Covert CC site. This is an annual event which enables us to vast Cary's Dad in Ruislip. We then travelled home to St Helens via the M40, M6 toll and M6 (hard work after driving on French roads) and arrived home safely on the afternoon of Tuesday 30/08.
    A lovely holiday and without any of the car/caravan problems for which we have become infamous.

    Hols Statistics:
    2174 miles (home to home).
    478.07 litres of diesel.
    At a cost of £571.39.

    Average fuel consumption figures:
    4.547miles/litre or 20.67m/gallon.
    At a cost of £0.26/mile.
    Detailed campsite reviews will follow when the chores are finished.

    Greetings to all forum members we met on this trip and especially to Gordon who treated us to a very pleasant lunch and afternoon in his SUPER RV at Nevez.
    Best wishes

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  11. T&C added a question in Workshop   

    Mobile Caravan Service Engineer
    I would like to strongly recommend, without reserve, a mobile service engineer; John who trades as Caravancare Ltd, Warrington.


    We used him, for the first time, for our annual service last week. He serviced the 'van on our drive so there was no need to tow it to and from the dealers' workshop, with the time and inconvenience that had previously involved.

    John was pleasant, knowledgable and helpful and did a very thorough service - he was happy for me to watch him working. It was great to have the opportunity of discussing a number of caravan issues with him. He is registered with the NCC Approved Workshops Scheme and so was able to stamp our van's service book and ensure continuity of its warranty. He has a 99% customer rating on the NCC website. John charged £160 for the service (single axle) itself and a very reasonable £30 for the following additional work:

    (1) Fitting (not supplying) an Alko 3004 hitch

    (2) Fitting and wiring in(not supplying)a fridge vent fan

    (3) Repairing the battery box lock

    (4) SUPPLYING and fitting a new Alko towbar to our towcar.

    I had, also, arranged for him to supply and fit a replacement jockey wheel. This had not been delivered to him and so he returned the following week to fit it. As I was out at the time he fitted the jockey wheel and left the invoice for me to pay at a later date, very trusting as I had I had never met him before!

    Unfortunately, he had misunderstood what I wanted and fitted a standard jockey wheel rather than the Alko Premium type I wanted. When I pointed this out to John on the phone, without any complaint whatsoever, he instantly agreed to obtain the correct jockey wheel and return and change them over in the near future.

    John returned again yesterday and, as I was again out, changed the jockey wheel for the Alko Premium one and posted the invoice for £95 through our letterbox for me to pay at my convenience. As John takes credit card, another convenience, I was able to pay over the phone.

    I will definitely being using John again next year for the 'van's service. I recommend him without reservation.

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  12. T&C added an answer to a question Battery box lock barrel loose   

    Hi Folks

    Thanks to all who posted. Although the reason the lock barrel was falling out was the fact that some of the plastic "fingers", moulded around the hole in the door, had broken I decided to wait and discuss the problem with John of Caravancare Cheshire, when he came to give the 'van its annual service last week.

    John suggested and carried out a simple but effective solution of drilling a small hole in the metal "tail" of the lock and putting a split pin through this. This successfuly holds the barrel in place whilst allowing it to turn. An excellent solution which was in fact free as John did not charge me extra. A much better and cheaper solution than a new, unneeded, battery box door at £50.00 plus.

    So a big thank you to all who posted and especially to John of Caravancare who solved the problem so effectively and for free!!.

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  13. T&C added an answer to a question Battery box lock barrel loose   

    As I said some of the plastic strips forming the "tube" in which the cylinder fits have broken off. My problem is now that the cylinder is loose in the "tube". As this is moulded as part of the door frame I think that the frame may need replacing. If that's the case its £40+ from Bailey spares. Unless anyone has any other good ideas!!!

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  14. T&C added an answer to a question Battery box lock barrel loose   

    Sorry I did not explain myself very well. The metal lock cylinder fits through a hole in the door and into a "pierced" cylindrical sleeve made up of plastic strips. At least one of those plastic strips is broken. This "pierced" plastic cylinder is moulded into the door frame.

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  15. T&C added an answer to a question Battery box lock barrel loose   

    Sorry Nick I missed your point there!

    The reason I've not just replaced the lock is that I am not sure if it is a problem with the lock or the door itself. I took the lock off to look at it and noticed that one of the plastic strips that make up the hole in the door is broken off. Someone else said they had had to replace the door to solve this problem with the lock. If it is the door "hole" at fault it would need a new door to solve the problem as the "hole" is an integral part of the door.

    Anyway the John of Caravan Care(mobile service engineer) is calling the week after next to give the 'van its annual service so I'll discuss the problem with him then.

    Thanks again

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