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  1. Brassneck added a post in a topic seasonal camp sites in wales   

    Iv'e just sat down after a trip to a site in Conwy for a look round to site our van for next season. Anglesey was the preferred choice, but trying to get a seasonal site there seemed difficult for next year, so we've expanded slightly to give us more options. Cost wise my aim was to try and get a seasonal for £2000 or slightly under, but the prices can vary a lot. A few sites i looked at with average reviews and facilities we're asking 2500-2800, but 2000-2500 was about right.
    We've found one and if, and we don't kow till end of October, but if we can get a pitch, with awning, 16 amp elec, and a pitch with it's own waste and water will cost around 2000. Slightly under that figure, around 1830, with no services on pitch. This is 2 miles outside Conwy centre.
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  2. Brassneck added a post in a topic Seasonal pitch on or around Anglesey.   

    I'd love to thank you for your help there Geoff............. but i won't lol.

    Know what you mean though, i've stayed on a couple that way but for the life of me........................
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  3. Brassneck added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Seasonal pitch on or around Anglesey.
    Hello folks, it's been a while, hope your all well

    Right, help needed.

    I need a site for seasonal, for next year, that is around or on Anglesey.


    Must have something for the little lad, just a play area will suffice.

    Simple enough?

    Not as easy as you'd think.

    Any little gems anyone knows with prices and reviews if possible?


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  4. Brassneck added a topic in Campsites all around Britain   

    Warren Farm, Somerset opinions?
    As per title, opinions on Warren Farm holiday park in Somerset please. 4 adults, one 5 yo.

    Or any other recommended close by.

    Never really done Somerset, only driven through it so it may be a bit of a change.
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  5. Brassneck added a post in a topic NEARLY READY TO GO   

    I've never seen a set of extension mirrors that can be adjusted from inside the car, unless they are stuck to the glass and you adjust the normal mirror which in turn adjusts the extension.
    My extension mirrors have always been strap on type. Fully legal and non adjustable from inside car. Unless i use a big stick......................................
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  6. Brassneck added a post in a topic Well that is it, positively for the last time!   

    I always see people say "the waste of space" that a fixed bed is, and it staggers me. I cant believe the space that is made available.

    Under my fixed bed i have chairs (6), a cadac, various items of wet weather gear, numerous items that are too big to go anywhere else, the aqua roll and waste master fit in etc etc etc. All of these would have to be put somewhere else, the ease of storing them all under the bed is superb.The space is massive.

    The bed is more comfy than any standard seat/bed set up.

    What space is lost in our van (Sprite Quattro EB)?

    Theres more kitchen space/worktop area as it bends round to make up the bedroom wall.

    There is no lack of front seat space compared to any other large van.

    This is where it falls down i admit. But my way of thinking is, the bathroom is the place i spend the SHORTEST amount of time possible. I can still use the loo, the shower etc etc.

    So for me, i fail to see any drawbacks to a fixed bed.
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  7. Brassneck added a post in a topic Top posters - revised   


    Yup, got one.
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  8. Brassneck added a post in a topic Top posters - revised   

    Im only posting this to look and see if i have a star....................... move along nothing to see here.......................
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  9. Brassneck added a post in a topic Dead Sat Nav/radio OUCH!   

    Clarify the offer.
    I would hit them with the following, or very similar:

    All correspondence is copied and registered with legal representation for the benefit of both parties, pending any future legal action.

    1. Can you please clarify and confirm, your offer of £700 is a cash reduction from the price of a new headunit for vehicle XXXXXXX if headunit is purchased from yourselves only?

    2. Can you clarify and confirm the offer of £700 towards a new headunit is not applicable if the headunit is purchased from any other source, other than yourselves?

    3. Can you clarify and confirm your offer will be withdrawn if i exercise my rights, under SOGA and EU statutes on consumer rights, and make the decision to purchase from another supplier?

    4. Can you finally clarify and confirm your offer is solely binding for a sale of headunit from yourselves?

    NOTE: Point 4 contravenes point 3, and is illegal. Can you clarify your position, thank you.
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  10. Brassneck added a post in a topic Dead Sat Nav/radio OUCH!   

    If they have offered you £700 towards a new one, and you have that in writing, the £700 can be spent by yourself wherever you like. You do not have to accept it as a "buy from us only" offer, that is illegal. You have the right to purchase any compatible unit from any source you like. Forcing you to buy from them contravenes the SOGA act and EU legislation on consumer rights.

    Ive been down a VERY similar route regarding a Mondeo headunit.
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  11. Brassneck added a post in a topic Mirrors...what are they?   

  12. Brassneck added a post in a topic Mirrors...what are they?   

    The law is quite easy to understand once you cut through the terminology:

    You must be able to see down the SIDES of the van to the REAR CORNERS and a distance laterally of 4m. Towing mirrors fulfil this requirement.

    A camera can ONLY fulfil this requirement if you have TWO fitted on the FRONT corners of the van looking back with a wide angle lens

    Regardless of how good a rear view camera is (i like them to be honest), a single rear mounted camera does not fulfil the legal requirements..
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  13. Brassneck added a post in a topic SamLock   

    Ive been very good for a while, not been banned from

    Had a few personal issues to deal with Geoff, still ongoing, so been avoiding a few forums as my fair and balanced viewpoint isnt!!!
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  14. Brassneck added a post in a topic Hunting for new tow car   

    Any idea what BHP it is Jill? Standard were around 110 i think, but you can have them easily tuned up to 150 BHP the same as the SRi model, stonkingly powerful they are :)
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  15. Brassneck added a post in a topic SamLock   


    But then again so is pulling the fly blind across the door at night to have the same effect. I haven't had a child get past that yet!!!
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