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  1. malc1945 added a post in a topic Holes in the floors?   

    re holes in the floor and driving through floods .in 2012 we went down to Dorset and south of chard the road was closed because of floods but one caravan went through we made a long detour to get to site and by chance the same van was on site and the owner was trying to dry it out he said that the water was three feet deep but he had a 4x4 and it would not be a problem .van was soaking inside he was there a week and it was still not dry. malc
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  2. malc1945 added a post in a topic Protec Towing Cover - Front Marker Lights   

    hi ovingtonbongo I source some awning window and we made our own light cut outs are you any where near south Yorkshire as I still have some malc
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  3. malc1945 added a post in a topic What should you be aware of when taking a caravan holiday overseas?   

    rev pol adaptor for both types of plug had the one for French type but not euro socket had to rewire mains lead, may need extra long hook up lead had to use two last time. when you shop at L`eclerc`s supermarkets you can get a plastic token for free for the trolley it seems to fit other super market ones in France too, A long arm if you do not have a co driver to pay the tolls LOL malc
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  4. malc1945 added a post in a topic Caravan Front Covers   

    we purchased a front cover a while back it did not have the clear section for side lights wife being handy on the sewing machine we sourced some awning window and fitted our own looks quite good too .
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  5. malc1945 added an answer to a question bailey senator indiana   

    thanks guys will give it a go saturday hope this sunshine stays for awhile many thanks malc
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  6. malc1945 added a question in Workshop   

    bailey senator indiana
    can any one tell me how to remove the draw above the fire on my seris6 indiana i can get the front of but unable to remove the draw malc
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  7. malc1945 added a post in a topic I'm Back   

    o the darkside well if its night we call it narrow night dark well you have broad day light ..... malc
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  8. malc1945 added an answer to a question 12 volt socket   

    thanks Tin its just to use a 12volt inspection light thanks for the reply malc
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  9. malc1945 added a question in Workshop   

    12 volt socket
    I would like a 12v socket in my bailey Senator indiana just wondering best place to take the feed from. Direct from battery with an inline fuse or is there a
    better solution.

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  10. malc1945 added an answer to a question tyron bands   

    thank you all for the reply's. Like so many second hand vans the last owner seems to keep all the kit like tools ect. I think I best set up with the right gear just in case thanks again Malcolm h
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  11. malc1945 added a question in Workshop   

    tyron bands
    hi all have changed my senator vermont for a senator indiana which as tyron bands fitted where can i purchase the removal tool from. or will tyre dealers have this unit. malc.
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