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  1. ourlifeinacaravan added a post in a topic lonely caravanning   

    We do alot of steam rallies/vintage shows with our stationary engine. There is an older lady who lost who husband some years back. She still comes with his engines, everyone helps unload and set up, and there she holds court all weekend! Brillant!

    Of course it will feel strange to start with, but do what you feel comfortable with.

    Sorry for your loss.

    kindest regards Jools & "M" @ http://ourlifeinacaravan.blogspot.com
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  2. ourlifeinacaravan added a post in a topic Full timing in a caravan.   

    Hi the reason for us to go full timing was purely financial!

    We are both of an age (mid 40's) and both from other relationships where we have found ourselves starting from scratch. The thought of buying a house and having a mill stone of a mortgage for the next 25 years (till im nearly 70) is absolutely horrifying. So renting is the option. We found that our outgoings were rising alarmingly and our income was not! Sound familiar? So at some point something would have to give.

    Unlike others who rely on credit cards and the like to get them through, we dont as that is only kidding yourself, infact neither of us even use our overdrafts! We decided that there is only so much you can cut back on before your quality of life begins to suffer.

    So we made the decision to go for it! We are so glad we did, our lives have improved in so may ways, we are now in control of our future and feeling content for the first time in ages!

    As for post, yes there are those services you spoke about. There is also an option if you are staying local to where you curently live and that is to have your post held at your nearest sorting office and you collect it direct form there. This is a free of charge service!

    Knowing what we know now, we wished we had done it sooner!

    Jools & "M" @ http://ourlifeinacaravan.blogspot.com

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  3. ourlifeinacaravan added a post in a topic Metered or Un-metered EHU?   

    Hi all, as a full timer, I would not be keen on staying on a site with metered pitches, I want to pay a daily rate and not have to worry about how much electric Im using. I havent stayed on a metered site, but what are thier daily rates like, compaired to a non metered site?

    There is a big difference between camp sites making a profit and being greedy! Those sites are easy to spot as some even charge for visitors! Best avoided in our case

    I personally think its down to the owners to price their pitches in such a way that makes it attactive to campers, as soon as you start with all the add ons its a big turn off for many!

    A quick flick through either of the club books and you can spot the sites that have more rules/charges than the taliban! Give me a small farm site anyday!

    If its a pub thats considering putting in meters I would stongly advise against it. After all Im going to be lining his pockets by buying food and drink in his establishment, dont take the mick and do me on the electric as well!

    Jools & "M" @ http://ourlifeinacaravan.blogspot.com
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  4. ourlifeinacaravan added a post in a topic Full timing in a caravan.   

    Hi we also full time in our van, its a lunar lexon 640 with an island bed, which for us is a massive bonus, post has been covered by others.

    We both work full time so are restricted to a geographical limit, but as we live near the New Forest there are many campsites. We only stay on the small sites to keep the costs at a minimum.

    We have survived -9.5 with no real probs, our van doesnt suffer from condensation, and we have an average temp inside the van of 21 degrees. During the winter months we would only be on a site with EHU.

    Laundry is done at the local laundrette, either do it yourself or for an extra couple of quid get it done for you, simple! We also have a portable twin tub washing machine which works really well for small items.

    We have a full size awning which always goes up if we are in a site for more than a couple of days, we are not interested in seasonal pitches, but prefer to move every 28 days or less depending on where we want to be.

    The only problems we have encountered are the raised eye brows you sometimes get when you tell people, but as its us having the last laugh then thats their tough luck!

    There is always a solution or work around to any given situation, sometimes it takes a bit of thinking about, but there is always a way to get something done if you want it bad enough!

    We write a blog about our lifestyle which can be found at http://ourlifeinacaravan.blogspot.com

    Good luck, any questions then feel free to ask us!

    Jools & "M"

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  5. ourlifeinacaravan added a post in a topic Hi To All - 40's Couple Full Timing!   

    Hi Mark, yep thats us and thanks for following, thought the picture of yours was familiar!

    Is it ok to mention blog or against the rules?

    Kind regards Jools & M
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  6. ourlifeinacaravan added a topic in Say hello to members   

    Hi To All - 40's Couple Full Timing!
    Just thought we would drop by and say hello, I recognise a couple of names from Twitter!?

    We are a mid 40's couple both work full time and went full timing in our Lunar Lexon 640 August 26th 2010.

    Loving every minute of it!!

    Not sure if Im allowed to mention our blog or not, so will wait and see if its ok to mention??

    Hope everyone is out and about and camping, if not why not!

    Jools & "M"

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