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  1. DianneT added a post in a topic Route planner advice needed   

    You cannot beat Via Michelin.
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  2. DianneT added a post in a topic Caravan Club V Caravan and Camping Club   

    Have only ever been Members of the Caravan Club and that is for over 40 years  Insurance for Car and Caravan excellent price and Value.  In latter years only used CL's .which we have never had any bother with children if there have ever been any.
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  3. DianneT added a post in a topic Thinking of going to Italy in August   

    Hi Sorry to be late in answering your post.  We have been to Italy a few times.  Have a look at my website 
    www.joysofeuropeacaravanning.co.uk   you might find some useful info.  We have been to southern Italy with an 8 metre, twin axle,  caravan and never had a problem.  I can give you a route if you like to email me with your address to dvphillips14@hotmail.com  I have already done one with campsites en route with map for someone going to Garda from Rotterdam.in a MHome.
    It seems a long way to go for just 8 nights it will take 2 night halts to get to Garda or Venice area's.and 2 coming back at least.
    Any questions please ask will be pleased to help.
    Cheers DianneT
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  4. DianneT added a post in a topic Pompeii, Sorrento and Rome   

    Hi mattandkirsty we have visited Italy many times and have stopped near to Sorrento plus on Lake Braciano to visit Rome.  The last year we were there we went right down to the heel of Italy to the Bari area to visit Arberobello to visit the Trulli Houses. You will find most of the Campsites we use are in the ACSI Camping Card Scheme .  Are you going before the end of June?  Any more help please ask will be pleased to help. Routes are also on my website.
    More details are on my website here the link in my signature below is not working at the mo.
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  5. DianneT added a topic in Austria   

    Info for Western Austria 2017.
    Next year on April 24th 2017 the Arlberg Tunnel in the West of Austria will be closed  to all traffic, night and day till the 2nd of October 2017.  This is due to major work to get the Tunnel up to date.  Some work was completed in 2015 when the Tunnel was closed for a similar period.
    As this Tunnel is the major route from the Tyrol to the Voralburg and then into Germany and the Bodensee it will be inconvenient for Travellers.  ASFING will allow Cars towing Caravans over the Arlberg Pass during the closure of Tunnel.  This pass is very steep in parts and after travelling it in June 2015 with our large caravan would not attempt it again.  It is a very steep and twisty route from St Anton to the top with no laybys till near the top.  It was very busy in 2015 with lorry's and buses and it is a normal two way road.  
    ASFINAG the authority in charge of Austrian Roads and Tunnels, who also collect the Vignette Monies which is solely used for the purpose, does give an alternative route which I have put the link for this here.   htpp://www.joysofeuropeancaravanning.co.uk/latestnewsinfo.htm
    I hope this will help anyone who contemplates visiting the wonderful Country of Austria this coming year.  There is loads more information on Austria with Site reviews and Places to visit.  Any questions just ask will be pleased to help.
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  6. DianneT added a topic in Germany   

    Website updated
    I have updated my website http://www.joysofeuropeancaravanning.co.uk of our 2016 trip to Europe with some new campsites to us.
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  7. DianneT added a post in a topic Germany and Austria   

    Now it is getting near to the 2016 Season I have updated www.joysofeuropeancaravanning.co.uk ready for planning of trips by members of this Forum  here is the link
    Any questions please ask I will be glad to help.
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  8. DianneT added a post in a topic Camping holiday in Italy - a good campsite?   

    Kontiki's site looks really good other than that look on here  you maybe get some other tips for this lovely area.
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  9. DianneT added a post in a topic Como to zeebrugge/ijmuiden scenic routes   

    Have a look at my website here  and goto page on Routes,  If you need any more help please contact me.  There is a link in my signature below too
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  10. DianneT added a post in a topic ACSI CC   

    Received my Subscription Email this morning all done and dusted.
    Cheers Dianne
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  11. DianneT added a post in a topic ACSI CC   

    Yes Surfer I think you will find that correct.  Did you order the DVD as well?
    Cheers Dianne
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  12. DianneT added a post in a topic ACSI CC   

    I think you are talking about a different card the ACSI Club ID.  I am talking about the CampingCard Discount Card and Book
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  13. DianneT added a topic in Continental Touring   

    It is time to order your ACSI CampingCard for 2016 go to www.campingcard.co.uk and order on line direct or from Vacarious Books.  If you have a Subscription you will receive an email with payment instructions within the next Two week.
    If you need any help or info contact me here on this Forum.
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  14. DianneT added a topic in Continental Touring   

    Have updated my website and checked Caravan Site Links as some where out of date. Some Camp sites closed too.

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  15. DianneT added a topic in Germany   

    Germany and Austria
    Anybody thinking of touring in Germany and Austria I have updated my website, Joys of European Caravanning and edited all Links in the Euro Campsites review page.
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