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  1. Beejay added a post in a topic Law change for UK drivers in French cities   

    After a long time away and with further observations............
    French number plate characters do not indicate a department as the registration detail is an  entirely sequential.  A plate may have a department logo attached for any department or region, or none, as  the owner chooses and some chose one for which they have reasons other than it's the one in which they live. A plate frame, if fitted,  will usually show the supplying dealer's details which may not be in the same department as the car owner's residence particularly near departmental borders. As the plate remains with the car  subsequent owners may have no link to any departmental identity on the plate.
    Regarding using the details supplied for the emissions sticker in relation to  the specified cross border  offences of which parking is not one (drink/drug-driving, jumping red lights,  lane contraventions, using handheld mobile phone , seat belts, and not wearing a helmet - speeding)  you will have been stopped and  'verbalised' on the spot other than for speeding involving a fixed camera.
    And, finally, is it not probable that the the UK will  continue with cross border enforcement after Brexit?  After all keeping the EU sweet must be a consideration especially if it costs the UK government nothing to comply.
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  2. Beejay added a post in a topic Law change for UK drivers in French cities   

    The new style French number plates no longer indicate the department of registration. When someone moves from their current department or changes their car a new style plate with random number is issued.  The plate can have any (or no) department logo attached so may no longer identify the area in which the owner lives.
    In Paris the vignette is only required  Mon-Fri 0800-1800 so many who live in the area may not need one and those living outside the peripherique and A86 outer ring wouldn't either.
    "Taken for a ride" for a one-off €4.80 that probably doesn't cover the cost of manufacture and postage.? If not travelling into those towns that require sticker there is no need to obtain one.
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  3. Beejay added a post in a topic 70+ towing in France   

    It's to do with the  French driving licence entitlements and related medical requirements which have no effect on non-French licence holders.
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  4. Beejay added a post in a topic absolutely ridiculous   

    That site's rules are onerous and strictly enforced but are clearly displayed the website.
    Letting somebody in without authorisation is a hanging offence so how did the offender escape justice?
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  5. Beejay added a post in a topic Free French toll tag   

    All autoroute operators work to the same parameters and there is no height restriction for an autoroute toll tag whoever the concessionaire and toll tags are no longer restricted to one class. **
    The toll charge for height in excess of 3 metres and weight exceeding 3.5t  is classe 3 and lanes without height barriers and  non-stop lanes are open to any vehicle..
    Bon voyage et bon vacances
    Edit:  ** Unless Sanef UK have such a restriction but Sanef France do not.
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  6. Beejay added a topic in Continental Touring   

    Free French toll tag
    ATMB are offering a free tag and no monthly fee for 12 months.  Application online in English.  Ensure you set up a credit/debit card not a bank account.
    ATMB application
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  7. Beejay added a post in a topic Law change for UK drivers in French cities   

    The English website to order a sticker is up and running and I've ordered mine.
    I have assumed that Brand and Trade name refer to Make and Model as there is no guidance given.  The emissions figure required is for CO2 (line V7) not CO.  The upload limit  for a copy of the V5C registration document is 200KB but not mentioned unless you try to load a larger file.
    Cost is €4.80
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  8. Beejay added a post in a topic Car Insurance quote!   

    They are still quoting ridiculously high premiums. I left them some years back after being with them for 6 years for car, caravan and house because the increases, without any change in circumstances, was just unacceptable. They still send me reminders each year so  I get like for like quotes from them and this year versus my LV renewal  they were over £600 compared to £297.
    With LV I have zero excess, foreign cover and guaranteed NCD.
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  9. Beejay added a post in a topic UK 'van v German 'van towing.   

    Most caravan chassis are a number of sections bolted together.  A manufacturer will choose an A frame assembly to suit their requirements and most continental manufacturers prefer a longer A frame then UK manufacturers..
    BPW list their component parts and the A frame channels are predrilled for body mounting.  The distance from hitch end to the first of 6 body mounting holes can be 1045mm to 1369mm giving 324mm variation and the 6 holes are over 300mm so a total of 624mm maximum variation  of body mounting is possible.
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  10. Beejay added a post in a topic French electric plug   

    If you are referring to my link  16 amp plug   the first item showing in the  top left picture is a 32amp plug which I think is your 'jumbo blue plug'.  The photos are not to scale and do not reflect the difference in size between  16amp  and 32 amp versions.
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  11. Beejay added an answer to a question Towing Weights   

    Axle plated weights often add up to more than the vehicle gross weight.   The difference is usually quite substantial on commercial vehicles where the large  load area allows  uneven distribution of weight.
    You need to check the weights shown on the  vehicle plate  as these are the legal limits.
    These show starting with largest  Gross Train Weight  - Gross Vehicle Weight  - front axle -rear axle.
    If the plated GVW is actually  is 3050kg then subtract this from the GTW to find the legal maximum towed weight.
    If the unladen weight is 1940kg and the GVW is 3050kg then 1110kg is the load that the vehicle can carry.
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  12. Beejay added a post in a topic Polarity tester   

    Hawkeye????.............. the post is a year old!
    But surely a polarity tester IS to check for live and neutral reversed?
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  13. Beejay added a post in a topic French electric plug   

    The 32 amp plug is for industrial use and shouldn't be used on caravan sites where the amperage available at theEHU is usually much less than 16 amp.
    You are unlikely to need one again but if you really want to buy  one then Screwfix sell them as well as  electrical wholesalers and many builders   merchants or fleabuy.
    16 amp plug
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  14. Beejay added a post in a topic French fuel price update   

    Just happened to go back in this thread and noticed the above.
    Unfortunately, Tesco Finest Credit card adds 3% (min £3)  non-sterling cash withdrawal fee and a 2.75% non-sterling transaction fee.
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  15. Beejay added a post in a topic French fuel price update   

    But an historic rate will not assist in buying,  or purchasing, in Euros in future as exchange rates vary by the minute so what was "good" last week has no bearing on the rate will be next week.
    A fee free card is the cheapest way of purchasing abroad and obtaining ATM withdrawals at any given moment.
    Is your ' *bleu' a French carte bleue ot autoroute tag?
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