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  1. welder added an answer to a question Brake adjustment on Al-Ko axle?   

    Ocsid, the link is very helpful, thank you. Now I know what to look for, where to find it and what to do when I've found it. Many thanks.
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  2. welder added a post in a topic I need a new tow car .   

    Nor, for twelve years I towed with a 5-speed manual Shogun 2800 LWB. After a quarter of a million miles the big-ends had had quite enough. With some trepidation I replaced it with a much newer Shogun 3200 DiD Automatic. Serious trepidation ensued when my first tow came up. How will auto cope? Will I have to use the override facility? I was astonished, just hitched up, selected 4-wheel drive as per manufacturer instruction and went caravanning. No dramas, no stress and no changing gear. I'll never go back to manual transmission!
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  3. welder added a question in Workshop   

    Brake adjustment on Al-Ko axle?
    I'm wondering if someone could advise me how to adjust the overrun brakes on my 2005 Cristall Moorea. The overrun shaft is travelling very close to the end of it's travel before braking is achieved.
    Yesterday I jacked the van up with a trolley jack and removed one of the wheels expecting to find some visible adjuster. None. I did, however, find what appears to be a plastic blanking plug towards the edge of the backing plate. All this by means of using a shaving mirror as I couldn't get my head in far enough to see.......Is the adjuster behind this plug? If so, what tool is inserted to carry out adjustment, please?
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  4. welder added a post in a topic VERY FIRST TOW CAR   

    First tow car was a 2 litre Montego Estate which was very competent and reliable if a little dull when solo. Next was a Rover 620Si Fastback which was the worst car I've owned in my life. Shopping trolleys are better constructed and handle better, trust me.
    Next came a Saab 9000S which was a great tug and very good fun solo. It handled like a luxurious go-kart and I loved it....as did a work colleague who persuaded me to sell it to him.
    A 3 litre Toyota Camry took up the mantle superbly, lap of luxury, cracking tow and whisper silent. So silent that with the music turned off the loudest internal sound was the squeak of the sole of my shoe on the brake pedal rubber. At this time our son was passenger on a Formula 2 Sidecar outfit and we travelled extensively for two race seasons, culminating in me doing a lap of Mallory Park with our Swift Challenger hitched......the race stewards were wholly unimpressed. Dullards.
    Next up, a Mitsubishi Shogun Mk2 2800 TD. Tow any thing anywhere. So for 12 years I did just that, including collecting our current van, a Cristall Moorea 530EB, from Dumfries in Scotland. A round trip of over 500 miles in a day with ease. As the 12th year of ownership arrived I decided to keep the truck until a quarter of a million miles were showing. At 238,880 mile the big ends started to remind me of their age so , broken hearted I traded it against a much, much newer Shogun 3200TD DiD Elegance.
    My broken heart was very soon cured and I am now the delighted owner of what is the best car I've ever owned. Great tow, competent and comfortable solo with all the toys, bells and whistles I could hope for. Full black leather and more stereo speakers than I could shake a stick at. Even if I wanted to.....
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  5. welder added a post in a topic 80 years of camping – Clent Hills Camping and Caravanning Club Site   

    We'll be there along with our Granddaughter, Lilly-ann. She's almost six and has been every Whitsun break to Clent Hills site for the last three years. She just loves the place!
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  6. welder added a post in a topic Chrysler 300C Touring / Cristall Moorea 530EB   

    Gary, you've got to love the sound of a big V8 rumbling but it'll be a diesel, mate. I like the fact that the 300C is Mercedes-based with body styling a little different from the masses.

    Thanks again for your input, it's been invaluable.

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  7. welder added a post in a topic Chrysler 300C Touring / Cristall Moorea 530EB   

    Indoors, so far I've found lots in silver, some in green, a couple in grey and shed loads in black! Can't find a white one anywhere.

    The guy who runs a body shop next to my business unit has offered to wrap one in white for me, at no charge, as we do quite a lot of aluminium welding for him, at no charge. It was he who suggested I look at the Chrysler as an alternative to my ageing Shogun, bless him.

    Oh, and your comment about the Cristall being a nice tow is bang on. It's very well appointed, too.

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  8. welder added a post in a topic Chrysler 300C Touring / Cristall Moorea 530EB   

    Gary/Indoors, thank you very much. I shall now start my search for a suitable Chrysler 300C Touring.

    A white one would be nice, to match the Moorea.

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  9. welder added a topic in Tow Cars   

    Chrysler 300C Touring / Cristall Moorea 530EB
    I'm looking for some help, please, as I'm rubbish with mathematical equations.

    Will a Chrysler 300C Touring safely tow my 2004 Cristall Moorea 530EB within the 85% guidelines? The car will almost always be carrying two large Chocolate Labradors and various fairly heavy bits of kit whilst towing.

    I'm experienced at towing, many years of practise, and currently use a Misubishi Shogun 2800 TD, 1996 vintage. The Shogun is costing me a fortune in fuel and it's my daily drive. The Chrysler, if suitable, would save me a fair bit in running costs.

    I'd be very grateful for all/any information or direction to a suitable site which would explain things to me in a manner that a mere mortal would comprehend.

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  10. welder added a post in a topic My ultimate tow car !   

    What a refreshing attitude, fishman. You have my respect. I agree about the big vans, I've towed with my elderly but reliable Transit Hicube and the caravan was pretty much irrelevant in the train.

    I was THAT close to buying and using a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit for a daily drive two years ago, cash comfy and business good. My wife studied me over her glasses......that's a no, then. Still, I can dream.


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  11. welder added a post in a topic My ultimate tow car !   

    Of course you are. And I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion.

    Love Aston Martins and caravans in equal measure. Doubt them doubters, mate.


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  12. welder added a post in a topic 100,000 miles   

    Japanese. I wouldn't consider anything else.


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  13. welder added a post in a topic Giving up the fixed bed?   

    Nothing could persuade us to have any other arrangement than the two fixed, full size, lap of luxury beds as in our Cristall Moorea. There's only us to consider unless our almost 4 year old granddaughter comes with us, in which case I sleep on my equally lap of luxury Nash Indulgence (fishing) bedchair.

    In the awning. With the dogs. Where I belong.

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  14. welder added a post in a topic 100,000 miles   

    210,000 miles and still using nothing but diesel. Mitsubishi Shogun LWB owned and towed with for 13 years.

    Want reliable? Get a Shogun. Trust me.

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  15. welder added a post in a topic Warren Farm, Somerset opinions?   

    I like Warren Farm if only because I caught what is believed to be the largest carp in their lake.

    It's a typical Brean area site, windy at best and windswept at worst. I'd be happy to return, armed with kites.

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