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  1. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic tow car   

    This site is so far from fact that it should be removed immediately. 
    Simply looking up the details for the various Volvo V70's of which I am now on my 7th.
    The listed maximum towing capacity - braked are in some cases so far from the truth that they are about as much use as a chocolate fire-guard.
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  2. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic Mirrors...what are they?   

    Hi Geoff. Please forgive me for my somewhat late post and pedantic nature but I have only just got my PC back after a reformat.
    You refer to Wing Mirrors as :- with my wing mirror extensions!!!!!??
    Does your vehicle have 'WING MIRRORS' or are you actually talking about door mirrors and extension/towing mirrors?

    What a lot do not know is that there are actual legal requirements and this illustrations is just that. I have had it for a couple of years now but cannot recall where it came from.
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  3. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic 2014 season : SoLiD construction update   

    Hi Maurice. I would have thought that if anyone would have known about the Elddis/Explorer Group factory open days it would have been you. After-all you have countrywide connections that many do not have.
    There was a time that Elddis had an Open Day that was conducted when the factory was on annual shut-down and only open to Elddis Owners Club subscribed members.
    That all change and it was thrown open to all and anyone and even had a 'register page' so that they could get a feel of likely numbers.
    This years event is on the internet via Google and here is a flavour:- I have taken the liberty of doing a part Copy & Paste from the information provided.
    2014 Season Factory Preview This year's exciting new caravan and motorhome ranges are being unveiled at the Factory Preview on the 21st - 22nd September 2013, 10am-4pm.

    This event is free and open to all.

    As for myself. I have been a fan of Elddis Caravans for a very very long time and indeed do currently have one that for the most part I am quite happy with.
    I have been accused on one particular forum of being an Elddis Basher. I am most certainly not. What I have been seen as bashing is the apparent lack of support by the company when even their dealers pull down the denial shutters and maintain that issues are not covered by warranty.
    The dealers are also reporting that certain issues are not known to them despite the large numbers that have come to light and dealers have been quizzed by otherwise unknown to them -- Elddis owners. I understand that some of those dealers have actually been involved in the repairs that they maintain that they nothing of.
    Some dealers personnel that I personally have spoken with freely admit that they have been aware of one very long running issue and indeed that there is no affective and guaranteed repair and that any repair that is carried out would be purely a cosmetic make-over and the damage is sure to return.
    I am somewhat surprised that you appear not to remember where the Swift factory is or indeed was if indeed they have moved in the last 10years or so.
    The Elddis factory as situated at Consett,County Durham. It is best approached from the south.

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  4. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic I don't see the healthiest hobby/interest/activity on here,Cycling   

    Hi to all that are following this topic. A bike is not and never ever will be just 'A Bike', each to their own and whatever floats your boat and gets you turning pedals for a healthy and ultimately happier life style will always get the approval of the medical profession and especially the cardiologist.
    Ms Rooster (Rooster2) has recently undergone a triple by-pass and at the same age as myself (currently 68yrs) will be wanting to keep the work & efforts of Mr Andrew Muir and all of the staff at Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital moving towards further improvement status.
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  5. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic I don't see the healthiest hobby/interest/activity on here,Cycling   

    Hi Ted/G S. Electric bikes are fine until the battery dies and they need peddling or worse still,they need pushing.
    In later life it is not about the puff to generate speed or hill climb,it is about a leisurely two wheel stroll along a quiet and safe country route or along a quiet seaside promenade road.
    My very first proper bike was made in your neck of the woods,it was a 1937 Vibrant Triangle (Curly) Hetchins Track Frame. I used to ride track at Bootle Stadium,Liverpool in the glorious days of concrete outdoor tracks.
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  6. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic I don't see the healthiest hobby/interest/activity on here,Cycling   

    Hi Geoff. Greetings from the Quarantine Cupboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The most risky aspect of cycling these days and by far a greater threat than being tipped off by thugs after the bike is the motorist that doesn't see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and often in conjunction with dodging potholes.
    Sadly, even Screaming Green 'Hi Vis' cycling jerseys and ultra High Intensity daytime lighting is not enough for some drivers.
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  7. Little John(Robins Friend) added a topic in Cycling   

    I don't see the healthiest hobby/interest/activity on here,Cycling
    Hi to you all out there.
    I don't recall seeing any posts that take into account the attribute/benefits of cycling and especially as we get older and the need to keep the heart working efficiently.
    I am 69 this coming September and still cycle albeit not as much since mid October of 2013 and for no other reason than the other Rooster has just gone through a triple by-pass and the periods prior to and just after the by-pass work being carried out it was not prudent to leave her on her own.
    I am one of those that has had a total (left) knee replacement and the resulting limited bend at the knee of only 92*,I also have the added disadvantage of being of rather short stature (23" inside leg) and the only way that I could continue riding was to go to a reduced crank arm length.
    I currently have two road bikes,one is a Bianchi Via Nirone7 Alu Carbon and the other is a Scott Speedster S50 FB Hybrid Road Bike.

    How many others still enjoy the open air feeling or have recently taken up cycling? Remember,there is no such thing as bad weather,only the wrong clothing etc.
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  8. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic Transporting Aqua Rolls in your caravan!   

    Hi Surfer. Was your Lunar Delta Ti a bespoke build with bunks at the front,or do you mean bedding boxes?
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  9. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic Transporting Aqua Rolls in your caravan!   

    Hi Jb. You must also be able to steeplechase
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  10. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic Transporting Aqua Rolls in your caravan!   

    Hi Jb. The main reason why the aqua rolls are in the shower cabinet is because the SuperSirocco has the full width rear washroom/loo and being old and now only having a bladder the size of an egg-cup I cannot afford to have any hurdles to steeplechase over in an emergency on-route.
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  11. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic Transporting Aqua Rolls in your caravan!   

    Hi G G. Yes,I can well imagine them bouncing around if only one is stored in there but as there are two and there is no movement simply because of the boxes wedging them in but with no pressure to the cabinet sides and the Duck Board being contained and in a position that it cannot move.
    I am sure that many of the cabinets that have suffered cracking have done so because of either one or other or both of either no Duck Board and insufficient protection to the cabinet side and shower tray.
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  12. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic Transporting Aqua Rolls in your caravan!   

    Hi Geof Greetings from my 'Sabbatical Rest Home' . Yes the upside-down wheel would act like an egg-cup. Our spare is in the gas bottle locker on the SuperSirocco and I don't have an issue with hitch-head weight.
    The Volvo V70 D5 SE Geartronic has a 75kgs maximum on the ball. The one advantage of having them in the shower cabinet is that if I get a puncture I don't need to consider a potentially mucky wheel inside of the caravan. The aqua rolls stay undisturbed until arrival at site.
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  13. Little John(Robins Friend) added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Transporting Aqua Rolls in your caravan!
    Hi folks. A much debated issue on many forums and indeed on caravan sites.
    The shower cabinet is a sizeable volume of space and whenever it is used as a transportation area it has got to be both protected from bashing and from the excess weight that can so easily be dumped in there.
    This is the way that I transport my two empty aqua rolls.
    Being that they are one of the early removals from the caravan upon arrival they are easy to get at and always out of the way.

    The boxes are regular spirit/wine/ boxes of the more substantial type. Not only do they offer a good fit at the sides of the circular shower but they prevent the aqua rolls from moving/rotating about with the Duck Board.

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  14. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic Have you got an Elddis/Explorer Group caravan with one of these?   

    Hi again Ocsid. My slant on this is quite simply, that without removing the door and frame to expose the aluminium edges at the aperture or with out removing the window and frame to the aluminium edge and possibly confirming that there are indeed two skins,it is remaining as it apparently is;perfectly flat and seemingly dry.
    There is absolutely no evidence of damp inside of the caravan at the crack site or any where below it.

    To put it in very very simplistic terms :- Don't try to fix something that is busted but otherwise in OK order and bust it even further.
    When the better weather arrives I will be thoroughly cleaning it and without water it will then be be polished and buffed and examined with a very powerful magnifying glass.
    I will then most likely take it to a company that is well conversant with this issue and have an appraisal and a cost of repair,then I will consider further which way to proceed.
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  15. Little John(Robins Friend) added a post in a topic Have you got an Elddis/Explorer Group caravan with one of these?   

    Hi Gary. Picking up on a few of your points and starting with this one :-

    Good job it's not a Swift and posted on their their forum then! one word against Swift and up pop 'the volunteer defence force' to venomously fend off all criticism of this illustrious caravan manufacturer!
    Swift don't even have to open their mouths.

    I have been lead to understand that the Swift Group have addressed the issues and the very very loudly shouted about comments/observations. They aught to at-least be commended for that.
    The creation/development and internal management of that forum was allegedly as a result of The Swift Group -- product owners screaming for blood on another forum and continually having there posts moderated and or totally removed. Not being a Swift Group product owner I only have this info as conveyed by another forum member from elsewhere.

    Back to the split/crack. There have been many suggestions as to what the real issue is and what is causing it to occur,it is essentially on the longer single axle and on many of the twin axle variants. The shorter single axle variants seem to be unscathed.
    I have more than good reason to believe that it is as a result of torsional twisting of the chassis and the transmission of everyday road shocks transmitted up and into the bodyshell,this is further made a potential area for splitting at the 'Common Point' because of the door aperture and the forward window only having a narrow section/width of panel between them.
    The front end of the caravan body is basically flying in the wind and only supported by an outrigger,it is not supported by a cross-rail as is the rear end.
    Indeed it is said that the continual removal and extensive moderation of posts was making it difficult for know exactly what some of the issues were.

    The details and history of the crack/split is in my reply to Ocsid.
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