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  1. bi6als added a post in a topic Not good news for VAG owners ( and others)   

    My Tiguan is supposed to average 33 mpg (according to what car who I think do their own figures). Its actually averaging 42 mpg at the moment. 
    I should probably keep my mouth shut or VW will be wanting compensation
    I dont know the official VW figures hopefully they are higher
    PS Lorries, Buses, Airplanes, Power Stations etc etc kick out much more Another iancjc naughty word that my VW and probably all the others included. Also the effect on the environment has to be mileage affected. Im sure someone clocking up 40000 miles a year in a Prius deposits more crap than someone doing 5000 in dirty VW diesel.
    I know theyve done wrong but the reactions are just a bit over the top...........dont you think
    seems to be the way of the world these days
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  2. bi6als added a post in a topic Not good news for VAG owners ( and others)   

    The chairman going hasnt made one iota difference to my life and I own a VW. Maybe I will have to take the car to the garage and leave it for a day...thats inconvenient but its not the end of the world. Any costs incurred and hopefully any increased running costs are highly likely to be paid for by VW. So other than one day loss of use there isnt much to get annoyed about.
    Lets wait and see. 
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  3. bi6als added a post in a topic Not good news for VAG owners ( and others)   

    From what Ive heard it wont make much of a difference............storm in a teacup
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  4. bi6als added a post in a topic Help about wages   

    I saw an advert recently. They wanted a couple of wardens and the "wages" were a free pitch with electric hook up with a limit on the electric. You needed your own van and transport.
    So I wouldnt expect much if anything 
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  5. bi6als added a post in a topic Bailey caravans complete 6,000 kilometre endurance challenge across Au   

    perhaps our roads are too smooth
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  6. bi6als added a post in a topic Info regarding CC and C and CC   

    We dont tow anymore. The wife isnt well enough so my experience is a couple of years out of date but I agree with Ocsid both have good points. CLs and CSs being a big strength of both. We used to like CC sites as you know what to expect and you know they are likely to be quiet but they dont appeal to everyone.
    We used to love Rallies and the CCC temporary holiday sites that are open for ages.
    Like Ocsid pointed out you often dont get EHUs. I bought a genny probably over 20 years ago. Its a Subaru and still the quietest Ive ever heard (or not). I made a soundproof box for it so I could direct what noise it made away from others. These days there are probably better gizmos such as solar panels.
    My advice, join both, it doesnt cost a fortune and then you can make your own mind up.
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  7. bi6als added an answer to a question 12 volt hairdrier.   

    Could you run a cable straight from the battery with an in line fuse and crocodile clips. Im no expert so its only a suggestion.

    Or get her hair cut !!!!........
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  8. bi6als added a post in a topic Lighting your awning   

  9. bi6als added a post in a topic Hi all !   

    Everyone goes on about French food...........I prefer Belgian............their chips are fantastic (Yorkshiremen and chips....I know)
    They also have a beer called PALM AMBER which I think is probably the best Ive ever tasted. A Dutch beer BRANDT IMPERATOR is close but I love PALM. Probably not to everyones taste but it rings all my bells.
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  10. bi6als added an answer to a question 12 volt hairdrier.   

    I should ask myself why was it a 10 amp fuse to start with?
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  11. bi6als added a post in a topic DSG experiences sought   

    Overall I am quite pleased with my Tiguan. Got it in June so Ive had it about 2 months. Done one long trip and it did OK on fuel. I dont keep records but I suspect that its not as good as the Merc E220 was but its 4 wheel drive so I suspected it would be worse.
    I like the driving position and the boot is quite big with the seats down.
    I dont tow these days but we are off to France in it soon so it will get a good run there.

    It has VW Roadside rescue for the first 3 years but I thought I would check if it was covered in France. I was told it was but only for the first year. I asked if the same applied to say a German registered car. It doesnt, only UK apparently. So a German registered VW has full Recovery Cover all over Europe for 3 years but a UK one doesnt.

    And Im not keen on the sat nav either. The touch screen input is better than the Mercs but the directions are strange no matter what mode its in. One instruction tickles us..........."keep on this road for..............a long time"
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  12. bi6als added a post in a topic Hi all !   

    I like the Dutch and the Belgians. I lived in Holland for a year way back when. I was in Nijmegen. I cannot recall meeting a dutch person who wasnt nice, there must be some but they probably dont speak english (there are a few). I have a dutch friend of going up 30 years although he now lives in Germany for his work. In all that tme I had learned a handful of words / phrases because, like you say, they are happy speaking english. When you watch their TV and read books they are mostly in english because the sales are just not worth the translation costs.

    Ive heard a few Brits are coming back, something about new french inheritance rules or something. Good luck
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  13. bi6als added a post in a topic Lincolnshire getting tough with the overnighters   

    Isnt "wild" camping illegal in England
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  14. bi6als added a post in a topic Lincolnshire getting tough with the overnighters   

    I think some have been "living " there.
    I see motorhomes have now been banned from parking on the front at Scarborough, Whitby and Filey

    Why spend a small fortune on a motorhome and then try to camp for free
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  15. bi6als added a post in a topic Lincolnshire getting tough with the overnighters   

    The Council have cocked it thats a shock
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