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  1. samd added a post in a topic NEW CARAVAN   

    Just for others reading this, I think it is only if you put the system onto heating the water at the higher than normal temperature that it takes priority over the central heating.  Normal water heating takes place alongside the central heating - at least that's how mine works.
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  2. samd added a post in a topic Elddis new owners,again!   

    Kitchens Inc??
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  3. samd added a post in a topic Where do you like to pitch ?   

    Most sites I use allocate pitches on booking so unless been there previously, I get what I'm given!
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  4. samd added a post in a topic Are CLs pricing themselves out of the market?   

    Just had 7 nights near Sedgefield, Co Durham with a beautiful view over the meadows, 16 amp, water and grey waste on pitch for £14 per night or, in winter, £10 with no hookup.  Given that my regular haunt in Anglesey charges £35, it sounds OK but the £35 one does have showers and loos plus grounds in superb condition etc.
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  5. samd added a post in a topic Windbreaks - Surely the marmite of the camping world   

    I've always preferred ITV myself - each to his own!!
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  6. samd added a post in a topic Thinking of getting new Marquis motorhome , read this   

    Well be amazed if you wish but I have used them for my last two 'van purchases and am thoroughly pleased with their service.  Slightest problem with van sorted at my earliest convenience to my complete satisfaction.  Very pleasant and helpful staff.
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  7. samd added a post in a topic Levelling a twin axle   

    I have a LockNlevel air bag (£199 not £250!) but many people use the standard levellers and tie the two together at the correct distance apart so that the first wheel goes up and over the first ramp and then just continue until required height is reached.
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  8. samd added a post in a topic Next new year sites already fully booked   

    In middle of Dec, I tried to book a serviced pitch at Incleboro Fields for a week or so.  Fully booked for every weekend for the whole of 2018.
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  9. samd added a post in a topic VERY FIRST TOW CAR   

    First for me was a Triumph 2.5PI - lovely engine; awful cooling; rhubarb PI system or rather the pump. It was also my first new car which I picked up ex-works in London (an arrangement for military) during a couple of days break from one of my tours in Northern Ireland.  I fitted an ammeter after a while (everyone did in those days!) but my poor connection came loose one night on a dark country lane - no fun!
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  10. samd added a post in a topic What are You Listening to?   

    Diana Krall - anything and everything!
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  11. samd added a post in a topic Caravan and motohome club getting pricey ?   

    I have had Guinness with cider and even with oysters but....
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  12. samd added a post in a topic Sleeping comfort   

    There are a number of firms who will replace your cushions (with or without new covers) and will allow you to choose 'firmness' of foam etc
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  13. samd added a post in a topic Air awnings (again)   

    Two other advantages there. 
    The bags are big for their size!  Much better than, say Isabella which are a very tight fit.Try putting an 'ordinary' awning up to dry as quickly.
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  14. samd added a post in a topic Last trip of the year ...   

    Love2Stay near Shrewsbury then Harbury Fields near Leamington Spa at end November then close down after that I reckon.
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  15. samd added a post in a topic Pegs !   

    Fed up with bending most types, I now use 'proper' pegs from Hampton Works.   Their Samson Pegs are
    0131 - 31cm @ 96p each
    0123 - 23 cm @ 70p each

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