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  1. colinicky added an answer to a question Propane prices !   

    Had a letter from Calor yesterday telling us that the price would be increasing by 5pence per KG as of yesterday, how much will be passed on to the end customer will vary but expect an increase :(
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  2. colinicky added a post in a topic C.C. Site Night Vouchers   

    Trouble is that everybody seems to assume that the clubs have no need to increase their prices ? But what about all the price increases ? extra cost of fuel/electricity, insurances, increase in the minimum wage etc all add to extra costs for the clubs that has to come from somewhere .
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  3. colinicky added a post in a topic battle for los angeles   

    Look the Aliens & Bridget Moynahan I can believe but you spoilt it by claiming the Yanks can save the day !
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  4. colinicky added a post in a topic PC playing DVD films   

    Personally would download & install something like VLC:- seems to play anything & I prefer it to Windows MP .
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  5. colinicky added a post in a topic Smartphones whose got one?   

    You could always Root the phone & install Android on your HD2
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  6. colinicky added a post in a topic Smartphones whose got one?   

    as an adition to the above posts re Copilot Live, If you already own Copilot but on Windows Mobile etc then all you need to do is deactivate you windows account via the settings/options screen, then download the Android version to your new device & use your old Windows activation code . ALk will tell you it is not possible but it is & I have done it further details are here :-

    Hope it helps somebody save some pennies
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  7. colinicky added a post in a topic Metered or Un-metered EHU?   

    editted as pmed in stead
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  8. colinicky added a post in a topic Extras fitted   

    certainly a lot of vans now come with an external satellite hook up point but I have not seen many with a tv aerial point as well ?
    It is very easy though to get an adapter to plug between your normal aerial type plug & a satellite socket so you can use the lead for either then
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  9. colinicky added a post in a topic Metered or Un-metered EHU?   

    Sorry Roger I agree on the usage :) I was more meaning that 10-16 amps means more initial expense due to sizing of cables etc for more "available" loading. My bad for not explaining better although if you think of an Aldi heating system set to 2kw cutting on & off & maybe a 2kw fan heater in an awning running almost flat out if you are using it for sleeping as well then you are certainly getting your moneies worth from the site ?
    Something that nobody thinks about is that alot of sites that charge through a meter are breaking the pass through rule anyway as the site is often on an "off peak" meter were they get lower costs at night but they do not pass that on to us the customer do they ?
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  10. colinicky added a post in a topic Metered or Un-metered EHU?   

    Unless the rules have changed then the "pass through" system states that you are only allowed to resell the electricity at the same price you paid for it PLUS 1 (one) pence per day for reading the meter. All other infrastructure charges therefore have to form part of the site fees .

    Aren't most sites atleast 10-16 amp EHUs now ?
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  11. colinicky added a post in a topic ALDE Heating query   

    If you use Gas & Electric in our 2010 Lunar Clubman then about 10 minutes if only electric then nearer half hour+
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  12. colinicky added a post in a topic MiFi dongle updated ...   

    Main reason was I weanted to use my Vodaphone sim that has no time limit on the usage ( other than logging in ever 270 days) I have used it with 3, O2, vodaphone & now Tmobile sims with no problems . The people who did mine for me left it in such a way that I can put any of my current sims in & it will detect which one it is, use the correct settings & connect without me doing anything.
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  13. colinicky added a post in a topic MiFi dongle updated ...   

    Many thanks
    I also use an old version Mifi although I had mine flashed so that it removed all the 3 software & allowed me to use other networks sim cards. It made it a lot more user friendly but certainly from your report the new version looks alot better. Might have to look at upgrading mine .
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  14. colinicky added a post in a topic Is managing a caravan park a dream job   

    I think there are a lot harder ways to earn a living than managing a caravan park. Worst time normally weekends with everybody going & coming, rest of the week cut the grass (1 day max) while the wife cleans the toilet/shower block each day, empty bins 2 or 3 times a day then sit in the office posting rubbish on forums while doing the book keeping & drinking tea!
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  15. colinicky added a post in a topic Want to buy your own Caravan Site Company?   

    Be interesting to see as Peter Bull who was one half of the original " Cinque Ports Leisure who sold was rumoured to have bought back into Park holidays last year but nobody could find out the details if it was true .
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