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  1. RogerL added a post in a topic Touareg First Tow   

    Can I add to this - the Touareg towing limit is reduced from 3,500kg to 2,200kg if you don't have the cooling upgrade fitted - that's enough for most caravanners in the UK. There's a Touareg owner towing a 2,500kg Inos round Spain in high summer without the upgrade and no issues.
    It's ironic that VW UK is one of the few importers that doesn't specify the upgraded cooling system for solo use as standard, the southern European countries all get it as does America and Australia.
    My Santa Fe was meant to be a keeper but after having the engine/transmission rebuilt under warranty following a blow-up, I hadn't got the bottle to keep it after the warranty expired. As it's replacement was likely to be my last ever towcar, and there are "no pockets in shrouds", I went on a spending spree - I started with a long list of possibilities but only two made my short-list, Range Rover Sport and VW Touareg - I looked at the RRS but after ticking a few option boxes it was the wrong side of £75,000 even with employee discount, while I could get a Touareg with all the features I wanted, for £45,000 despite having to tick an even longer list of options. The Touareg is a bit "old-school" but that's part of the appeal for me.
    I've had my Touareg for a year now and thoroughly delighted with it - slightly worse fuel consumption than earlier models but more power, enough to hold top gear when towing - it really does tow as if there's nothing on the back - and it's really comfortable and spacious on long solo journeys.
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  2. RogerL added a post in a topic 2 Lancs flying over caravan   

    The Canadian Lancaster has Packard-Merlins.
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  3. RogerL added a post in a topic Which is better - jogging or cycling?   

    Not hiding - just managing my personal priorities - and organising even more time away in the caravan.
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  4. RogerL added a post in a topic Which is better - jogging or cycling?   

    Jogging and golf are activities designed specifically to wreck human knee joints.

    Cycling or swimming are way better than jogging simply because you're not loading each knee with 20x your body-weight every stride.

    Voice of experience!
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  5. RogerL added a post in a topic Jamaica Inn   

    It's commonly known (but obviously not on T&T) that this issue is caused by the sound compression used on SD broadcasting - virtually all programmes nowadays are made in HD with Dolby 5.1 sound which works fine on TVs/Decoders with HD if the TV itself is also HD ready and Dolby 5.1, this is why all the main channels except BBC1 and ITV1 have their HD channel in the prime channel number position and their SD channel somewhere less visible.

    The sound compression which takes place on SD reduces the dynamic range considerably, resulting in poor quality dialogue and over-loud music and special effects - it's not helped by modern flat screen TVs with small speakers and small TVs as used in caravans have no chance!

    Using HD all the time helps, even using standard TV speakers, but really you need a Dolby 5.1 Surround system - not easy to incorporate in a caravan and don't even think about using the crappy speakers from the caravan radio/CD.

    Or you could just get out more!
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  6. RogerL added a post in a topic Looks like it could be a fantastic airshow season   

    There's an outside chance it could be three Lancasters! Now that Just Jane at East Kirkby has got 4 "new" airworthy Merlins they're not too far away from getting her into the air again - it's still in it's WW2 single pilot configuration which will need changing to dual control before it can fly - plus a full wing-spar inspection - both of which could eat into their timetable.
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  7. RogerL added a post in a topic Time to go   

    I didn't come back to announce my departure - I came back to say thank you to those who've helped me - thank you again.
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  8. RogerL added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Time to go
    There are a number of members whose contributions have been very informative and very interesting, both on caravanning and many other unrelated subjects – thank you sincerely for making my life so much richer.
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  9. RogerL added a post in a topic CL site charges ?   

    Running a CL isn't a profitable type of business although it can be used to supplement income by using land already bought and paid for but generating no other income.

    CL charges are very dependent on market demand for the local area - where there's high demand they can cost £15/night for a basic site - where there's low demand it can be under £10 including EHU and toilets/showers.

    £20/night for a CL with hard standings, super pitches and heated toilets/showers would be way too expensive in most areas - I don't pay that much in Scotland on commercials with those same facilities (because CLs are few and far between there).
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  10. RogerL added a post in a topic My first year of caravanning over   

    The figure I included for electric was the cost of your solar equipment.
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  11. RogerL added a post in a topic My first year of caravanning over   

    If you wrote the solar costs off over 5 years, the annual cost for site fees £714, electric £93.20 and gas 5x 6kg@£22=£110 is only £9.46 per night which is low by any standards as it includes gas.
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  12. RogerL added a post in a topic What was this caravan?   

    Hobby Premium ?
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  13. RogerL added a post in a topic Whats Going On With CC Pitch Fees ?   

    i gave up on CC club sites years ago - even the non-facility sites aren't cheap - so we use CLs or commercials now.

    The internet makes it easy to find good commercials with just the facilities you need and many in excellent locations - last one we used we were 100m from the nearest caravan in any direction, and the site was full - previous one was within feet of the Atlantic Ocean with views of Ireland.
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  14. RogerL added a post in a topic When to go to France?   

    Not everywhere and not all the time - try the Eastern side, good roads, bypassed by tourists, gorgeous sandy beaches or dramatic granite cliffs, lower rainfall and no midges - the only problem is the Doric dialect but they do translate!
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  15. RogerL added a post in a topic Anyone got a Bailey with damp mattresses?   

    Thanks for the heads up - I'd look seriously at any foreign-built caravan but unless I've missed one, they all have fixed beds if you go above 2 berths - which is an absolute deal-breaker for us - I know I'm in a minority but I'm used to that !
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