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  1. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Quiet Forum   

    I am sorry, but I am off and will not be back as will also be one of my friends....................

    As I wrote to Percysybil only a few minutes ago: -

    You are totally right, Mark is doing absolutely bugger all, it is almost as if the buffoon from Rotherham owns the flaming site!

    Mark is like a teacher who hates to assert his authority over an entire classroom set on destroying all semblances of authority and yet it is only one single person who is wrecking the status quo .................... Poor sod !

    All the very best wherever you get to.

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  2. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Top 10 sights in France   

    After living in Frogland now for over 10 years, the rarest sights to see in France are: -

    1. a woman dressed in chic clothing.................... possibly in Paris but not in the provinces.

    2. decent fruit and veg in any supermarket.................... if you want any excellent fruit and veg, find yourself a Grand Frais where it is truly excellent and inexpensive, as for the street markets, veg and fruit is normally old and always wildly over-priced

    3. decent beef in any supermarket as their normal beef is in actual fact "laitiere" which if you didn't know is an old milking cow of between 9 and 12 years old........ there are labels to be seen on any and all vache being sold and on these labels it will tell you the breed, the age, when it was slaughtered and also if it is in actual fact laitiere (or tough as old boots).
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  3. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Quiet Forum   

    Yes Rod, but you know as well as I do that about 99% of the 12,000 are totally inactive.

    There must be some way of knee jerking interest and activity but my crystal ball is about as cloudy as the blessed weather!
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  4. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Wasting resources!   

    As a still (just) site owner and going back to the OP, I can fully understand the CC closing off an entire shower block during the winter months.

    The problem is that people use shower blocks after all that is what they are there for, but when they do so they will always leave some kind of mess behind them and that takes time to clean up, so on the CC site in question, if the site is only say running at 25% or lower capacity, then it is a very sensible thing to do to close one or more of the blocks down, even if they leave the heating running and the lights on.

    At LT we have a block and dependent on how many people we have had on site, we have always locked off some of the toilets and showers so to reduce the amount of time we take in cleaning it every day.

    At this time of year all CC sites will reduce the number of staff they have working on them and one distinct way of reducing the work load is to close down some of the facilities.
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  5. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Touring van on seasonal pitch - insurance question   

    Can't answer your question Paul, but if I was in your shoes I wouldn't bother to insure your van.

    I take exactly the same stand with regards to motor insurance when considering my own vehicles, yes they are insured but only ever TPFT as I have found over the years that the policy restrictions on fully comprehensive policies aren't worth considering. Obviously if I was taking out insurance on a brand new or highly valued car or caravan I would look into it further, but, for instance with a car like my 2007 Peugeot 307SW or indeed your 2004 Focus estate, although still being exceptionally good roadworthy vehicles, an insurance will only normally pay out on a claim at the bottom trade value.

    Most certainly on my return to the UK, my caravan will not be insured at all apart from any spin off cover whilst at home from the household policy.............. Of course over here in Frogland, by law any trailer has to be insured and over 750 kg they have to be registered as well.
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  6. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Hows it going?   

    Yes Jill, but that is the kind of thing I have done throughout my car buying life, even Blue Louis was bought unseen!

    Over the years I have either owned or been custodian of 57 cars and in all those 48 car buying years I have never had a test drive of the make or model of car I have ended up running and in all those years I have never owned a dud.

    Just like buying houses, with the exception of two new builds the other 6 have been well in excess of 100 years old and I have never paid for a survey my reasoning being that if it has stood there for that amount of time there is a good chance it will continue to do so, so why waste the money?

    Both my Wonderous and me are both instant decision makers and can't stand messing about, life is after all for the living.
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  7. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Hows it going?   

    Mad as it might seem, but we are in the process of buying a spectacular house that neither of us have seen and are simply relying on what we have seen on the internet what the solicitors and searches reveal and a visit by one of our friends.

    Mad as it might seem, we have just bought another car that neither of us have seen let alone even sat in anything similar, we pick it up on the 18th Feb., the day after getting back onto UK soil. It has amazingly low mileage (equating to under 4,000 miles per annum), full same dealer service history, every invoice and receipt from new and is covered by a 1 year unlimited mileage parts and labour guarantee and as for the price, well we would have been stupid not to have bought it!

    Mad as it might seem but our trusted and now quite ancient caravan was bought brand new and neither of us had seen it or even sat inside a similar model, it was just for sale by the receiver of an insolvent company at an amazing price.

    Mad as it might seem, but I am now chasing down a 2010 panel van to convert into a motorhome, I have never set eyes on it, but if all questions are answered correctly by the independent mechanic I am sending to see it and he gives it a clean bill of health, well this will more than likely become yet another unseen purchase.

    I never could understand people spending forever and a day searching and researching things they were gong to buy, but hey ho, each to their own.

    au revoir
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  8. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Beware Fake Generators   

    Honestly Gary, although I can read what you write, believe it or not a large amount of high to very tech electrical equipment is now manufactured for the likes of Honda in China, so if you get a guarantee with it, why not save yourself a whole load of dosh ?
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  9. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Beware Fake Generators   

    Totally off topic, but relevant in one way.

    I own a very heavy petrol driven whacker plate with which I smacked down all the stone throughout our site, it is Chinese and it has a Chinese/Honda look-alike engine that has been 100% reliable throughout the 8 hard years of work I have owned it.
    The copying of the engine is so exact that spare parts are interchangeable, so when it comes down to the generator mentioned in Rod's post, if the engine is as good as the Chinese one I have fitted to my whacker plate, you need not worry about quality and reliability.

    The only problem I did have with the whacker was the two heavy duty plates which mount the out of balancer to the plate bottom, they both split/shattered, however 30 mins. later I had made up some replacements in a far heavier gauge European high grade steel complete with welded in strengthener ribs.
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  10. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Levelling a caravan!   

    I bet a pound to a penny that it wouldn't last very long, a totally tosh idea IMHO and as for the cost !
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  11. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Buying a van in from the Isle of Man - good or bad?   

    On another forum I have now read to watch out for accelerated corrosion damage to the radiators and wiring harness, so no matter how good a deal this car was, it is a no go for me.
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  12. Blue Louis added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Buying a van in from the Isle of Man - good or bad?
    I have found a car I am very interested in buying on our return to the UK, the only downside for me is that it has spent its' entire very low mileage life on the Isle of Man.

    Should I be concerned about the presence of salt in the air and general sea spray, not so much with regards to the bodywork but the general running gear, exhaust etc. ?

    Many thanks for your learned thoughts

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  13. Blue Louis added a post in a topic SamLock   

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  14. Blue Louis added a post in a topic Which side for fridge ?   

    Our ancient 450EB Swift group van has the fridge on the opposite side to the awning, but if we had pitched the van at the site we used to own (well we still do until 14-02-14) it would have been South facing.
    However the people we loan/sold the van to for 6 years never ever complained that the fridge was anything other than excellent.

    My problem now is with the motorhome conversion I am building on a panel van is that the fridge I am planning to install is a 2 way (12v/240v) fridge and not a 3 way, which is why I will also be installing sucker and blower ultra low amperage fans so as to ensure a constant passing of cool air past the condensers.
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  15. Blue Louis added an answer to a question Aargh! - Damp   

    So sadly as is the case so very often with caravan servicing and UK van builds, total jobsworths are employed to carry out the work !
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