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  1. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic UK 'van v German 'van towing.   

    Longer A frame? I tow an Adria and am convinced the longer A frame is a major benefit when towing.
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  2. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic Possible rally for 2017   

    What about the late May bank holiday? We used to rally at thst time a lot.
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  3. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic Possible rally for 2017   

    We're definitely interested.
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  4. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic Who remembers this rally?   

    The second one is definitely Newark - but not sure which year as we went there twice.

    Not sure about the first one - it looks familiar but....
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  5. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic RIP Steve Armitage   

    Steve's brother has posted the following on Facebook.

    Steve's Funeral will be on Tuesday 12th May, the celebration of his life will take place at St Hildeburghs Church 1 Stanley Rd Hoylake. CH47 1HL. The service will start at 2.00pm. The committal will be at Landican at 3.30pm. Refreshments at the Hoylake Social Club, Trinity Rd. CH47 2BR. Family flowers only. Donations to Hoylake Life Boat please. Black attire not necessary.
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  6. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic What did you want to do jobwise?....and what did you end up doing?   

    I didn't really know what I wanted to do when I left school. In quick time I was a carpet fitter, factory work and civil servant before my parents decided they were moving to Germany. I didn't want to go but couldn't see how I could afford to stay in England on the pittance I was earning so I joined the RAF as an Electronics Technician - more money and somewhere to live!

    9 years later I'd had enough of that so I left and got a job selling pest control. Lasted a year in that then worked as a self employed courier for 18 months. Got fed up with that (and my bike died!) so got a job back in electronics, fixing ATMs for Philips. Stayed there for 18 years (although they weren't Philips for very long, several buyouts along the way), changing jobs as the business changed, moving into computers. Ended up training people to fix laptops before being made redundant 6 years ago.

    No clue what to do then so I became a Basic Skills Tutor in the Welfare to Work industry, teaching adults literacy and numeracy. Worked unpaid for four months, went to college to get various qualifications and finally got a paid job working for the YMCA!

    General Election, government change, contracts cancelled and I was transferred into my current role as an Employment Advisor - still working in the Welfare to Work Industry.

    Who knows what's around the corner though?
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  7. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic Top Gear   

    I enjoyed it. Admittedly there have been better specials (The Vietnam one was my favourite) and I usually enjoy the weekly show more than the specials anyway but I still thought it was ahead of most of the rubbish on telly this Christmas.
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  8. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic Hacked Off !   

    Bloody hell, they must be damn short!!!
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  9. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic What is the best free computer protection software and where can I dow   

    I use Avira AntiVir and have for years. Never had any problems.

    Can't stand Norton - resource hungry, invents issues that need a solution just so they can "find" a solution.
    Wouldn't have it on any of my machines.
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  10. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic Thinking about binning the caravan ,,,   

    David, I'd be interested in what changes you've made to the way you do things when away?

    A motorhome is something we are also considering within the next 2 or 3 years - although we've made no decision as yet.
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  11. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic Whitsun Rally 2015   

    We're interested!
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  12. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic Best place to buy laptop batteries   

    I bought a copy for my Acer - it's better than the original ever was.
    Mine came from ebay.
    I guess it's a chance you take...
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  13. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic Daughter wants to use the caravan?   

    Go on you miserable git - let 'em have a good time!!

    With appropriate threats of course....
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  14. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic Ever seen anything like this?   

    It seems odd to have a door by the tow hitch. I could see me going base over apex there trying to get in when it's dark after a drink or two!!

    Here's another picture from the other end

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  15. olderbutnotwiser added a post in a topic Might not bother to upgrade TomTom   

    Steve I saw about that upgrade. My phone doesn't support an SD card but there's plenty of room. I could fit most of Europe on there if I really needed to.

    Not sure why it wouldn't work on the tablet. It's a 10.1 inch screen though so too bulky for the car anyway. It might be worth buying a cheap tablet though, I've seen mounting brackets for a 7" one. Having said that, I think the screen on the phone is fine anyway, like I said, my TomTom isn't much bigger and, being much older technology, isn't anywhere near as good quality.
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