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  1. LILL added a post in a topic Sites in Drome   

    I can recommend two sites - both ACSI - and like most sites, have their good and bad points!We now holiday out of season and with no children so our opinions reflect our status!

    La Couronne at Valreas is very friendly, and within walking distance of the town. It's easy to reach from the m/way and there is a lot to see in the area. It has been taken over by a young couple who have great plans for it; he is a chef and she runs front of house - their enthusiasm is a delight. They have a small shop, a good pool, a bar/restaurant and free wifi. They do have a mountain to climb however. The toilets and showers are clean but in need of modernising and there are areas of the site that need tidying up. That said, we had a wonderful stay with them.

    Le Soleil Fruitee at Chateauneuf sur Isere (near Valence) is an excellent site - beautiful pool, spotless modern facilities and a bar and restaurant. It has a beautiful situation with views over the valley. It's one draw back for us was its location. It is very easy to get to from the motorway but is very isolated - no village to walk to, which for us would limit it to a short stay.But if you don't mind driving to the shops and you like peace and quiet - it would be perfect!

    We have also spent time further into the Drome valley - Nyons is lovely, there is a nice site at Crest not far from the centre of town. It is a lovely region with weather to equal Provence - but with less distance to travel!
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  2. LILL added a post in a topic Igoville fuel stop   

    Plesae disregard this - I've just been shown how to put myself on Google street and have 'walked' my way round the route! Problem solved and a whole new world opened up to me!
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  3. LILL added a topic in France   

    Igoville fuel stop
    This is a fussy sort of question I know, but please humour me!
    There is a self service fuel stop at Igoville, on the left handside as you approach Pont de l'Arche from Rouen. We have stopped there on the return journey where access is easy because we are on the right side of the road and can drive straight in. My question concerns the outward journey - I have a feeling that the road there is dual carriageway so am thinking we shall have to go to the next roundabout and come back on ourselves, no problem. But how easy is it to then get back on the otherside of the road? Can we turn left out of the filling station? If not,how far up the road towards Rouen shall we have to go before being able to turn? I have looked on google maps but cannot make it out.
    My driver and I are in dispute about this - our memories differing somewhat as to the road layout - so an arbitrator is needed! I am sure there is someone out there who can help!
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  4. LILL added a post in a topic A Beginners Guide To France:   

    Just caught up with this thread and had a look at the link you gave. Am I correct in reading that this is only available for class 1 vehicles? Is there anything for caravans?
    The 'balade' seems to fit the bill for us as infrequent users of autoroutes but is no good if we cannot go with the 'van!
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  5. LILL added a topic in France   

    Weather May/June Dordogne
    We are taking our Spring trip to France a little earlier this year and do not want to go too far South. We are thinking of Sarlat because it is easily accessible and we have good memories of a holiday there taken in September a few years ago, when the weather was good. Can anyone reassure me that it will be warm /dry (ish) in mid May?
    Maybe you have a better idea - we think it's got to be South of Lyon but do not want to go to the South coast - so any advice based on experience would be welcome.
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  6. LILL added a post in a topic Eurotunnel/ Tesco   

    I'm glad I saw this.
    How did you find this out? I don't remember reading it in any of my Tesco literature and I've googled it with no joy.
    Is this going to be the thin end of the wedge do you think? I feel personally affronted cos I get a great satisfaction from my 'free' trips! I better have a look and see how much Eurotunnel will want next Spring and get changing vouchers into tokens.
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  7. LILL added a post in a topic Good Sized Pitch By A River   

    Take a look at Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont at Berny Riviere near Soissons. Some years since we were there but I remember both a big lake and big pitches.
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  8. LILL added a post in a topic Ile D'Oleron   

    Thanks for the suggestions - it's good to read the detail that you don't get on the web sites. We'll be getting our thinking caps on over the next few months.We seem to have become stuck in ACSI mode, maybe we should investigate camping cheques. I am put off by the fact that you have to pay out in advance and am concerned that we might get left with some unused ones. Any opinions on that?
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  9. LILL added a topic in France   

    Ile D'Oleron
    Earlier this year I posted a topic about sites in the Loire and Normandy en route to Ile de Re - we took advice and went to Brissac, to L'Etang and thought it a lovely site. We spent more time there than we had planned because the weather was so good and apart from a over- exuberant large Dutch contingent over the hedge we had a great time.
    Thanks for suggestions to go there - and now we are thinking of Ile d'Oleron next year and would like ideas for sites there.
    We are big fans of the Ile de Re but would like to ring the changes and are thinking about Ile d'Oleron - there are 4 ACSI sites in the book and rather than take pot luck I am hoping someone can recommend one. We like to be near a town and I guess cycling will mean everywhere is within easy reach. We shall be going out of season but would like a bit of life!
    Any ideas?
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  10. LILL added a post in a topic Normany Coast/Loire   

    Many thanks to all of you - it's good to have personal recommendations. Research will begin forthwith - I have to say that ACSI may win the day but Brissac does sound ideal.Most sites do reduced rates in low season anyway don't they.
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  11. LILL added a topic in France   

    Normany Coast/Loire
    We hope to get a couple of weeks away in France end of August into September and are looking for names of sites within a couple of days easy travelling of Calais. We went down to Provence in May and don't want to do a long trip again for this short stay.
    We would like a site on or near coast or river, within walking/biking distance of a town or village.We love the coast of Picardy round the Somme but have not been to the Normandy coast.The Loire is that bit further South so we may get better weather which would be a bonus but we cannot decide on a site there!
    We may end up going back to the Ile de Re which we love but if someone can suggest somewhere inbetween there and Calais that would fit the bill - we should be most grateful!

    On another point - particularly of note to those who like to cycle into a town or village from a site.In May we spent a few days at Pertuis near Aix en Provence; the site was chosen for its proximity to the town. We failed to look at the contour lines on the map and a super down hill run into town turned into a mini Alpe d'Huez on the return trip!The site turned out to be on the only hill for miles around.
    The already long list of criteria in the search for a perfet site now includes flat roads!
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  12. LILL added an answer to a question Carver Motor Mover   


    We are now the proud owners of a working motor mover. I'm gathering my thoughts so that I can express my 'disappointment' with Carver in a rational manner.

    Thanks again Gary
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  13. LILL added an answer to a question Carver Motor Mover   


    I'm lost for words and that does not happen often!

    I will send an e-mail ASAP.

    Better come clean...Lill joined us to this site and surfs the touring and news forums. I look at the technical things in the hope that I may be able to repair the things that seem to crumble as soon as I touch them. I am Bill which is nearly Lill!
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  14. LILL added an answer to a question Carver Motor Mover   

    Thanks Gary

    What really annoyed me was the dismissive attitude of the 'technician'. I've paid £60 to the auto electricians for the initial diagnosis plus the potential to spend another £200 for an updated version. If you really were tempted I would as a matter of course pay all postage any additional costs etc. It's a very frustrating situation I would be grateful for any help offered.
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  15. LILL added an answer to a question Carver Motor Mover   

    News Flash

    Just phoned Carver/Truma tech. dept. and was informed that not only was my control unit faulty, it couldn't be repaired. The only solution is a new one! When I said it was only 3 years old and had been used for 3 holidays I was told that these faults 'just happen'! Can't say I was impressed.

    Have just looked at E-bay and a direct replacement is £150 or the updated 'soft' one is £200.

    Anyone any ideas. It looks like I might have a remote for sale!
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