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  1. Tom A. added a post in a topic Happy Christmas   

    And the same to Sonja and yourself Mark.
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  2. Tom A. added a post in a topic Just saying hello   

    I think your profile needs updating a bit Michelle.
    Any luck on the van front ? x
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  3. Tom A. added a post in a topic RIP Steve Armitage   

    A wonderful man who will be sadly missed.
    Our thoughts and condolences to Cheryl, Zac and Joe.x
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  4. Tom A. added a post in a topic Caravan accident thats been doing the rounds on FB   

    Just my take on this.
    I've been driving HGV for nearly 30 years and agree the caravanner was a total idiot, but I treat everyone like an idiot when I've driving.
    You learn to second guess what people are going to do and it's a lot easier to back off and let an idiot in than to fill out an accident report back at the office.
    Just my opinion.
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  5. Tom A. added a post in a topic DSG experiences sought   

    I've just got rid of a Passat 140tdi with 6 speed dsg.
    Gearbox is fantastic when working but my car had covered 180000 miles and had a new box fitted at 130000 miles. Got the receipts when I bought the car and cost was just short of £5000.
    Box started playing up again at 180000 so I swapped it in.
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  6. Tom A. added an answer to a question Thetford fridge door.   

    Just an update on this. Managed to get a brand new door off ebay for £50.
    Fitting a piece of cake. Jut got to put the van up for sale now.
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  7. Tom A. added a post in a topic What did you want to do jobwise?....and what did you end up doing?   

    Good topic Geoff.
    i always wanted to be a mechanic but was told at school I was too intelligent for that.
    Ended up being told by so called careers advisor that an apprenticeship in a local factory was the best thing for me.
    I did my time as a sheet metalworker/plater and hated every minute of it. I got made redundant along with 4 others when we finished our apprenticeship and took anything on offer which was driving a 7.5 tonner delivering frozen foods.
    Passed my hgv in 1988 and been driving ever since.
    Do I enjoy it ? Not at all but I work for a great company and I consider my job to be near the top for hgv drivers. I work for Waitrose.
    Looking back I wish I'd gone into the building trade of some form
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  8. Tom A. added an answer to a question Thetford fridge door.   

    Sorry it's a silver grey colour.
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  9. Tom A. added a question in Workshop   

    Thetford fridge door.
    While travelling with the van an item inside moved and has put a big scratch along the fridge door.
    I've priced a new one at £135. It's a Thetford N112 with a curved black door. Has anyone had one repaired and if so who did it and what was the finished job like ?
    Thanks in advance.
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  10. Tom A. added a post in a topic Best T&T Rally venue ever?   

    Not done many and I know it says in the UK but Brissac Quince was brilliant.
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  11. Tom A. added a post in a topic Anyone know anything about Kia Sorento rear axle recall   

    We had big problems with corrosion where the link bars were attached but apart from that never heard anything.
    Wasn't a recall when we had it repaired.
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  12. Tom A. added a post in a topic How Do You Put A Fitted Sheet On A Fixed Bed Against A Wall   

    We have a 514 and always end up standing the mattress up on the floor, fitting the sheets and then lifting it back on.
    Pain in the ar$e but it works for us.
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  13. Tom A. added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Euro Disney tickets
    We are taking two of the grandkids to France in July and plan to visit Euro Disney for a couple of days.
    Does anyone know the best place to buy tickets ?
    I've had a look on line and prices are roughly £100 each for a 2 day 2 park ticket.
    Thanks in advance.
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  14. Tom A. added a post in a topic What sort of costs for storing a caravan in France   

    Hi Mark.
    We're leaving ours for 5 weeks in August.
    It's costing €60.
    Here's a link to the storage facility.
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  15. Tom A. added a post in a topic Battery charging   

    Hi Anne. Welcome to T&T.
    I'm no expert and I'm sure they'll be along soon, but I think if you look in the battery compartment and find the +ve and -ve cables that connect to the battery and connect a volt meter to these you should get a reading when plugged into electric.
    Hope this makes sense.
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