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  1. dally added a post in a topic Camping cheques   

    Yep, Let them know you'll be paying with Camping Cheques when you arrive. You pay the day before you leave so you can stay as long as you intended or more or less. Only ever booked one site in advance as the Tour De France was due through but did'nt need to in the end.

    We find them easy to use and the 7 for 6 offers are very good. Having said that we fancy the ACSI scheme, seems far more flexable because once you have the cheques you need to use them at some point or they can go out of date.

    The other reason we like them is the ferry prices, I don't know how they stack against ACSI but against the CC the're miles cheaper.
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  2. dally added a post in a topic Anybody just back from Europe?   

    It will be as expensive as you want it to be I reckon.

    I love France because of the place it is. I'm not keen on their beer as I drink Crabbies, Bitter or Strongbow so I take them all with me. Food is the same, you can spend a fortune or take some with you and only buy what you need. If you buy your fuel at a supermarket and it's diesel then it's still cheaper over there than here.

    Go out of season and use camping cheques and your quids in compared to over here. We have just done 3 weeks in France applying all of the above, came home and had actually saved money so we're off again 1st week in September for 2 more weeks with camping cheque and ferry, £240

    We were going to stay over here but it's so expensive. 4 nights at Crystal Palace, over £100.

    I enjoy the French culture and it doesn't have to cost the earth.
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  3. dally added a post in a topic Thirsk Racecourse   

    Hi Claire.

    Just got back from Thirsk racecourse site. I don't think you will have any problems at all with a long and large motorhome.
    ours is 7.5 metres. plenty of room to manoeuvre, easy access from the A61 and it's just 6 miles of easy road from the A1 junction.

    It's an all grass site. 10 minutes into the heart of the town with 2 supermarkets right on your doorstep. Perfect really.

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  4. dally added a post in a topic Bit of a dilemma !   

    Looks like your the only one who's had this problem mate.

    For me, I would say, take it on the chin, cancel P+O, take the camping cheque sailing and sell the cheques.
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  5. dally added a post in a topic planning a CS in pub grounds   

    If your still short of information then perhaps you could talk to a landlord who already has an attached site.

    I'm off this weekend to Birley Arms http://www.thebirleyarmshotel.co.uk/ they have a site on there.

    This looks like a winner to me, I've been a couple of times and really enjoyed it and it's always been full. I can imagine that there a lot of people out there who would be interested in pubs with caravan sites.
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  6. dally added a post in a topic Success for the Manchester caravan and motorhome show   

    I have to say that the extra people there was very noticeable. Getting into caravans for a good look around was difficult.
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  7. dally added a post in a topic Win tickets to Manchester Caravan & Motorhome Show   

    Just like to thank Mark for the tickets . Once again had a great day out. A couple of hours in Wetherspoons then a wander round the show followed by a long rest back in Wetherspoons before a leisurely tea at the eat all you can Chinese buffet across the road.

    It all adds up to a great weekend, meeting old friends again.
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  8. dally added a post in a topic Win tickets to Manchester Caravan & Motorhome Show   

    Cheers Mark and Sonja. Tickets arrived this morning. We always enjoy our day in Manchester.

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  9. dally added a post in a topic Win tickets to Manchester Caravan & Motorhome Show   

    Hi Mark and Sonja.

    PM sent,I would like to enter the competition. Entry 2

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  10. dally added a post in a topic The Birley Arms Hotel And Cl   

    This site is a little gem. We have been here a few times and we love it. Food at the pub is fantastic, one of our favourite sites.
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  11. dally added a post in a topic Brittany Ferries/Camping Cheques Good Offers   

    Just to add to this.

    I have an outstanding ferry booking with the Caravan Club and have recently changed our caravan for a motorhome. I rang the CC to amend our booking and they wanted an extra premium of £200 making a total of £470 So I cancelled.

    Got straight on the phone to Camping Cheques, order the same sailing with 3 camping cheques and got the lot for £248

    I could afford to throw the cheques away if I wanted but as we plan to use camping cheques next year, well, I'm already ahead.
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  12. dally added a post in a topic Fiat Jeeps   

    Thats a bit of a coincidence, coz next week I'm changing my Jeep for a Fiat.
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  13. dally added a post in a topic Things we learned........   

    I have a posh van, but I'm still a peasant.
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  14. dally added a post in a topic POI's for campingsites   

    Great stuff Archie

    Very much appreciated by us.
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  15. dally added a post in a topic Who's Who At The Rally   

    Hi all, We have never been on a T&T rally yet but are definately going on the one in October.

    We are me (Dally) Stewart, 42 and a drayman for S&N

    She is, Sandra (five days older than me) Got real stick when she turned 30 and I was still in my 20s. A checkout supervisor at Morrisons.

    We have 2 girls. Emma 18, won't come with us, no street cred and Nicola 15, a vanner of the future.

    We started caravanning in 2004 with an Ace Jubilee Ambassador and then with a Swift Charisma 555. We now have a Ace Supreme Twinstar and we love it.

    Since becoming vanners we have had loads of long and short breaks in it including 3 weeks in France last year. Definately the best holiday I've had.
    We do a lot of rallies with Tom A and Sue (usually taking Tom becouse we feel sorry for him).
    I don't want to wish my life away but I look forward to a time when we will have more time to enjoy our hobby.
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