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  1. Rodders added a post in a topic Only caravans with motor movers accepted   

    Next it will be certain types of caravan , no tandem axles .Blue curtains , sat dishes on top .
    Nothing to see here , move along
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  2. Rodders added a post in a topic Campervan DIY Kitchen Idea   

    Sorry it has taken time for the the forum to get back to you ,
    With regard to insurance, I would guess the broker is confusing repairs with modifications ,
    Just make it clear you are repairing and refurbishing and you may get a positive answer .
    As for rebuilding kitchen area , modifying off the shelf kitchen units may be an answer.
    Perhaps more detail of campervan and what you want to achieve.
    Go on YouTube and look for Wheeler Dealers VW campervan ,might get a couple of ideas there
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  3. Rodders added an answer to a question Brand of microwave oven   

    As I said, I opted for the Tesco one , perfect fit looks the same as the OEM one,complete with pseudo stainless steel trim ,and at £89 , didn't break the bank
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  4. Rodders added a post in a topic I need a new tow car .   

    How many forum members are there ? Bacause that is the number of opinions you will get.
    For what it's worth,we have gone through a number of cars ,all with long rear over hang ,and even with a correctly loaded caravan, stability has never been 100% ,
    Now a Tiguan with short overhang ,stability is 100%
    So I would be looking at a car with a short rear overhang. After that ,brand is totally personal.
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  5. Rodders added a post in a topic Windbreaks - Surely the marmite of the camping world   

    Battlements on order
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  6. Rodders added an answer to a question Brand of microwave oven   

    Managed to get to the microwave last week and found out it was similar to this
    Unable to find a supplier or any other info . BUT
    Tesco had this
    Perfect fit , problem solved , and at a guess a lot less expensive
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  7. Rodders added a post in a topic Windbreaks - Surely the marmite of the camping world   

    I used to only use a wind break on the beach , but I am now getting a” my space” mentality .
    Last year in Black Knowl  , we were pitched close to a picket fence , and some lazy caravanners  to idle  to walk around the path would cross directly behind the caravan , in one case tripping on the waste hose and dislodging it from the drain .I eventually strung a “washing line “ to deter this from happening again .
    In France we have a regular pitch at a caravan site we have been using for a number of years .
    The pitch boundary at a low wall facing the Dordogne river , adjacent to our pitch is the gate to access the beach on the river , and on a number of occasions whilst sitting close to the wall reading etc , people have just  sauntered in-between us and   the awning stepping over guy lines  to get to the gate , I would not do it , I feel you are entering personal space when you short cut across someone’s pitch .
    So this year a wind break will be placed to cut draughts on the BBQ , and if it happens to block the short cut , so be it  

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  8. Rodders added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Thinking of getting new Marquis motorhome , read this
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  9. Rodders added a question in Workshop   

    Brand of microwave oven
    The caravan is a bit inaccessible at present , just back from Easter away , and microwave oven is kaput ,so I can’t get to removing the oven right now , any one know the maker of ovens fitted to Explorer group caravans around 8/10 years ago .
    Otherwise , I can see some adjustments on the horizon , to fit in a standard domestic unit as the OEM has a bezel surround to hide brackets etc .
    Please keep to subject , as we have no intention of doing away with the Microwave .
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  10. Rodders added a post in a topic EASTER   

    After last nights heavy rain through Norfolk , Thetford Forest CMC site was very waterlogged .
    So we decided to pack up early and head back home , and that was a good move .
    Thetford Forest to SE London , NO SPEEDING , just on 2 hrs . the trip up to the site took over 3.5 hrs .
    Unfortunately , this morning we witnessed a melt down between a club member and a Warden , It appears to have started a few days ago when the member thought he had booked a hard standing pitch , and the warden said impossible , first come first served, no pre booking of particular type pitches other than serviced  ( news to me ) , so the guy ended up on a grass pitch.
    On  trying to leave this morning , the guy managed to bog his motorhome down, I offered to help pull him out if he could get hold of a tow rope .
    That’s when it fell to bits . Apparently he went to the site warden to ask/demand  to borrow a tow rope , which the warden did not have , so that and the problem with the pitch ended up with a row by his motorhome , It eventually calmed down , and with a few strong shoulders we got the motorhome moving , the problem was the guy had 2 settings on the throttle, off and full , and no amount of coaching got him to ease  off , this ended up with 2 deep tram lines from his pitch to the harder ground, I had initially sided with the member until I saw his driving manner and a long conversation with the warden   , as you might expect , the warden was not impressed . I get the feeling this member might not be a member next year ,he  as was a new member only  this year (according to the warden later  and so far had only visited 3 sites (    data protection ?).
    The warden is now considering closing all the grass pitches for the time being due to the poor conditions.
    Us, no application of power , very slippery grass , pulled off no problem engine in idle .

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  11. Rodders added a post in a topic EASTER   

    Thetford forest, non stop rain so far 
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  12. Rodders added a post in a topic First trip away tomorrow   

    Yup we are off to Thetford Forest CMC site  for Easter .
    Caravan will get a wash and brush up this w/e
    Last couple of weekends , new PSU fitted , gas fire refitted due to poor installation at factory , fuse for w/c flush relocated to better position , all systems tested , with heating getting top priority ,due to yet another cold spell on the way .

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  13. Rodders added a post in a topic Cheap Holidays? Yeah !!   

    The gist of this thread is the relative value of caravanning .
    It’s  difficult to quantify exact comparative costs , our 3 week trip to the Dordogne costs in the region   of £1500/2000 that’s all in except factoring in the cost of the caravan , and the last time I worked out the total cost of a caravan was when we had a Rambler back in the late 80s , it cost in total  less than £100 year , for around  10 years use .
    Having just spent over £2000 for week in the Canaries , I can imagine a 3 week trip would be out our price range .
    Caravanning means to us . sleeping in our own beds , our own fresh sheets , choosing our food , not being stung for the cost of wine at the table and in our case staying in a quiet corner of France where kids and teenagers behave with respect to those around them .
    We have never given a second thought to having any other type of main holiday.
    With regard to CMC sites , , 1 week in a club site in the New Forest , north of £200. A week in the Orchards IOW , including ferries around £170.
    Guess where I will be autumn  half term with grandson
    Just wish my cars depreciated at the same rate as the caravans

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  14. Rodders added a post in a topic Brain fade with meds AGAIN !!   

    Yes you could be correct , not that I smoke , but I seem to remember import of ciggies is limited to to same as from outside Europe
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  15. Rodders added a post in a topic Brain fade with meds AGAIN !!   

    A bit of an update
    Claimed for late delivery , and as you might suspect , the claim was rejected for :-
    A/ Parcel force can’t be responsible for delays in customs , err , the leaflet explaining what “global Express “ can do , was explicit in saying packages will be delivered in 48 hrs , when plainly , whatever is in the package , it will be delayed in customs ( so much for open borders ). Also pointing their agent , Post Office Counters should not have recommended  Global Express as a means of getting package to me quickly  .
    B/ Medication is excluded , but only due to being considered perishable , my meds have a shelf live in excess of 2 years  .No mention of Spanish regs
    So having  had our claim rejected , I resubmitted it making the points above , but also heading the letter “ Letter Before Action “ in which I gave them 14 days to cough up , or I will issue a claim via MCOL adding additional costs for postage , wasted time etc, naming Parcel Force and Post Office Counters as joint defendants
    And what do you know !!
    A cheque in settlement arrived yesterday morning
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