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  1. Rodders added a post in a topic Cooking with gas   

    After each cooking session I always disconnect the gas ,at home with the BBQ ,or the portable we use with the caravan, firstly for safety , and having lost a full cylinder of gas due to leaking regulator, to save loss of gas, the caravan supply is only connected when pitched otherwise switched off
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  2. Rodders added a post in a topic good speak for car manufacturer   

    It would be interesting as to  what the issue was with the car , causing a total recall and not just a repair
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  3. Rodders added a post in a topic Awning pegs   

    I am ,sitting on the banks of the Dordogne
    Watching the gabares sailing past . thinking of a cold beer later.
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  4. Rodders added a post in a topic Awning pegs   

    Ah sorry thought it was per peg doh
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  5. Rodders added a post in a topic Awning pegs   

    Not sure the maths work , don't you mean 25p each
    in defence of the kampa ones, a driving socket is included and the screws have hooks for awning rubbers 
    So at £1 each I am happy
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  6. Rodders added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Awning pegs
    I got fed up crawling around the edge of the awning knocking in pegs , and my knees are not getting younger .
    saw  these
    And decided to give them a try , FANTASTIC , awning pegged down in half of the time , and knees fine , all you need is a good battery drill ( most of us now have one for corner steadies )If you have access to an impact driver , even better ,
    Can not give them a higher reccomendation .
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  7. Rodders added a topic in While you are away   

    French fuel price (diesel) 11 July
    Locally  around €1.41 Ltr
    Auitoroute around €1.65 Ltr
    Depending on exchange rate , a bit more than home
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  8. Rodders added a post in a topic Its getting close !! countdown started   

    Very quiet here , appears to be some football match that the French are interested in , something about preferring a eastern european team ,no idea what they are on about
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  9. Rodders added a post in a topic Its getting close !! countdown started   

    Now sitting in rest area just north of Brieve 0900 local
    Nice cuppa 80 miles or so to go ,then some serious relaxation 
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  10. Rodders added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Sad Sight
    Southbound M11 at about  0830 , in-between  Duxford and Stanstead
    Overturned car and caravan , the car , a Ford Ranger , the caravan , not sure , may even been a fifth wheel  as it was quite large , large low loader artic nearby , may have been for pick up . or …..
    Glad to see the couple nearby on the hard shoulder  appearing to be uninjured .
    That was the start of a bad day for M11 , later , overturned lorry and a car fire to complete the mess
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  11. Rodders added a post in a topic Its getting close !! countdown started   

    19 days total , evening shuttle , drive to Orleans or thereabouts , over night , in full services , bit of noise but under lights and CCTV . arrive Camping La Plage  La Roque Gageac  lunchtime , set up then beer
    Coming back , more or less reverse , 1 night here
     Then  midday shuttle back , and start planning 2019
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  12. Rodders added a post in a topic Books again   

    I had the complete Sherlock Holmes on my last Kindle , read most , then sat on the Kindle , so just downloaded the books again , best part is that it is free ,
    I also tend to go back and re read books from a few years ago .
    A good read , from the early 1940s , Rogue Male and Rogue Justice by Geoffrey Household  .spy/fugitive theme

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  13. Rodders added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Its getting close !! countdown started
    Cover comes off today and deep cleaning and polishing starts ,
    3 full weekends for prep , checking and loading without rushing , hopefully not forgetting things , spreadsheet tick list printed up and ready to ticked as loading is carried out
    SWIMBO watching pills being sorted after the mess I made of the Grand Canaira trip forgetting one of the important ones
    So in 2 weeks and 3 days I will be supping a cool beer alongside the Dordogne .
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  14. Rodders added a post in a topic Tom Tom issues   

    Well since running the update,nothing has improved,still dropping out every few minutes,
    Unless there is an external reason such as solar interference,then the GPS receiver is failing, and it is hand in pocket time.
    Irritating ,as my original TT ,the big fat one ,still picks up up signals quickly, just that the LCD screen has failed to almost blank ,just a faint picture
    The £50 live traffic subs are the fee before the endless discount e-mail offers received 
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  15. Rodders added a topic in Computer Corner   

    Tom Tom issues
    I  am having issues with my Tom Tom  Go Live .
    I have had it for about 5 years , the live traffic function has long since timed out , as £50 pa for renewal is expensive .so when traffic is an issue I resort to Waze , but then I have to use the car charger to keep the battery topped up on my phone
    The issue is , losing contact with GPS satellites, this can be for up to half an hour , and is not related to being in a built up area , or in a tunnel .
    I have just carried out an update of maps and firmware , and hopefully this should do the trick .
    In the event the TT us still unreliable , I have been looking at possible replacements . I do like the way TT works so am leaning towards that brand .
    BUT I have not closed my mind to others .
    TT live used to be stand alone , not needing a smart phone link , to keep traffic updates coming in , and they were very accurate .
    But the newer versions of sat navs appear to require a Bluetooth link to the smart phone to get traffic updates .
    So my questions , will a smart phone link to the car Bluetooth , and to the sat nav at the same time . How resource and battery hungry is the link .and how reliable are traffic updates
    Or simply , as I have unlimited data on my smart phone , do I just carry on and use Waze
    Finally , anyone used successfully  Waze in France , navigating down to post code level

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