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  1. Rodders added a post in a topic French healthcare good , Calais port yuk   

    Spoke too soon , just received a bill from the hospital for €275 , so either travel ins Co or DWP . O well . Just hope our hospitals are as robust sending out invoices , yea right !!
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  2. Rodders added a topic in While you are away   

    Next new year sites already fully booked

    Spent our after Christmas break at Hunters Moon site Wareham , not bad but a bit isolated for walking out to local towns etc , so we decided to go back to Broadway ,O dear  already fully booked for after Christmas 2018 break , so second choice Morton in the Marsh is now booked , need to act sooner next year .Not given up though , spoke to central bookings and they suggested , keep calling to check cancelations , and they can transfer booking.

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  3. Rodders added a question in Workshop   

    Awning "window " damaged
    Just come back from an after Christmas break at Hunters Moon CC site .The weather was a bit blustery to say the least .
    The consequence if the high winds was a piece of debris struck the plastic window leaving a small puncture/slit  in the window about  1cm long , any suggestions on how to repair , at present the best we can come up with is a weather  proof semi opaque adhesive  tape ,
    Should have Googled first , nevertheless for the information of you all
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  4. Rodders added a topic in Tow Cars   

    VW issues , time to move on ?

    I have been “loyal “ to VW Cars for the last 9 years ,each with about 3 years ownership , and am now losing faith.
    Starting with a new Passat , multiple problems , including , central locking , Parking brake , and the infamous injector problem .
    We then moved on to a manual Tiguan, straight after 3 year warrantee ended  , Failed sat nav , VW offered part payment of £700 leaving us to pay the other £700 , needless to say a quick look at Ebay and £500 got us a later version , We then took out an extended warrantee , and had a failed a/c compressor replaced , followed by a failed water pump .
    Our latest Tiguan , so far has had a split air cleaner replaced , a crankshaft oil seal replaced(gearbox out job) , is due for front suspension bush replacement ( Normal wear and tear!!  ) this  at 34000 miles ! needless to say extended warrantee is being done , although I wonder if refusing to have emission update is going to be an issue.
    Perhaps we are just unlucky

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  5. Rodders added a topic in While you are away   

    French healthcare good , Calais port yuk
    Having been taken ill in Calais on Sunday , I have nothing but praise for the French health system
    After a stupidly early start Sunday morning , we took a P&O ferry to Calais (£32 with 6bottles of Banrock station thrown in )
    I was in the throws of a heavy cold and had not slept well for a couple of days , having done our wine and food shopping , we stopped for a bite of lunch , that is when it all caught up on me . I started to feel odd , and light headed , next thing I woke up with Cite Europe first responders checking me out .
    They took my previous history ( hard going due to our limited French ) but what did get through was 3 previous heart attacks .
    For them, that set the alarm bells ringing  , and an ambulance was called and I was  carted off to the Calais Hospital .
    For 12 hours I was subjected to a barrage of tests ,ECG , Blood, BP etc and the upshot of it was likely fatigue and nothing else .
    The E111 worked fine , and I was given a referral letter , copy of all the test results , and discharged . I was expecting some sort of invoice for the treatment , but it was just like the NHS at home , FOC
    So at midnight we left the hospital to join the queue for the delayed ferries , due to the grounding of a ship earlier in the day at the port entrance , finally boarding at around 0245 .port information was all but non existent.
    Out Son , who was with us but  in his car had  left earlier ,and  had been waiting over 6hours at the port , in the end we ended up on the same sailing .
    Finally getting home in the early hours of Monday morning
    A weekend to forget
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  6. Rodders added a topic in While you are away   

    Caravan and motohome club getting pricey ?

    I know the answer to this is “no Brainer “
    BUT ,A 5 night stay at Black Knowl CC site on serviced pitch  £200 and change , A 5 night stay at Orchards IOW on serviced pitch  £170 ish , This includes ferry , and Orchards has a pool .
    Am I missing something . Black Knowl has just had  total makeover ( to a very high standard )but Orchards is equally as good  .

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  7. Rodders added a topic in While you are away   

    Sleeping comfort

    We would love a fixed bed caravan , but due to space restrictions a 2 berth with a maximum length body of 4.6 m  is all we can fit on our drive .
    When caravanning as a couple (ie no grandson ) we leave the bed made up as a double  and live in the awning summer and winter .singles are out of the question !
    The seat cushions are now , we feel. starting to get a bit compressed in the areas where we sleep , and due to this some discomfort occurs and  we are not getting the best nights sleep waking with backache  ,age may have something to do  with this as well !
    So my thoughts turned to alternatives , a mattress from a normal bed or perhaps an inflatable  mattress , leaving cushions at home .
    Has anyone tried such a change ?

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  8. Rodders added a post in a topic Last trip of the year ...   

    Just packing for half term break with grandson in New Forest, and true to form,weather rubbish, but as the saying goes,no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothes
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  9. Rodders added a post in a topic Welcome WilliamKent   

    Not a lot to do with Touring or Tenting here
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  10. Rodders added a post in a topic Last trip of the year ...   

    We have 2 lined up , Black Knowl for half term to let grandson have some quality time in the forest.
    Then  Wareham in Dorset CC day after boxing day for a wind down after Christmas
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  11. Rodders added a post in a topic Carver Motor mover   

    On mine you have to switch off battery master switch,and then switch on again ,I think there may be some sort of auto shut down to stop accidental operation,
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  12. Rodders added a post in a topic Sleeping in 2 berth caravan   

    We tend to make up the bed as a double with duvet and topper and leave it made up,then in summer eat and relax in the full awning 
    In winter so long as it is not too cold do the same but use the half awning ,and warm with a fan heater and warm clothing.Except that is when grandson comes with us then it has to be inner tent ,and at first it was making and putting away a double,this year we are going to try singles with just sleeping bags
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  13. Rodders added an answer to a question Butane phased out ?   

    strange ,I seem to remember reading of problems with bulkhead regulators years ago when they were first introduced,the problems attributed to sediment in the liquid gas 
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  14. Rodders added a post in a topic Detached caravans   

    I am in the same situation with my Tiguan , factory fit hideaway tow ball with no facility for the breakaway cable , so looped around the tow ball . AND very careful to ensure hitch up is secure , and fit security lock
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  15. Rodders added an answer to a question Butane phased out ?   

    Has there been any reply from Calor ? out of interest only , as I think I will just stay with propane all year
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