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  1. Rodders added a post in a topic good speak for car manufacturer   

    Ah , but I am still curious as why the orginal car was recalled , was it linked to problems highlighted above?
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  2. Rodders added a post in a topic Welcome whitedog   

    Hi white dog ,sparkyrjp here
    Or. Rodders
    This is the support page for Powrtouch , I had not noticed it is for a later controler , but the mechanics are the same as older units, and setup is the same
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  3. Rodders added a question in Workshop   

    An answer to damaged A frame cover
    The A frame cover on our caravan has seen better days ,
    Being made of a flimsy plastic moulding it does not take knocks well , and as a result had a number of chunks knocked out .
    These I repaired with a fibre glass repair kit , the repairs increased the strength of the moulding , and made it resistant to being damaged , and after completing the process below I testes the strength to destruction, which took a lot of effort !
    This got me thinking , and having sourced a new A frame cover , and a large fibre repair kit .
    I have re enforced the edge of the new cover  on the inside with fibre glass and 2 pack resin and the result is a strong lower edge to the cover .The re enforcement is hidden so the cover looks pristine
    Below , a few pics showing the process , starting with the old cover .
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  4. Rodders added a post in a topic NEW CARAVAN   

    I have blown air heating , and for a number of years felt in winter it was struggling ,and used to supplement the electricity with gas to aid quicker warm up .
    There is a control lever near the heater and I always thought it was to open and shut to supply to the awning vent .
    Then one day I did a very strange thing , I read the instructions   and found , in fact it was to switch the heating from recirculating the air  , to pulling in fresh air .
    So starting with recirculating , then switching to fresh . result in a quicker warm up and a toasty caravan

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  5. Rodders added an answer to a question Hybrid motor mover   

    I think I have got to the bottom of the motor mover  issues .
    Whilst thinking about a change of controller , I thought I would replace the drive rollers , the rough surface on each one was getting polished and less effective .
    So with a new pair of rollers I set about replacing the old ones , Not quite a simple as Powrtouch (Truma) would have you believe , their instructions with pictures showed the work on a brand new drive roller set .
    In real life corrosion due to dissimilar metals (aluminium and steel ) meant the old bearings were well and truly stuck in , some gentle persuasion with a Manchester screwdriver , and the old rollers and bearings were removed .
    Then I found the problem , one roller was stiff with well worn bearings , the other was all but seized .
    New rollers , re greasing cogs , adjusting clearance , and at last a caravan that moves smoothly on command .

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  6. Rodders added a post in a topic good speak for car manufacturer   

    Any update as to the reason the car was recalled
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  7. Rodders added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Disaster for campers and caravanners in France
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  8. Rodders added a post in a topic Sad Sight   

    Once again a sad sight .
    This time right in the middle of the Dartford Bridge , this time it was an elderly motorhome , rear end totally destroyed by fire.
    It looks as though the occupants were ok though , a lady and her dog sitting on the Armco  attended by all 3 emergency services .

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  9. Rodders added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    We have just crunched some numbers , and Our trip to France has cost the same as , or even a bit less than the same number of nights in Cornwall  , we chose a typical site near Polzeath ( an area we know well) ,
    And that is all expenses calculated , fuel , site fees , tolls (France).
    Parking in France is generally free or very cheap , SO no brainer , the only higher expense  is  food shopping , but as French stick to local produce ,and are particular ,  quality is high
    2019 booked , even though we are still here .

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  10. Rodders added an answer to a question Hybrid motor mover   

    The mover is OEM , cables "should" be ok , the battery is directly adjct to control unit , so little or no losses there , peak reading volt meter shows low volt drop at battery and control unit , so control unit suspect
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  11. Rodders added an answer to a question Hybrid motor mover   

    I with keep that in mind , I would only need controller,if i do replace.
    I have since  found the circuit diagram plus other information, so some adjustments and tests to do .I now know the unit should  cut out at a battery voltage less than 10v ,but from previous tests, the voltage is always better than that. So battery  can be eliminated as a problem.
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  12. Rodders added a question in Workshop   

    Hybrid motor mover
    I have a powertouch  mover fitted , and a known issue is being very sensitive to battery voltage, 
    The slightest dip, and it cuts out ,the direction button had to be pressed again , irritating
    I have seen on eBay a couple of control boxes one stand alone , one complete with motors of which one has  stripped gears .
    Thinking is to replace controller with one from different brand.
    Being a retired electrician, i have obviously carried out a number of tests and concluded it is a controller issue, complete new mover is a bit ott ,so looking at hybridisation
    So, has anyone done such a conversion.
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  13. Rodders added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    The deed is done
    Next year booked , same pitch, same place , same time , ish 
    Not even finished this trip yet and looking forward to next year
    Talk about getting your ducks in a row 
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  14. Rodders added a post in a topic good speak for car manufacturer   

    Electrical fire , back wheels coming loose ,serious engine problems , long bargepole comes to mind
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  15. Rodders added a post in a topic In car cool boxes
    Not cheap , but this is the ultimate  in cool boxes , run on mains to pre cool ,
    then in the car from 12v , we have 2 , one is used for the trip down in France , and once pre cooled , or even down to freezing , it will keep food and drinks icey cold , even when not connected to power for 6 hrs or more. when on site we have 2side by side  ,the boxes  easily exceed the performance of the caravan fridge .
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