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  1. Del added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Greetings from The Med
    Greetings peeps from southern Med. Been here in Malta now for almost 3 years and things I miss most
    Long Drives

    Things going well here but still miss caravaning and especialy the Delta 640 but on an island 40k long and temps in mid 30's not a lot of point.
    Enjoy keeping up to date with caravaning at touring and tenting.
    Summer starting here so getting busy .
    Any members planning to visit would be great to hear from you
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  2. Del added a post in a topic Caravan Vs another HGV   

    Come to Malta and drive here, Uk driving is tame compared yet we have far fewer accidents
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  3. Del added a post in a topic Windows to Mac   

    I use Open Office, compatible with office and free to download on windows or mac
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  4. Del added a topic in Computer Corner   

    Windows to Mac
    After years using laptops with windows have converted to Mac. Was very happy with XP but onwards seemed to be 1 step forwareds and 2 back and final straw was 8.1. Using a Mac is a new thing and not windows based (a positive) and have learned several new things. Taking things at a steady pace and as of yet not disapointed.
    Anyone else taken the plunge
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  5. Del added a post in a topic What is your earliest memory?   

    Used to love it, we would explore the forest, walk into Aberfoyle though the forest in the evening then back along the old railwayline. Sundays would be up early walk through the forest then back for breakfast. If weather was good would go for a swim in the forth before dinner and then walk up to gartmore before leaving around 6pm for drive home.
    Remember that the toilets were called "abolutions"
    Happy days
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  6. Del added a post in a topic What is your earliest memory?   

    Earliest memories in a caravan was with my Grand parents in the mid 1960,s . caravan was a Farehome ( or similair spelling) pure luxury at the time. No Electric, water pump, fridgeor heating . But grandfather installed 12v lighting which was pure luxury . Used to go to Aberfoyle in the Trosachs ech weekend from April till October and was pure heaven. Felt like a millionaire .
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  7. Del added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Christmas Greetings From The Med
    Wishing all forum members old and new a very merry Christmas. It's over 2 years since I exchanged the full time caravan life in the UK for a new life here in Malta. Enjoying the life here , not wall to wall sunshine here but I knew that prior to the move. Currently here it is Round 12 degrees at night and 18 in daytime but with the high humidity feels very cold and with our location here we are prone to severe srorms in winter and temps up to 40 in summer.
    Have to admit miss the full time caravan life and weakening up to deep snow in winter. Don't miss keeping water and drains freezing in winter. We have quite a few caravans over here , mostly UK spec as we drive on the left .. Although have to admit wouldn't want to be in a caravan in the summer sun here as must be like an oven
    Anyway to those new and old on the forum merry Christmas and enjoy your vans
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  8. Del added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Are caravans getting soft
    Just been back to the UK for 2 weeks which was great. However couldnt believe how many caravans I saw being towed with front covers. Got me wondering if caravans are becomming soft. All my vans were water proof and a simple sponge done (less than 5 mins and the front was clean again. Never suffered broke front windows or dents in the front in over 20 years of all weather towing, so what is the great apeal of these front covers?
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  9. Del added a post in a topic Cold spell a coming   

    Spent 3 years in the caravan where tempretures dropped bellow -10 on several occasions and never had a cold night . Now in Malta and watching weather in Britain with amazement, when will UK prepare for weather conditions.
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  10. Del added a post in a topic Full timing in a caravan.   

    i spent 2 years semi permanent vanning and last 18 months fulltime in the van i loved it and saw tempretures as low as -19 but was always cosy and warm . quickly learned though that you have to plan, in winter make sure you empty waste water when icy and have all water pipes lagged on really cold nights i left cupboard doors slightly open to avoid cold spots. low times were dark widy and rainy winter nights, 1st night it would be lovely listening to the rain on the roof, after 5 nights with sleep disturbed by rain gets a bit much
    changed circumstances and van is gone and i am back in bricks and mortar . i fully enjoyed my time in the van and if i was on my own would do it again although think i would get a 5th wheeler
    all the best
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  11. Del added a post in a topic Due to go but can't attach tow ball   

    Had a similair problem earlier this year, sprayed plenty of penetrating oil and a bit of ataching and detaching and all was well again. used the detachable for 7 years without problems before this
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  12. Del added a post in a topic Going, Going , Gone   

    thanks needed the support
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  13. Del added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Going, Going , Gone
    hi peeps
    had a great time here sharing experiences and chatting about caravans Well time has come, car gone, caravan gone and now Del soon gone. just finishing the packing and will be heading shortly for the plane to Malta.. new start for a new life , going to miss the caravan as it has been home for past year but a new begining.. I wish you all happy caravaning
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  14. Del added a post in a topic selling up   

    Just had a call moving date brought forward , never realised that there was so much to do. Got flights booked , but so many other things to tidy up. Reduced van £5600, getting nrevous but dreaming of the new life ahead
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  15. Del added a post in a topic selling up   

    the old buses are gone . service is now run by arriva although a lot of their buses are old London bendi buses, they also have old and new chinese built buses
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