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    I love having the amenities from home at my campsite and some of the most important ones are the furniture you might use at your week or two away from home.  The first piece of furniture and probably the most important is the table we use when eating, playing cards reading or relaxing.  We are a big family and we always have between 6-10 people with us when traveling and to be honest we love having barbeques and large banquet style dinners!  We have always purchased plastic tables to use when camping and caravanning and Im just going to go over the benefits that we have found from using the single piece tops or the fold in half tops. Here are examples of a Plastic Folding Tables that fold in half and others that dont.

    Single Piece Plastic Table Tops

    The main benefit we have found using these tables is they are much more sturdy that the centre folds and can hold much more weight.  They are a very robust table and last much longer than the centre folds.  The negative points of these tables are that they are much bigger as they dont fold in half and because of their folded size feel heavier because you sometimes need a strong man to move them or two not so strong people.  

    Fold in Half Plastic Table Tops

    We have found that while the centre fold table is very easy to use and folds small the only downside is that it is not as sturdy or as strong as the single piece tops.  If you will be using this lightly or dont really add much heavy weight to a table then this version is definitely the choice to make.  Otherwise go with the single piece top.

    If anyone else has seen any other funky tables for camping and has used them please comment or add a post I always like checking out some sweet furniture.





  1. [url=""]Recipe is on BBC Good Food [/url]
    Need one pastry case and
    For the filling
    400ml/14fl oz double cream
    few drops vanilla extract
    100g/3½oz caster sugar
    400g/14oz dark chocolate, approx 70 per cent cocoa solids
    50g/2oz butter

    Bring the cream, vanilla extract and sugar slowly to the boil in a pan.
    Break the chocolate and butter into pieces and place into a large bowl. 
    Pour over the cream mixture and whisk slowly until the chocolate has melted and the mixture is smooth.
    Pour the chocolate mixture into a pastry tart case and leave to cool. Place in the fridge to set for two hours. [list]

    [url=""]Topping is from this recipe [/url]
    but English measurements are
    8 ounces/ 227g mascarpone cheese
    178 ml or 6 fl oz double cream
    2 ounces granulated sugar 
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
    In a medium bowl, combine the mascarpone, cream, sugar, and vanilla. Using an electric mixer, beat on low speed until almost smooth, 30  to 60  seconds. Increase the speed to medium high and beat until the mixture is thick and holds firm peaks, another 30 to 60  seconds. Don’t overbeat.
    With a rubber or metal spatula, spread the topping over the chocolate filling, leaving lots of swirls and peaks. Serve the tart right away or cover loosely and refrigerate, in the pan, for up to 4 hours.
    For information 1 American cup measurement = 8 ounces or 8 fl ounces
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    Hi all,

    We are looking to purchase a caravan and looking at some on eBay and come across one or two which are halestone damaged, the damage looks incredibly light? What does this hale stone damage actually mean or is it just simply what it says on the tin?

    When looking around a caravan we have been advised to take a damp meter, can you spot if a caravan has had any flood damage?

    Thank you in anticipation for any advise,


  2. If you're deciding to get around Europe this year, here are some ideas on renting or leasing a caravan and useful tips on insurance, sightseeing and other benefits of European caravan travel.

    Renting a Caravan

    Everyone's familiar with renting a caravan if you regularly get around in a caravan. You find a caravan rental agent, go to the rental counter, hand over your credit card and then fill out numerous forms until they hand you the keys. But you could also reserve in advance and cut down on the paperwork, if you apply online.

    Should you be planning to rent a caravan, you should watch out for high deductible that normal insurance comes with and consider checking your own insurance policy as well for coverage, if you have one. The original advertising quote for renting caravan insurance will probably have some hidden costs, such as additional drivers. So ensure you read your terms and condition thoroughly and plan your caravan journey before comparing the cost of rentals with a company.

    It often cost more to rent from some companies in the UK, because some companies may add additional insurance cover or offer roadside recovery and if you’re near a big city prices for renting a caravan can also be inflated. You'll often get a better rate with advance booking compared to late bookings.

    Leasing a Caravan

    Deciding on lengthier trip to Europe or perhaps you want to tour France, Spain and Holland in your caravan this year. Which is common with gap year students’ taking a year off their studies to travel and for this type of caravan user leasing a caravan provides the best option.

    There are available companies if you’re considering leasing a caravan for a long trip and what you'll get with such companies are variety of caravan models.

    Some people consider leasing a caravan slightly more expensive. But remember that on a caravan leasing program, the leasing company has a vested interest in the caravans as it will be resold after the leasing and they protect that interest by offering very good caravan insurance. The full coverage insurance that comes with the price of the lease is worth the peace of mind for European trips.

    Traveling to Europe

    Some people are terrified of the very thought of driving in Europe, especially in Italy. This fear probably comes from the thought of traveling to the unknown and less familiarity of your travel surroundings. Whether you’re renting or leasing a caravan for touring Europe or simply sightseeing the English country side. Essentially you need to plan your trip in advance in order to get the best price on renting or leasing a caravan.

    Please use the following link for all correspondants to this article.

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    Just got back from a super week at Rookesbury Park near Portsmouth. Great campsite, no light pollution at night, so stars bright and we even saw some deer when returning from a super meal out on our last night. Great! We spent 2 weeks earlier this year at Navarrenx where we met Maurice and Mary and spent some happy hours sharing good (some!) wine and nibbles with other Brits also on site. The area around Navarrenx is brilliant. I joined this forum to ask about the Cap Finistere and was it possible to stay overnight on the dock at Bilbao - well, yes, it is and we did!! The only draw back was the stevedores who started work at 2am in the morning! Just journalling really - I've never done a blog before - looking forward already to our next break away in France- going to Dordogne in 2012.


  3. Can't really fault this campsite, pitches are big, facilities are superb and the staff are friendly. It is a very busy site in summer and has everything you would expect like a pool, kids club, entertainment, shop, bar etc but as we were out of season the site was a lot quieter.

    It has a river running alongside but one word of caution is that there is a railway line running close to the site, we found it ok but we were pitched up on the opposite side, not near the river.

    Would definately go again, even if we used it as a stop over on the way south.

    Wifi is free and unrestricted

    Chemin de la Clusure 30

    6927 Bure/Tellin


    Source: Campsite Parc La Clusure

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    If it's an action packed holiday you're after then look no further than North Devon for your adrenaline fix. The devon coastline is renowned for some of the UK's best surfing breaks and the region is becoming increasing popular for the sport of coasteering. The North Devon countryside offers rugged hills and trails for mountain biking such as the Tarka Trail and great rivers like the River Taw which is ideal for kayaking. If speed is your holiday tonic then North Devon is perfect, with plenty of stables offering horse riding and motor sport fans can enjoy quad biking, motorbike trails and 4X4 experiences throughout the region.

    Here's a list of some great adrenaline activities within a short distance of Tarka Holiday Park in Devon:

    Surfs Up - It's free

    With a coastline so diverse North Devon has waves to suit all abilities. Croyde Bay is one of the main draws for surfers courtesy of hollow powerful low tide waves which on their day produce some truly great beachbreaks. Croyde Bay is situated close to Tarka Holiday Park and is just a few miles from Barnstaple. Other close bays are Westward Ho, Saunton, Comesgate and Woolacombe. Each bay has its own surf shop for those wanting to hire boards or wetsuits - you can even watch the surf live via http://www.eyeballhq...rfcheck/croyde/

    surfing.jpg.scaled500.jpgGet the heart pumping with Coasteering

    Coasteering is one of those holiday activities which is guaranteed to get the heart pumping. Explore sea caves, experience turbulent swims and push your nerves to the limit with progressive cliff jumps into the oceans. Expert knowledge of the North Devon coastline is key to an enjoyable and safe experience of coasteering. Ultimate Aventure Centre run Coasteering trips and is located just over 10miles from Tarka Holiday Park.

    coasteering.jpg.scaled500.jpgKeypitts Stables 'n' Quads

    180 acre all terrain playground for kids of all ages (inc dads). Activities include horse riding, quad biking, 4X4 off road experience, motorbike trail days and paintballing. Just a short drive from Barnstable it's a great action packed day out for the whole family. Further information can be found here.

    quads.jpeg.scaled500.jpgMountain Biking - Tarka Trail

    Like all the premier holiday parks in devon, Tarka Holiday Park has many onsite activities to keep you entertained. However, being on the doorstep of the famous Tarka Trail is why many a keen cyclist and mountain biker come to the region - to explore trail and it's 180miles of stunning North Devon Countryside.


    In summary - How you choose to spend your holiday in North Devon is totally up to you. Whether it's catching the early morning breaks in Croyde Bay or exploring the off road mountain bike tracks of the Tarka Trail, you will have a truly memorable holiday. With all the activities available in North Devon the only regret which you may have at the end of your trip is - "we should have stayed longer".

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    Any one no what the law is for towing a twin axle. I have a vactra estate 05 does the job great, and an towing a bailey sentor twin axle. Talking to a guy yesterday he says the law has changed and you need a 4x4 to tow a twin axle van. Any truth???

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    Not 'Just back' because we live here!

    But just back, at last, from the UK.

    Eating Out in France.

    We find that especially in the country areas, the French tend to eat at midday not in the evenings, we always look for the daily lunch time offers on roadside restaurants, these range from €10 to €15 per person and can include a glass of house red :wine: for the non drivers. One of our favourites is at Vaunac(24) for €14 per person you get five courses, and a bottle of wine between four of you.

    We've also eaten at 'les routiers' not always a guarantee of gastronomic excellence but you can be sure of good value for money if the (usually) large car/lorry park is fullish by 12.30. Many restaurants/cafe/bars offer a 'Menu Artisaneaux' (sorry but now I cant spell in either language) or workmans meal, usually poulet-frites or similar but if you want a fill up.....................:Netherlands:

    Source: Anybody just back from Europe?

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    absolutely new to a blog and not sure how it works

    bright sparks, please put me right where i go wrong.

    i can take critique.

    i /we have been members of the caravan club for near 40 years, with enormous pleasure.

    sadly my partner passed away due to cancer.

    my life goes on and i am now a solo traveller.

    any body else in the same boat?? just exchange a few emails to get the hang of it.

    i am not much into rallies and get most pleasure on cl sites , but willing to try anything to broaden my interest and horizons..

    look at my profile and you see what sort of chap i am.

    you are welcome to email me direct at

    it is easier to than negotiating this site, which i find a bit complicated, being new to me.

    i am on the road to france again as from sunday, but have internet access most of the time.

    awaiting with trepedations to see the response to my first ever blog...all done solo


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    Hi All,

    Any one done a similar trip!? Off to Poland through Venlo, Berlin and into Poznan Poland. Been to Poland lots before but never towing the shed! Really looking forward but any advice suggestions would be appreciated. 2 night overstays booked in Venlo and Berlin (well Brandenburg) and about 7 nights in Camping Malta Poznan. Then off down towards Polish Chez Republic border nearish to Klozkow then through Chez Republic with no stops booked just taking in the views!. Any advice would be great.



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    Easter : Talybont -

    Mayday Bank-hol – 40th birthday, destination TBC

    Whit-week : Tenby -

    June TBC

    July : 9th <> 12th German F1 grand prix @ The Nurburgring

    France August :-

    13th -

    14th & 15th - Futuroscope -

    16th <>21st - Sequoia Parc -

    22nd <>28th - La Grande Metairie

    29th - L-Etang des Haizes

    30th – CC Rookesbury Park

    Sept TBC

    Oct half term

    23rd <> 27th - Marton Mere-

  4. Latest Entry

    I am now doing my blog on Msn, which is easier access for my friends. If you wish to see the blogs the address is


    Richard and Julie

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    Hi, does anybody know where i can buy wallpaper to match my Avondale wallboard? Im currently in the middle of repairing some damage to one of the side walls caused by the dreadfull damp, and had a quote of around £170 to scan the old paper and print out onto vinyl, two metres long!!

    Today, 03:11 PM

  5. Thursday 15th

    Left home at 10:45pm set off down the M1 heading for the M25 then the M20

    Traffic of HGV’s only was very strange all roadworks so easy to get through it was a very stress free trip arrived in Dover in plenty of time for our crossing (06:30) even got on the 05:40 crossing instead.

    Friday 16th

    Got off the ferry quickly as near the front straight on to the A26 filled up at the first Service aire 1€43 a litre.

    Carried on the A26 until it became the A31. We shared the driving changing over around 150 miles apart.

    Lots of roadworks on the A31 where they are widening it to three lanes. At one stop where the rest aire (Serrigny) has been changed to a service aire. The roadways are very narrow – too narrow if you follow the caravan signs Steph was driving, so we could change over, and she hit the kerb on a roundabout with the caravan. Obviously, it has seriously frightened her, we found somewhere to park up and check the van.

    The Motor mover took all the main force of the impact by bending the actuation bar on the offside of the ‘van, and the tyre on the same side has a seriously deep cut.

    We made sure the mover still worked and thank goodness, it does. The tyre had been changed for the spare, although we had the problem of the ALKO wheel carrier jamming so we had to use a mallet to knock it back under the van, and the old jack decided it could not cope with the weight and bent, fortunately whilst the tyre was on. Fortunately, for us the car jack is made for 2 tonne.

    Once sorted we decided to abort the longer run and find a site nearby, so chose to go to the site at Santenay –Camping des Sources. We had set-up, eaten, and had after exploring just returned, when the heavens opened and we had a thunderstorm with torrential rain.

    Sat 17th

    Got up late after eating we went on a cycle ride to the town and to the next village following the Canal Towpath

    After lunch spent a couple of hours driving around looking for garages and fuel found, we were no more than 10 miles from La Grappe d’Or. On our way back found a Champion that was not in Tom-Tom so we filled up at 1€40 a litre and logged it into Tom-Tom

    Sunday 18th

    Broke camp and set off for the South around 9:15am. Went back to the Autoroute and motored steadily at around 70mph, went through Lyon easily both tunnels on the A6 running smoothly at around 110kph. The A6 changed to the A7 then to the A9 and our first sight of the Med around Sigean. We were soon on familiar ground heading to Ma Prairie at Canet en Roussillon.

    Set up camp on pitch 250, the next pitch (251) to where we were in 2005. Steph even managed the new awning almost alone. After we had rested and eaten, we visited the site bar for our usual drinks – Martini with a slice on the rocks for Steph and Pastis 51 and water for me.

    Monday 19th

    Has a late breakfast and got the bikes out, we then took a ride down to the harbour then across the promenade to the end of Canet Plagé to the market, then a steady meander through the shopping area taking coffee at a beach side café.

    Back at the ‘van we checked out the pool brrrrrrrrr it’s only 20 degrees and as the air temperature was 27 it felt cold. After another drink in the bar it was back to the van for some sunbathing and spending time chatting to our neighbours over fresh coffee,

    Until 5:45pm, after they had just returned to their caravan it started to rain very heavily for most of the night. We visited the bar for our usual drinks.

    Tuesday 20th

    Woke to the finish of the rain from the night before, as the weather was still threatening we decided to visit a few shops. We also went looking for tyre fitting places found a few but got the same answer NON the problem is the reinforced tyre we use in the UK isn’t used here even though the caravans are heavier ? Lunch being a slice of pizza from the L’Clerc at the Espace Polyzone in Perpignan. Spent the rest of the day relaxing before dinner (Chicken and a salad from the on site restaurant) then we visited the site bar for our usual drinks.

    Wednesday 21st

    We got up late-ish and went down to the harbour on our bikes, we then split up Steph going to St Cyprien and the Iron Age settlement on the Etang banks, and me to the end of the Port breakwater to fish.

    Steph found the going easy but the coming back was harder due to a headwind she was gone over two hours covering 20 miles.

    I fished just down from the end of the breakwater in an easy to get to place with deep-water close in. When Steph returned she brought lunch in the shape of some pizza slices and cans of soft drinks, which in the hot sun was very welcome.

    We returned for tea of pasta the sauce having been made early morning and left on in the slow cooker to simmer all day.

    We realised when we got back that we were more than a little sunburnt.

    Usual visit to the bar for drinks when we found out why we had seen folk queueing for petrol to see Parisians rioting because of the petrol strike

    Thursday 22nd

    Up at our normal time of around 9am ish. And after breakfast and our usual discussion of what to do and where to go we decided to walk the route was to find a way to get to the Port via the Village a way we had not been before. So setting of to the village and finding ourselves on the road to the Intermarché, we knew where we were. A refreshment stop at the bar across the road passed ¾ of an hour pleasantly. We then ended up along the beach looking for lunch about an hour later stopping at the café tour for a huge American Steak Sandwich and frites and 2 coffees each. Then we walked back o Ma Prairie via the Hyper Casino for some provisions for tea on approaching the Lidl closer to camp Steph decided we needed a bottle of wine so 2€50 later we had a bottle of Zinfandel to drink later.

    Settled down to rest our feet at the caravan with a beer as it started to spit with rain, we had just finished the 7 mile round trip in time. So Cadac fired up for tea with another salad from the restaurant and our usual visit to the bar for drinks later.

    Friday 23rd

    Trip out early to Le Perthus and La Jonquera to buy cheap drinks and diesel, at least they have fuel in Spain and it’s cheaper at 1€30 a litre, due to the strike some places charging 1€60 a litre.

    Spent most of the morning wandering the two towns getting what we wanted, then took a drive out through Collioure to Argeles and St Cyprien. We didn’t wait for fish market as we were too early, decided to trip into Casino at Canet, and get some fish there. Noticed while we were there that they had fuel but it had gone up to 1€42.

    We had our fish grillade with the usual take away salad from Nadja at the site restaurant. Then a bottle of Lidl Zinfandel Wine (equivalent to £1.99) and after a nice rest showered and off to the bar as usual if a little later than normal.

    Saturday 24th

    After breakfast, we set off to the Place Mediterannea area of Canet Plagé. We debated all through breakfast as to how we were going to get there as it’s quite windy today, we eventually decided on the bikes and to take the route through the estate near Lidl instead of the cycle path next to the N617. We had a headwind all the way there! We went specifically for the Catalonian Kite surfing Competition. After having a beer in a beach side bar we went down on to the beach and took some photographs, but we did not stay long as the wind was turning the sand into a shot-blast and eve though we were a long way from the sea were getting spray over us. The bike ride back was very easy due to the very strong tailwind. We did some shopping for food in the Hyper Casino so we are in readiness for tomorrow. Later on, we will be eating in the site restaurant instead of using the take-away service.

    Sunday 25th

    Set off 10ish headed for the A9 via the N9/N119 and then to the A62 and A10 to Bordeaux, lot of rain on the way at times the road was not visible through the surface water and the speed limit was taken down to 90 kph in places. Arrived at Twin Lakes at 4:30pm after a 340-mile drive, set up camp after a welcome cup of coffee from Sandra and Garry.

    Monday 26th

    Spent the morning fishing in the rain, I lost two big carp but caught three Roach from the bottom lake all fully finned and bright coloured, but broke my landing net handle extension, will need a new one especially on the top lake to reach out into the water. In the afternoon went to the Intermarché for food and diesel and a break.

    Tuesday 27th

    Visited the Château and took the photographs I need for the website, returned to Twin Lakes at 1:15pm, and had lunch.

    Started fishing after lunch and it started to rain again and continued to rain all evening.

    Spent the evening playing pool and drinking eventually getting to bed after midnight

    Wednesday 28th

    The day started late for us we got up at 9:40am after breakfast took a trip into Montendré to check out the possibility of WiFi connectivity at the Intermarché but found there was no public hotspot and the one told to us by Sandra is now not open

    On our return went onto Sandra’s computer to check emails and forum posts.

    Had a lot of back pain today including a major attack

    Lunch came round quite fast today and one pizza and some painkiller later felt a little better so took a walk around the bottom lake then took minimal kit to the top lake to fish around 3pm. By pm had caught two fish a small linear mirror and a large common with yellow tail fin and silver dorsal fins.

    Set everything out for tea outside as weather had been very nice today, just getting ready to eat when it went dark very quickly. We got everything inside just in time for the heavens to open and we had a huge thunderstorm that passed right over the top of the campsite. Up to halfway through the storm the awning had coped well but the winds lifted the sheet off the poles and pulled 4 of the 6 pegs out we got soaked putting the poles and pegs right and adding some ropes to the nearby trees to add extra stability now not even puddling water on the roof .

    Thursday 29th

    Went to Montendré market this morning, the weather stayed good as we wandered the streets. Replaced my broken landing net handle from the tackle shop in he town then returned to Twin lakes. Started fishing after lunch, and Steph sunbathed as the day got hotter she went to the pool for a swim. The day remained warm until after 7pm so it made a nice change to previous wet days. Usual evening in the bar until it got too cold for my back when we went to bed around 11:30pm

    Friday 30th

    The day started very bright with clear skies. We visited La Motte and chatted to Chris Steph visited the stables next door and wanted to go riding tomorrow. We returned to base just as some of the others on site were leaving and said our goodbyes.

    I went fishing on the top lake, and spent the early afternoon bagging up on beautiful Roach, having almost a fish a cast, using a size 10 hook and single or double sweetcorn. By late afternoon the thunder and rain had returned, it stopped again by midnight.

    Saturday 31st

    The rain returned around 4am. Slept in until 9:30 am and went to look around and collect the bread. Found Carol from "365" forum just ready to leave, on their way up North a little further. Spent the day shopping at Montendré, and fishing the top lake for Roach for a change, getting lots of fish on single grains of corn on a small hook.

    Sunday 1st

    Stephanie was booked to go horse riding at the stables near to La Motte at 3pm so after lunch the weather had improved so off we went Steph to the stables and me to La Motte to fish the lake. Steph found that the stables was not like the normal turn up and ride style she had used elsewhere, there she had to groom the horse, saddle it, before going to the ring to show she could ride then they set off on the hack. On her return, she had to remove the saddle and brush the horse down to go into the paddock before she was finished.

    My fishing was different in that the lake obviously had larger fish in but they were not showing but the little carp and roach were and in all I had 30 small Carp and two Roach the largest was possibly 7-8 ounces. All the fish were taken on light float tackle with a size 14 hook and single grain of corn.

    Monday 2nd

    Went to Saintes today, for the market that is open only on the first Monday of the Month, amazing that the city centre is closed for the street market to be held. Afterwards tripped to Jonzac to the L’Clerc and the shops around it, even found some of the stuff we needed at good prices.

    Returned mid afternoon, and as the weather was kind, so we took down the sun awning and packed it away ready for Wednesday and our departure from Twin Lakes.

    San had two of the baby rabbits from the original bunny island in side as the mother had abandoned them inside for safety and to keep them warm and fed

    Tuesday 3rd

    Last full day at Twin Lakes, so after shopping in Mirambeau and getting the car filled up with diesel, I set up for fishing. Spent the rest of the morning until lunch on the bottom lake with still nothing to show for it just one run all day.

    After lunch tried the top lake and bagged up on Roach on single sweetcorn (again having to hide the hook in the grain). Ragged up late afternoon and got the van packed before tea, spent the rest of the day resting fort he trip tomorrow.

    Wednesday 4th

    Set off early after breakfast, after goodbyes with San and Garry and the new rabbits he had scooped out of the lake as they had rolled out of the nest down the banking and into it.

    We had an uneventful drive to the next site Le Ridin in the Baie de Sommé via Le Mans almost Autoroute all the way. We arrived just after 5:30 and set up pitch then explored the site. Have tried their WiFi but cannot get the computer to connect for some reason (found out it was broken so still not able to download my emails).

    Thursday 5th

    Awake early to bright Sunshine!

    Took a drive around the area and filled up at the local Champion Supermarché but we had done our shopping at the larger Intermarché.

    Spent the afternoon relaxing and slowly getting the van ready for Friday we paid our 2 camping cheques and were told to post the security gate remote in the post box by the outer gates.

    Friday 6th

    Up at 06:30 (05:30 UK time)and once breakfast was done, we hitched up, set off, once we had opened the outer gate, and negotiated the tight roadway of the campsite. We reached Calais quickly and easily but the weather is rainy, we got the 09:40 ferry with time to spare only just missing getting an earlier sailing. We got to UK Passport control and for the first time had the caravan checked for stowaways before we checked in with P&O.

    We took an alternate route home M20 / M25 / M11 / A1 / A617 instead of M20 / M25 / M1 / A617 and we are not going that way again as from Mansfield it was stop / go almost all the way and the clutch didn’t like it at all. We got home about 4:30 pm

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    Today has been a really good one. Our friends Chris and Barb are in their van next to ours in Norfolk. We went into Sheringham and Cromer earlier. It wasn't cold but the wind chill made it very crisp. We had a good lunch at a little restaurant in Cromer before having a wander down by the beach. The waves were quite fierce. Later on, we went to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular, as we do every year. We had excellent seats with a very good view. This year's show was the best we have seen: a good mix of song and dance, some humour - but very professionally done and a pleasure to watch.

    Now back in the caravan where it is cosy and warm and we have had a brandy and are now going to bed.

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    New to this - but everyone seems to be doing it so here goes!

    I plan on doing updates from time to time re life in the holiday parks industry.

    Writing this in November 2007 - its been an interesting year!!

    Has it ever rained so much! What about global warming - I think we'd all like to have a bit of it next summer please!!

    I do think that we do all have to take our environmental impact seriously though. The David Bellamy awards have given the industry a great boost, and eveyone is talking about green isues.

    I think we do have an image problem though - The likes of Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear have a lot to answer for- I wonder if they really believe what they are saying or do they just think it makes good telly??

    At least we have the likes of Margaret Beckett doing us a bit of good - but its a shame we couldn't get someone a bit trendier to be our Ambassador!! I think the Caravan Club do a good job trying to raise our profile in a positive way - as do the BH&HPA.

    Anyway I'll leave it there for now!!!

    I will leave a few links on here in case anyone wants to take a look at the parks I'm involved with -

    Main web site -

    Lakeside, chichester -

    Marlie Farn , New romney, Kent

    New Beach, Dymchurch, Essex

    Seaview, Whitstable, Kent

    Sheerness, Sheppey, Kent

    Steeple Bay, Southminster, Essex

    Dawlish Sands, Devon

    Landscove, Brixham, Devon

    Riviera Bay, Brixham, Devon

    Waterside, Paignton, Devon

    Sandhills, Dorset

    Sussex Parks

    Frenchmans Beach, Sussex

    Harts, Sheppey, Kent

    Seawick, Clacton, Essex

    Felixstowe beach, Suffolk

    Suffolk Sands, Suffolk

    St Osyth Beach, Essex

    Oaklands, clacton, essex


    Coghurst Hall, Sussex

    Beauport, Sussex

    Solent Breezes, Hants

    devon parks

    essex parks

    kent parks

    sussex parks

  6. Another weekend - another rally.

    Along with several hundred others caravans we spent the weekend at the 3 Counties Showground in Malvern, at the annual Three Counties Caravan Show. As shows go it's a little bit one-sided - as it is organised by one dealer (Golden Castle Caravans) and consequently the only caravans on display are those ranges which Golden Castle sell.

    That said, Golden Castle offer two nights free pitch as long as you pay the ?5 per person entry to the show. Ordinarily I am against paying to go to sales shows (if you want to sell something to me why should I pay for the privilege?) but I take the longer view with this one. I look on the ?5 per person and a pitch charge rather than a show entrance fee and then it doesn't seem so bad.

    The 3 Counties Showground still has a long way to go before it could be considered wheelchair-friendly. The open area is criss-crossed with drainage gullies which are just a little bit too deep for the wheelchair to cross comfortably, and entrance to the motorhome hall requires negotiating a one-inch step up followed by a short but steep slope down. Wife's electric buggy got stuck on this due to lack of ground clearance. Nil points for 3 Counties there, I'm afraid. These two problems could (and should) be sorted out.

    The space devoted to caravan accessories seems to get less every year. In a sense, I can see Golden Castle's point. Caravan sales probably generate more profit per square foot that accessory sales. But what percentage of the visitors to the showground actually buy a caravan? 5%? Less? If they do not cater a bit more for the rest of us, I fear the show's popularity will decline even further.


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