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Renting or Leasing a Caravan – What is the best Option?

Posted by JohnAdamson , 13 February 2012 - - - - - - · 1,166 views
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If you're deciding to get around Europe this year, here are some ideas on renting or leasing a caravan and useful tips on insurance, sightseeing and other benefits of European caravan travel.

Renting a Caravan

Everyone's familiar with renting a caravan if you regularly get around in a caravan. You find a caravan rental agent, go to the rental counter, hand over your credit card and then fill out numerous forms until they hand you the keys. But you could also reserve in advance and cut down on the paperwork, if you apply online.

Should you be planning to rent a caravan, you should watch out for high deductible that normal insurance comes with and consider checking your own insurance policy as well for coverage, if you have one. The original advertising quote for renting caravan insurance will probably have some hidden costs, such as additional drivers. So ensure you read your terms and condition thoroughly and plan your caravan journey before comparing the cost of rentals with a company.

It often cost more to rent from some companies in the UK, because some companies may add additional insurance cover or offer roadside recovery and if you’re near a big city prices for renting a caravan can also be inflated. You'll often get a better rate with advance booking compared to late bookings.

Leasing a Caravan

Deciding on lengthier trip to Europe or perhaps you want to tour France, Spain and Holland in your caravan this year. Which is common with gap year students’ taking a year off their studies to travel and for this type of caravan user leasing a caravan provides the best option.

There are available companies if you’re considering leasing a caravan for a long trip and what you'll get with such companies are variety of caravan models.

Some people consider leasing a caravan slightly more expensive. But remember that on a caravan leasing program, the leasing company has a vested interest in the caravans as it will be resold after the leasing and they protect that interest by offering very good caravan insurance. The full coverage insurance that comes with the price of the lease is worth the peace of mind for European trips.

Traveling to Europe

Some people are terrified of the very thought of driving in Europe, especially in Italy. This fear probably comes from the thought of traveling to the unknown and less familiarity of your travel surroundings. Whether you’re renting or leasing a caravan for touring Europe or simply sightseeing the English country side. Essentially you need to plan your trip in advance in order to get the best price on renting or leasing a caravan.

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Caravan Insurance: Risks Under Control

Posted by JohnAdamson , 13 February 2012 - - - - - - · 733 views
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As the UK economy is set to stagnate in 2012, more and more Britons choose to spend holidays in the UK instead of going abroad. Recent surveys showed that popular UK holiday parks and attractions had a considerable growth in profit in 2011. Merlin Entertainments, a British operator of amusement parks and similar entertainments, reported UK revenues to have increased by 10%.

Wallet-friendly travelling

Spending holidays in the UK allows saving money without sacrificing comfort and peace of mind as all the hassle and expense of travelling abroad are eliminated. Caravan owners and touring enthusiasts can take advantage of wallet-friendly stays at parks around the UK featuring a whole range of facilities including indoor pools, kids’ rooms, leisure centres, dishwashing areas, etc.

Be cautious!

Despite a wide range of travelling options caravan owners have, it’s not always possible to foresee the risks that might be waiting around the corner. Whether it is fire, lighting, explosion, storm, theft or water escape, the interests of caravan owners need to be properly protected with the right caravan insurance package. This insurance policy is aimed at covering physical loss and damage to holiday homes, contents and sports equipment as well as injuries that might occur during holidays.


Buying static caravan insurance helps protect owners against a number of unexpected issues while caravans are left empty. These include rough weather conditions, fire, natural disasters as well as thefts, malicious acts and vandalism. Impact and damage by falling trees, vehicles and animals are usually included. Furthermore, insurance protects the owner against legal liability for causing injury to a third party from using or owning their holiday homes.

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It’s worth keeping in mind significant exclusions and limitations of insurance coverage. These include damage to sports equipment while it’s being used, fraud, damage caused by pets, moth or vermin and so on.
Caravan UK holidays have become more popular at this time of economic uncertainty, when the British are trying to cut down on holiday expenses. Buying insurance is pivotal to protecting yourself from physical loss and damage to caravans, contents and sports equipment.

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