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Posted by gerty , 01 July 2011 - - - - - - · 579 views

absolutely new to a blog and not sure how it works

bright sparks, please put me right where i go wrong.
i can take critique.

i /we have been members of the caravan club for near 40 years, with enormous pleasure.
sadly my partner passed away due to cancer.

my life goes on and i am now a solo traveller.

any body else in the same boat?? just exchange a few emails to get the hang of it.

i am not much into rallies and get most pleasure on cl sites , but willing to try anything to broaden my interest and horizons..

look at my profile and you see what sort of chap i am.

you are welcome to email me direct at ........geertjager@hotmail.com

it is easier to than negotiating this site, which i find a bit complicated, being new to me.
i am on the road to france again as from sunday, but have internet access most of the time.

awaiting with trepedations to see the response to my first ever blog...all done solo



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