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  1. MONTYSA added a post in a topic RIBBED JOCKEY WHEEL   

    Going to try pneumatic jockey wheel again as solid wheel is not good with motor mover.
    Can anyone recommend a strong pneumatic jockey wheel that won't come of rim when side way pressure is applied as I have already said have destroyed numerous jockey wheels.
    Happy Caravanning
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  2. nor added a post in a topic Changing gas   

    I think we will need to remove the bottle and carry it to a few places to make sure. I see go out doors are cheaper but that means driving 12 miles not worth it if it only saves a little . 
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  3. indoors added a post in a topic UK 'van v German 'van towing.   

    Hi all,
    Heads up on this topic. We've part chopped the Coachman for a Hymer 541 Luxusline at Lowdhams.
     This whole episode has cost us nine grand to change our old Hymer to the Coachman and now a grand
    to change to the Hymer, is it worth it ? yes well worth a grand to be rid of the Coachman but I doubt this newer
    Hymer is 10 grand better than our old one. We're off to Vollenhove & Groningen Northern Holland in two weeks time and then on down to our former village just below the Saumur on the Loire, really am looking forward to doing the trip now !
    Happy caravanning, indoors.
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  4. Gray added a post in a topic Changing gas   

    We found our local dealer was selling 13kg propane cheaper than 6kg last month wish I'd needed two 
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  5. shipbroker added a post in a topic Changing gas   

  6. ianb added a post in a topic Changing gas   

    A builders merchant or engineering agencies are normally the cheapest.
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  7. nor added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Changing gas
    We don't use much ch gas . But while n the Netherlands we used quite a lot to top up heating and cooking . 
    So we need a new bottle of gas. 
    Where is it best to change . On the cc campsite , or at our dealers or go to calor in our town. 
    Do prices vary . I am too lazy to make enquiries ,if it's just £1 difference I will go to the easiest and quickest . Any ideas please.
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  8. nor added a post in a topic 2017 nights away   

    I thought I put my 17 nights down for the Netherlands x 
    cant wait for next trip x
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  9. Gray added a post in a topic 2017 nights away   

    Please add another 3 for us a trip to Anglesey
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  10. sdrew56 added a post in a topic Awning lights   

    Us and Rita G use these bright enough to light up the awning, no wires and also useful as a torch. http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/4-W-LED-Work-Light/36-4272
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  11. Surfer added a post in a topic 'Living' In a Touring Caravan for 18 months - Help?   

    We lived in our caravan in a caravan park for about 2 1/2 years however ours had a fixed island bed.  You can use mains water plugged directly into the caravan however remember what goes in needs to go out and you will need somewhere to drain the waste water. 
    Winter will be your biggest issue and you will use a lot more electric to heat the caravan.  Unless you get a 45kg bottle using gas to heat the caravan will work out to be very expensive.  I assume you will be paying the parents for the extra electric and water consumption as that is when things could go sour?  BTW as there will be more than the parents living at the property council tax may increase.  Use Dometic tabs for the toilet as you may need the toilet during the night. 
    IMHO  to get a reasonably decent caravan will cost you in excess of £2000, but remember when you sell it, you will probably get most of it back.  I would recommend that you get insurance for the caravan even though it is going to be static.  It should not cost very much for a £3000 caravan.
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  12. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic SEAT ALHAMBRA 2.0 SE LUX AUTO 180ps   

    If it's a new vehicle the fuel consumption will improve dramatically when you've done some miles - our Kuga was only giving us 23mpg towing and mid-high 30's solo when we first got her. She's now 3 years old and we get high 20's towing and mid 40's solo - if she wasn't Jackie's runabout we'd do much better solo ;)  She's only done about 33k so she might improve more yet

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  13. John.E.T added a post in a topic 'Living' In a Touring Caravan for 18 months - Help?   

    Hello. We have been spending winters in Spain for the last 15 years and contrary to popular belief the winters can get cold, below freezing is common, so our experience may help you.
    1)Get the heater, and blower, checked out, serviced, and tested, mostly run it on electric, but when freezing you will need to run on gas. Fit a Carbon Monoxide detector. Initially Run the van about 21 deg overnight, you will find your own comfortable temperature., too hot you will sweat, too cold will cause condensation. Remember winters are cold overnight. Comfort is second only to safety. Use propane gas.
    2) Fit a SOG system to your toilet cassette, cost about £120. this will do away with chemicals, and the problem of contaminating the sewers. go to www.outdoorbits.com motorhome bits dealers, this item does work.
    Good luck, think safety and comfort let us know you get on.
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  14. MONTYSA added a post in a topic 'Living' In a Touring Caravan for 18 months - Help?   

    If you are only going to sleep in it a 14/16 foot 2berth with end bath room may suit you very well. If you get one with 6ft seats each side you can sleep each side or put seating down make double bed I would personally remove seating and put a proper mattress in caravan.Caravan cushion tend to flatten out. I suggest end toilet as it gives you more space to do your abultions.
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  15. EX7EY added a post in a topic 'Living' In a Touring Caravan for 18 months - Help?   

    Cheers Gary, all good points and I certainly don't mind anything negative being brought up. It's kind of what i'm looking for as it's best to be prepared etc.
    Having had a look, I think a non fixed bed caravan will be the way forward in terms of practicality and budget. As we will still have full access to the house we probably won't need to make the bed every day because there'll be a lot of occasions where it's just used for sleeping.
    Toilet can be gotten around, we are ok using the main bathroom house, preferably would like to have the privacy of the caravan but if it wasnt possible for one reason or another it not a big deal.
    Again, bath and shower wise i would like in an ideal world to have a shower room of reasonable size but we will be fine using the main house shower so it's not a huge problem at all.
    Re the local authority, I have done a bit of reading and I believe that as long as we are doing our cooking in the house etc and using the caravan as 'overflow' from the main residency it's ok. To be honest as it's a temporary measure i'm not too concerned, i think we'll be fine as long as we don't upset the neighbours!
    My driving licence is fine for the size of van we are looking at. I've only got a 1.8 litre Honda civic so I cant get anyuthing too big and the garden space allows for a 21/22 foot caravan at a push.
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  16. GaryB added a post in a topic 'Living' In a Touring Caravan for 18 months - Help?   

    It certainly sounds like a way of saving rent on a house, just a few comments from me (focussing on the "negatives").
    Caravans and their fittings are not as robust as houses, you might find (especially on an older caravan) that mattresses are uncomfortable and appliances aren't reliable when lived in full-time.Floor space isn't great with a fixed bed, so maybe putting an awning up for additional space would be an idea?A non-fixed bed will be a chore having to make up the bed every night and won't be particularly comfortable for full-time living, BUT will have more floor space during the day.Some fixed bed caravans have very small bathrooms.Emptying the toilet waste into the foul drain of the house might be an issue if the chemicals aren't accepted by the local water authority, might be worth checking to see if "green" chemicals are required?Check to see if there is a restrictive covenant preventing caravan storage at the house.Check to see if there are any local authority restrictions to someone living in it full time if the above is okay (I seem to remember being told that a caravan can only be sited in one spot for 11 months of the year to avoid council tax?  Could be completely wrong though!).Do you have a licence that will cover you to tow the caravan home?  Fixed bed caravans coupled to a decent sized car can be over the 3,500kg limit for a B-category licence holder (assuming you passed your test after January 1997).Finding a fixed bed caravan in decent condition for under £3K might be a challenge.Okay, that all sounds very doom & gloom, but it's best to know what the negatives COULD be compared to the positives.  There are mains-water adaptor kits so you can keep a permanent water supply (might be a problem in winter with freezing pipework) and you can plug your mains lead into the house without any problems.
    I'd continue to look round the dealers to see what you get for your money, try out the mattresses/cushions on anything you consider before parting with money as the quality of some mattresses isn't good.
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  17. EX7EY added a post in a topic 'Living' In a Touring Caravan for 18 months - Help?   

    Thanks for the reply, and the first reply being positive lifts my spirits about the whole thing, ever so slightly anyway.
    I've been looking at vans for a few days, haven't come across any with fix beds yet but I will certainly try, sounds a lot more practical for long term living purposes.
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  18. indoors added a post in a topic 'Living' In a Touring Caravan for 18 months - Help?   

    Hi Andy,
    I'd say go for it. You may find it so good you'll want another better caravan, it's handy you can be at the in laws, plumb into the electric, water and sewage if you can. We've done it for six months ( Xmas to June two years ago ) I also would strongly suggest a
    Continental 'van with a fixed bed ( after owning 5 new UK and 7 new German 'vans since 1989 ) I've found the insulation better and the 'vans seem much more practical. T.E.C. GEIST or HYMER, 3 grand should pick up a good dry early 2000's caravan.
    Good luck, keep us posted, you'll always get good free advice on here. indoors.
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  19. EX7EY added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    'Living' In a Touring Caravan for 18 months - Help?
    Hi all, new here and this may be a bit of a bizarre first post!
    So, I'll try and be brief. My partner and I are trying to save for a house / wedding and not really getting anywhere fast. I have a full time job and she does about 11 hours a week in the evenings as we have a toddler.
    A few months ago my partner floated the idea of buying a tourer and putting it in her parents back garden, using it as our bedroom / private space, and living with them for 18 months or so whilst we get in front with money and hopefully save enough for a house deposit. At the time I wasn't keen and I swerved the idea, however it's now back and she is more serious than ever. Her parents are on board and shes already measured space for the van. I do see the benefits so I've said i'll go along with what she decides but now it looks like it may be going ahead i'm starting to worry.
    First of all, my daughter has her own room in the main house at the in laws so theres no issues there and we would be sleeping only feet away etc, so that doesn't concern me too much.
    However a number of things do concern me. Is this a completely ludicris idea? Will we freeze to death during winter? What would be the potential running costs - it must be cost effective obviously. Can we hook the caravan up to mains water via the garden tap? Can we hook it up to a proper electricity supply without tripping the house out? How do we get it in the garden? I'm not confident in backing it up the drive and into the garden, the drive is on a bit of a slope, I can see a disaster happening. Are there any legal implications?
    Just any comments and thoughts would be appreciated greatly.
    Just to be clear, we will be residents of the house we can use their living room, bathroom and kitchen whenever we want, so it's not like we are jsut stuck in a small van for 18 months which I guess makes things easier. Obviously there will be challenges of us all living together but those are personal and not my main concern.
    Initial budget is £2000 for a van, could stretch to £3000 but would rather not, the cheaper the better.
    Any thoughts greatly received.
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  20. markf added a topic in Say hello to members   

    Welcome EX7EY
    Hello EX7EY,
    Welcome to Touring and Tenting. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
    EX7EY joined on the 04/25/2017.
    View Member

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  21. MONTYSA added a post in a topic SEAT ALHAMBRA 2.0 SE LUX AUTO 180ps   

    Yes I was hoping for more Mpg towing, probably get more if kept to 50mph and staying behind lorries instead of over taking them all.
    Happy Caravanning
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  22. MONTYSA added a post in a topic What is it with Motorhomers ?   

    Had problems with Campervans on site in Scotland whilst away last week they seem to like me there where not many on site but twice had Campervan park right next to me one put up stand alone awning guide ropes nearly touching Van. Caravans kept there distance. On first site of holiday 3 axle campervan pitched in front of me what a ugly site to look out on.
    Happy Caravanning
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  23. MONTYSA added a post in a topic RAIN   

    Same here longs its at night nearly as good as rain on tent long as it don't leak
    Happy Caravanning
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  24. Jools added a post in a topic Hartal Door Blind   

    It should just clip together.   The little pips just hold the blind in place.  We have tried glueing it together which seems to have worked but the test will be when we reassemble it and try and use it.  You can buy a replacement but you have to buy the whole unit and that's about £40.
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  25. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic Caravan Club V Caravan and Camping Club   

    Oh no they're not !
    Weekends can be a free for all and toddlers make as much noise as school age kids

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